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Introducing Our Brand New Web Experience

Pandora’s musical evolution continues with a completely redesigned and updated listening experience on one of our most popular platforms. Starting today, we’ll begin to roll out a fresh look and feel on the web that showcases Pandora’s vibrant branding, includes our latest features, and brings exciting new ways to discover and engage with your music.
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Say It With Pandora: New Ways to Share Music in iMessage

Ever feel like you can’t find the right words to really capture the moment or what you want to say? We get it– sometimes, the only way to truly express yourself is through music. Available now in the App Store for iMessage, Pandora’s new sharing feature is bringing a collaborative and fun way to play, discover and interact with music directly in your iMessage chat threads.

The Most Popular Radio Station on Earth Just Hit 5 Billion Spins

20 Million Listeners
Over 5.5 Billion Spins
153 Thousand Artists Heard
295 Million Thumbs

These are just a few of the stats that have made Thumbprint Radio the most popular radio station on the planet. This ultra personalized station compiles all your thumbing history and guides you through your entire musical profile, while also weaving in some new music along the way. And, Thumbprint Radio is constantly evolving with you, so every time you tune in it’s a direct reflection on your musical tastes.

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