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Pandora on the iPhone

This is a really exciting day for us — after many months of effort we’re finally able to deliver what may be the best form of Pandora yet… Pandora for the iPhone.
Our iPhone application gives you the full Pandora experience — create and listen to up to 100 stations, rate songs, bookmark, even buy tracks from the iTunes store right on the phone. The application works over EDGE, 3G, and WiFi, is integrated with your account, and best of all it’s completely free.
So hop on over to the iPhone App Store, download the Pandora app, unplug, and take Pandora with you everywhere you go — in the car, on a run, in the park. Everywhere.
You can find screenshots, a video demo, and a link to get started here:
Update: : We’ve been getting all kinds of inquiries about our plans to support a huge variety of other phones: Blackberries, Windows Mobile, Symbian / S60, Instinct, Sidekick. As you may know, we’ve been working on our mobile offering for about 18 months and in that time we’ve brought Pandora to almost 50 different phones. It pains us to not have been able to get a version out for every handset and every operating system yet, but rest assured that we are committed to bringing the Pandora experience to an ever broadening range of phones. Thanks for your patience as we do our best to prioritize and get Pandora running across the entire mobile ecosystem.

Second Annual Poster Contest

Calling all artists, designers, and art lovers! I’m very pleased to announce the second annual Pandora Poster Contest.
Last summer we tried an experiment. We asked you, our talented listeners, to design a poster about Pandora. The response was so overwhelming that we ended up choosing three outstanding winners. Those three posters were printed in limited editions, and given as gifts to donors to our GlobalGiving philanthropy projects.
Last year’s experiment was such a huge success, that now we’re ready to do it again.
The task is the same: create a poster about Pandora. The rest is up to your imagination. Feel free to explore themes of music, technology, philanthropy, music education, or whatever moves your muse. One thing we ask is that you don’t redesign our logo. In addition to sharing your creative imagination, you will be helping us to support youth music education around the world.
We plan to announce three winners again this year: Grand Prize, Runner Up, and Editor’s Choice. The Grand Prize winner will receive $500, the Runner Up will receive $250, and the Editor’s Choice winner will receive $500. All three will also include some great publicity on our blog.
We’re eager to see where your creativity takes us this year!
Enter a poster now!
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Also… Meet Chuck Treece.

Chuck Treece
Chuck Treece is a true renaissance man. You may be familiar with his lengthy career as a pro skateboarder, but what drew us to him was his musical work. He’s played drums with Bad Brains, bass with Billy Joel, guitar with the Roots, and has sung for 25 years with the band McRad. His varied credits also include recording sessions with Tommy Guerrero, Underdog, King Britt, David Garza and G. Love and Special Sauce. This remarkably humble guy told us about his musical philosophies, and it made for a great conversation. From the great city of Philly… ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Chuck Treece.
Happy Independence Day,

Meet Phil Nicolo.

Phil Nicolo
When a stranger asks what the words “Conshohocken, Pennsylvania,” mean to you, you’d be forgiven for not having a snappy response right out of the gate. For us, the notoriety of this town just west of Philadelphia rests on its distinctive role in recorded music. Conshohocken is home to Studio Four and the great Phil Nicolo, our guest in today’s video. This Grammy-winning producer, engineer and mixer has worked with legions of legends, including Aerosmith, Billy Joel, Joan Osborne, Urge Overkill, Dave Grohl, Yoko Ono, Kris Kross, the Hooters and… wait for it… Mr. Zimmerman himself, Bob Dylan.
And if you would like to exchange Twitter tweets, “Pandora Presents…” is on there (as ‘pandora_kevin’) and friendly. Generally friendly, at least.

Matt Nathanson kicks off the Pandora Concert Series!

MattN 1.jpg
Well, we finally got our concert series off the ground, and what a start! Matt Nathanson came by and played an amazing acoustic set, including tracks from his latest album. Matt holds a special place in our hearts – one of the most spun artists on Pandora with over 11 million spins. We’re all psyched to see all the great things happening for his career. Lord knows he deserves it after all these years.
It was great to have a bunch of folks in from the City of Oakland, Redevelopment/Economic Development office, Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Dellums staff, Steve Daubenspeck from Lockwood Elementary, and many other friends from the local community.
Matt kept everyone entertained with his music and humor. Check out the pictures from the event. This is the first in what we hope will be an enduring tradition at Pandora. Matt, thanks for kicking it off on the right note for us!
Tim (Founder)

Viewer Mail… part 3

A couple more verbal answers to commonly asked questions. This week’s topics:
(One minor correction to this video — if you want to ban an artist from a particular station, you only need to thumb down TWO songs from that artist, not three.)
Please feel free to post any questions you’d like elaborated… we’re all ears!
Cheers. Tim (Founder)
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