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Celtic, Cajun, and Hawaiian Music – Now on Pandora

Hello listeners!
Over the past months we’ve been hard at work readying some great new music for you, and we’re happy to be able to say that Celtic, Cajun, and Hawaiian music stations are now live on Pandora!
We have taken great care to come up with the right musicological characteristics with which to evaluate these important genres. We have also been busy assembling the best Celtic, Cajun and Hawaiian music collections available anywhere, and will be continuing to do so from now on.
Without a doubt, you will discover things that we have overlooked, and we look forward to your help in improving and developing these collections and stations. Thanks in advance!
In the meantime, here are just a few starting points for ya!

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Play Listen Repeat Vol. 37

2005MGMBaby300.jpgImagine that you are a judge at a baby beauty contest. Thousands of babies are brought out in front of you for you to inspect, and it’s up to you to decide which ones the public at large would want to see.
Every baby that you see is wonderful: full of life, full of curiosity, energy, enthusiasm and its own kind of perfect integrity and even beauty. In that sense, they are all exactly the same, equally open, curious, and ready to engage. Every one of them deserves the same chances as every other.
At the same time, though, you have to admit to yourself that some of the babies are certainly easier to look at than others (and now that you’re on the subject, some of them – bless their little hearts – just look pretty undercooked).
That’s what it’s like to make judgments about music.

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Pandora Valentine

I made you a couple of stations for Valentine’s Day. See what you think! I took suggestions from listeners and from Pandora staff, and together we came up with these…
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