6 thoughts on “Pandora Whiteboard Sessions: The Donkeys perform “I Like The Way You Walk”

  1. These tunes take me back in the day. I just turned the big seevn Oh! and in my mind I’m still as young as I was back then. Hey I can still cut a step, man. I would love to know if anybody out there remembers the Palladium, the Cheetah, El Hippo
    Campo, the Tritons, the Manhattan Center, the Hunts Point Palace, and a whole
    bunch of other places just too, too numerous to mention. I remember TP and Eddie
    at a lot of those places, and also Charlie P, La Voz, Willie Bobo and Mongo playing at La Caravana and a whole bunch of other places. Yo! kudos to you and thanks for the memories.
    ralph rivera/

  2. I have been a yearly subscriber to Pandora one for I can’t remember how many years I would like to continue on as a one subscriber yearly basis if it is possible. Otherwise I want to go ahead with the 399 a month please respond

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