19 thoughts on “Pandora Whiteboard Sessions: Mandolin Orange performs “Turtle Dove & The Crow”

  1. Hello pandora team I hate to be a pest I email you Saturday about my problem and I’m still dealing with the same issue can you give me some easy instructions on how to play my pandora radio it was never this hard for me when I had my blackberry curve it was so much easier for me to register and sign in with the same email and password now when I do it with my new iphone4s I’m having all of these problems they cannot verify my email or my password please some one help me I would gladly appreciate your help I miss listening to my pandora radio thank you.

  2. Can you supply me with more music by bob Marley today was a special day thank u Pandora one I will always be loyal to u I would never changed my station Pandora one is definitely the best thank u

  3. Is it possible, with all the discontent, for us to send you folks $60, for you to deposit into a special account, giving you the opportunity to give yourselves a monthly fee from all of your subscribers when required? Simply withdraw $3.99 ($4.99) from that account for each of the subscribers …no big deal!!Your listeners will really appreciate the slight inconvenience you go through for your subscribers. Thanks.
    Otherwise, I too, will be looking at pandora one thru my rear view mirror

  4. I just canceled my subscription to pandora…I was also a yearly subscriber and i was ok with paying the yearly cost instead of the monthy subscription…..in the famous words of the SHARKS….IM OUT!!!!

  5. I paid the $4.99 for the month of january and my service is really bad. It keeps freezing,pausing the song,not playing the song altogether and stopping and starting this needs to be resolved or else i will not be paying for another month thank you

  6. Why won’t you bring back the lyrics and the song information. You said you were working on it. That was the only thing that made Pandora unique. I used to love Pandora and got all my friends to become devoted to you like I was. Now, Without the lyrics, I’m taking my listening time to Sirius from now on.

  7. I have Pandora One on my iPad, but my iPhone is still playing ads. Can’t my account play on my iPhone without the ads? The Pandora One is only good on ‘one’ device?


    • Hello Lloyd – Pandora One accounts follow the email address and not the device. If you are hearing ads on your iPhone, you’re most likely signed into a second free account.

      Please email our support team for more assistance: http://pdora.co/writeus. -Kim

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