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NO-SO-CAL Town Hall.. and funeral parlors

OK, first things first. A shout out to Chris K visiting from Royal Oak, MI who was the first to ever ask about how to set up Pandora for music at a funeral parlor. Love it! Chris, who runs a funeral home, was also kind enough to teach me the funeral director handshake…see below. Notice the extended index finger (feeling for a pulse 🙂
Palo Alto Town Hall 3Low.jpg
The West Coast swing started off at Santa Monica public library – a beautiful building in downtown Santa Monica. A full house, courtesy of an amenable security guard who turned a blind eye to the fire code…

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Pandora on the iPhone & Apple Store Madness

As you now know, you can get Pandora on your iPhone. Our staff is of course very excited about this, and so are music fans!
Pandora staff fanned out to several Apple Stores around the country last night and early this morning to meet Pandora fans, demo Pandora on the iPhone, and….stand in line. Reports are that hundreds of iPhone fans queued up outside Apple Stores from very early in the morning, some even camping out overnight to be the first to get the new iPhones.
I’ll let the pictures tell the story…
Chicago Apple Store line
Chicago, with 500 iPhone fans in line in the rain. This fellow is a doctor, and says that staff at his hospital listen to Pandora on breaks and while doing paperwork.

iPhone line at Emeryville Apple Store
Emeryville, California: Chris Martin (left) and Craig Sterry, of our software engineering team, handing out coffee and Pandora swag to Pandora and iPhone enthusiasts.

Chicago Apple Store line
Chicago Apple Store, having been in line since 3pm yesterday afternoon!

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Pandora on the iPhone

This is a really exciting day for us — after many months of effort we’re finally able to deliver what may be the best form of Pandora yet… Pandora for…
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Second Annual Poster Contest

Calling all artists, designers, and art lovers! I’m very pleased to announce the second annual Pandora Poster Contest. Last summer we tried an experiment. We asked you, our talented listeners,…
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Also… Meet Chuck Treece.

Chuck Treece is a true renaissance man. You may be familiar with his lengthy career as a pro skateboarder, but what drew us to him was his musical work. He’s…
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