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New Orleans

I need to go in reverse order on this one. Spent the last night at Maple Leaf Bar near Tulane’s campus listening to Papa Grows Funk. Monday regulars for the past 4 years. For anyone who has ever played in a band and really tried to funk, you know how hard it is to really funk.
Papa Grows Funk could FUNK…

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Baton Rouge

Any day that starts with a garbage bag full of fresh crawfish, homemade cocktail sauce, wine, and bluegrass music is likely to end well… If first impressions count the most, I’m moving to Louisiana.
Big thanks to John and Alan for the warm welcome and great food. John regaled me with stories about the clubs known as the ‘crawfish circuit’ and salt&pepper bands. Imagine a mixed race band playing across the South in the 50s. Johnny said those mesh wire cages really were used…

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Meetup tonight in New Orleans, LA MONDAY, April 3rd, 2006 at 8:00pm Carrollton Station 8140 Willow Street New Orleans, LA 504-865-9190 Meet up in Mississippi A special thanks to everyone…
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Update: On September 21, 2006, I’ll be meeting listeners at the Magnolia Theatre in Dallas (3699 McKinney Ave), beginning at 7pm. Join us and send an RSVP to with…
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Houston day 2

Continued a very enjoyable stay in Houston. Morning with John Lomax (great nephew of the music historian Alan Lomax), a long time Houston music journalist. His father managed Steve Earl and Townes van Zandt – John was Earl’s youngest roadie (12 yrs old). As with so many folks who’ve been around music, John was full of interesting anectodes and history. Explained how Zydeco was largely supported by the churches – clubs wouldn’t have it because people came to dance, not drink. Most Zydeco bands tour regional parishes, where their shows are actively promoted by the priests, and often include a potluck. Arhoolie, a label in Berkeley is the principal label for these acts.

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Houston Day 1

Began my tutorial in Chopped&Screwed today at the side of Eric ‘BigLove’ – long time Houston rapper, composer, producer and entrepreneur. Eric spent many years alongside DJScrew at the inception of what has become the next big evolution of rap/hiphop. It’s a totally infectious style of music, mashups of the latest rap & hiphop records, or classic R&B sounds, slowed to half speed and mixed with samples, grooves and original parts. It’s hypnotic. I was treated to a realtime screw session in his northside studio with Stink, BigLove’s up and coming protege); including a freestyle duet with Big Tee (the file will make it’s way to this post soon enough) thanks for the shout out you guys). I have to say, I’ve always been blown away by folks who could freestyle. I highly recommend that anyone who hasn’t done so, go check out a freestyle rap show, genius poets at work. Plain and simple.

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