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GRAMMY Performers Win Big

Sam Smith might have taken home the most GRAMMY hardware Sunday night, but it was the performers who struck gold with listeners.


Who came out on top? Performer (and nominee) Brandy Clark saw the biggest boost, with a 3763% increase in station adds through Monday. Beck, a double threat as performer and winner was close behind with a 2191% increase.
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Resonance: Weekly Curator Picks


Bjork comes to terms with heartache on her deepest cut to date.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 1.26.19 PMOn her latest single, the Icelandic chanteuse details the breakdown of her relationship. “Stonemilker” is a beautiful, gut wrenching, torturous requiem that nearly clocks in at seven minutes in length. The former Sugarcubes singer delivers a personal confessional that we can find solace and comfort in.


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Big booming drums and swirling synths transform lush, radio-ready modern pop into something more adventurous.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 1.29.37 PMDella Memoria’s Beautiful Dream is haunting, hushed, bombastic and dramatic. Emily Sholes’s gorgeous vocals glide from throaty croon to swoon-inducing soar over a moody, sometimes experimental backdrop of raucous rhythms, pulsing churn and ethereal balladry. For fans of Lorde, Phantogram.


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A pioneer of electronic music, Aphex Twin breaks out sparse jazzy beats.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 1.35.03 PMAfter years of sparse releases, we get two in five months! The title hints at what’s inside. While Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt. 2 is reminiscent of the meditative tracks from Drukqs, what really stands out here is Alarm Will Sound’s excellent 2005 acoustic take on Aphex Twin.



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Get A Little More Personal With Our New Design

Hopefully you are enjoying the new look for Pandora that we have been rolling out to our iPhone and Android listeners over the past few weeks. The principles of simplicity and clarity serve as the heart of this evolved design that will help you to more easily personalize, discover, and explore your favorite music on Pandora.

Take a look below at how the new features in this update will make your Pandora experience even better:


  • Tap the new Personalization Icon to easily access your Thumb History or Add Variety.


  • Accidentally thumbed a song? Now you can Un-Thumb by simply tapping the thumb again.



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Coming Soon: Now Cards from Pandora Coming to Google App

Over 76.5 million listeners tune into Pandora every month and listen to over 7 Billion stations. With that many people using Pandora, we make it a top priority to deliver listeners their favorite music as effortlessly as possible whenever and wherever they want. Our ultimate goal is to unleash the infinite power of music simply and easily. With that said, I’m very excited to announce that Pandora music cards are coming soon to the Google App.

How will Pandora music cards work in the Google app? Well, we know that you have a lot of decisions to make in your daily routine. With the help of Now cards, those decisions just got easier. Whether you’re unsure of what to listen to on your drive home, need a new station to motivate your exercise routine, or are in need of a relaxing soundtrack after a long day, Pandora’s Now cards can help. Inside the Google app we’ll be recommending the perfect station at the perfect time. Just for you.

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