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New audio episode: all about METAL

Much like spring flowers, Metal pops up in many varieties: Grindcore, Metalcore, Death Metal, Black Metal, and legions more. If you’ve ever had difficulty distinguishing between these many styles and…
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San Francisco Event Recap

We had the pleasure of meeting many of our San Francisco listeners on May 13. Thank you to the hundreds of people who came out for the event. It was great to talk with you, not just about your Pandora stations, but about all things musical.
The occasion for the party was the premiere of our latest Studio Stories video. After screening the piece, we hosted a Q&A session with the leaders of the Plant Studios, Arne Frager and Mari Tamburo. It was enlightening to hear Arne and Mari’s insights about the music industry, and their opinions on what studios need to do to thrive in today’s climate of home digital recording and shrinking production budgets.

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