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Play Listen Repeat Vol. 28

I’ve been listening to Johannes Brahms’ Intermezzo in Eb Major off and on for the last week or so, after being led to it by something I read in Evan…
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This is a blog post I hoped I would never have to write.
As you probably know, in July of 2007 we had to block usage of Pandora outside the U.S. because of the lack of a viable license structure for internet radio streaming in other countries. It was a terrible day. We did however hold out some hope that a solution might exist for the UK, so we left it unblocked as we worked diligently with the rights organizations to negotiate an economically workable license fee. After over a year of trying, this has proved impossible. Both the PPL (which represents the major record labels and some independent record labels) and the MCPS/PRS Alliance (which represents music publishers) have demanded per track performance minima rates which are far too high to allow ad supported radio to operate and so, hugely disappointing and depressing to us as it is, we have to block the last territory outside of the US.
It continues to astound us that the industry is not working more constructively to support the growth of services that introduce listeners to new music, and that are totally supportive of paying fair royalties to the creators of music. I don’t often say such things, but the course being charted by the labels and publishers and their representative organizations is nothing short of disastrous for artists whom they purport to represent…

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Play Listen Repeat Vol. 27

Greetings listeners! The holidays are well over now, and as we get going with the new year, I thought it would be interesting to glance back and find out what…
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Vegas recap

It was delightful to perform on the stage of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. Pictured above are Will.I.Am and Jennifer Zeidler from Pandora.
We have some more of Jack Spilberg’s photographs for you in the extension. See you at MacWorld.

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