Android Users: Pandora is Now Available on Your Pebble Watch!

Last month, we announced that you could download Pandora in the Pebble app store for iOS.  We’ve already seen a great response to the first “wearable” technology device that Pandora is available on, so we’re thrilled to share that the Pebble app is now available for Android smartphone users as well.


Just like on iOS, Android users can now view and change stations, thumb songs up and down, skip, play and pause tracks using your Pebble.  If you already have a Pebble that is paired to your mobile device, you should get a notification that you can install the Pandora for Pebble app, or you can start the install process at any time from the Pebble Settings Page.

Pandora for Pebble brings music discovery and control within arm’s length wherever you go.  We’re excited to give Android users an awesome new way to enjoy streaming, personalized radio from their wrists!

Stay tuned for future product updates and integrations.


The Pandora Team

14 thoughts on “Android Users: Pandora is Now Available on Your Pebble Watch!

  1. My 40 watch that speaks the time has more value I want to get refund
    Non pandora volume control 3 day battery charger falls off watch this device is mot ready for advertised use i. Feel tipped off after looking at sony even galaxy

  2. By the way – we hate the fracking commercials. Fracking pollutes the land and water. Your advertiser has tons of money to throw around and few scruples in terms of advertising the facts. Shame on Pandora for taking their easy, immoral money.

  3. Perhaps an option to change the function of long press? The second choice would be switching the function of the up and down buttons between thumbs up and down, and volume control, similar to the pebble’s default music app.

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