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Viewer Mail… part 2

A couple more verbal answers to commonly asked questions. This week’s topics: HOW DO WE FIND OUR MUSIC (and how can you suggest music for us to add)? HOW DOES…
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Play Listen Repeat Vol. 35

Many interesting comments from my last post – I had no idea so many people might find the Beatles to be underwhelming, but there you have it…! Last week I…
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Play Listen Repeat Vol. 34

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of learning of an important, definitive artist or record, then listening to the music and either not liking it, or not understanding what…
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Play Listen Repeat Vol. 33

Have you heard that sales of vinyl records are way up these days, and that last week Elvis Costello announced plans to release his upcoming record on vinyl only, with…
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Atlanta recap

We’d like to thank all of our Atlanta listeners who joined us for our “Walk Through the Genome” party at Tree Sound Studios on March 9. It was a pleasure to enjoy the positive live sounds of Laura Reed & Deep Pocket, as well as those of the great new band Folk Festival. We loved getting to meet a great bunch of Georgia listeners, and answering some very thoughtful questions.
You can hear more music from Laura Reed & Deep Pocket in our new video about Tree. Here are some photos from the event, courtesy of Pandora’s Jennifer Zeidler:
(above: Laura Reed)

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Viewer Mail #1

So we thought we’d try something new and start posting video answers to the most common questions listeners have about Pandora. We’re going to start doing this regularly. If you…
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