Pandora One Subscription Changes

Over the next couple of months, we will be implementing some changes to our Pandora One subscription plan so that loyal listeners can continue to enjoy a premium, ad-free Pandora experience.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.37.00 PMWe’ve been fortunate to be able to offer Pandora One at an affordable price since its debut in 2009 at $36 per year and later with the introduction of a monthly subscription for only $3.99 per month. Over this same period, the costs of delivering this service have grown considerably. For example, the royalty rates Pandora pays to performers via SoundExchange for subscription listening have increased 53% in the last five years and will increase another 9% in 2015.

In order to continue to provide an ad-free listening option, we are implementing some changes to the way we price Pandora One, including a modest price increase for new Pandora One subscriptions:

  • Existing Pandora One monthly subscribers that remain active will not experience a price increase at this time and will continue to pay $3.99 per month.
  • For new subscribers, the subscription price will change to $4.99 per month starting in May.
  • Existing annual subscribers that remain active will migrate to a discounted loyalty price of $3.99 per month at their next renewal period.
  • We are ending the annual subscription option.

Beginning this week, annual subscribers approaching their renewal date will be notified as the update is applied to their subscription. Monthly pricing for new subscribers will take effect in May, allowing time for new subscribers to take advantage of discounted loyalty pricing if they subscribe before then.

Our listeners are our top priority and, while this affects only a small percentage of our listeners (3.3 million subscribers of more than 250 million registered users total), we hope that you understand why we have taken these steps. Our goal is to continue to be your go-to internet radio destination and enable you to hear the music you love wherever and whenever you want.


The Pandora Team

892 thoughts on “Pandora One Subscription Changes

  1. Thank you Pandora for all the years of free/inexpensive great music. You guys Rock! Your increases in expenses sounds painful, I sincerely empathize. I appreciate that you’re sharing an objective measurable to illustrate why you’re increasing your fees. I take that as an indication of a need of support from your loyal listeners. That being the conversation, I think it only fair to share the entire picture, to include revenues and earnings. In the spirit of constructive criticism, An update in appearance, functionality and an improvement of audio quality are overdue . Should the increase stick, that is. I thinks steady is good, however, I find myself expecting an update subconsciously on every login.

  2. Peace out Pandora. I can get the same level of service from Amazon Prime. I was good with a yearly subscription. The monthly one just annoys me. Give me the option to skip more songs. Stop playing the same songs over and over again on some of my stations, and maybe monthly. See ya.

  3. I was considering a subscription to Pandora One. Since you no longer offer a yearly rate, you will not be my “go-to internet radio destination “. There are plenty of other choices.

    • I just like a annual subscription. I was quite irritated to learn that it was no longer available. I still listen sometimes but not as often. I have been looking and finding some alternative options now.

  4. I’ve been a Pandora One subscriber for many years and I’ve always went to Apple and there was no consistency in terms of when they took the money out and one time I was going to Mexico and I told apples but I wanted to suspend my subscription for 3 months well they never did and I still got charged every month so I discontinued Pandora I would like to reestablish that connection because I feel your music is incomparable to other stations. I still feel that I should get those three months that I never even listen to Pandora one but was charged to be able to have that service at no charge for 3 months is only fair.

  5. I was going to renew, but with the one time annual payment no longer an option… I am not renewing. I feel better when I pay in full…. it’s worry free. This was a deal breaker for me.

  6. I also ended up cancelling my subscription. I don’t mind the price increase, but I don’t like the monthly billing. Will come back when you add the annual option again.

  7. No more pay once annual fee which was quite fine w/me and now not giving me a choice is not…so long pandora one u were good while u treated your customers right but not giving them a choice means they will choose to go somewhere else…very poor business decision!

  8. I was just about to subscribe to Pandora One, and then realized that you raised your prices considerably. I would be willing to pay $36 a year, but no more. I’m tired of your ads- this is nonsense.

  9. Pandora I wanted to take a moment to thank you for listening to those of us who are your loyal customers and for providing us with an option to pay annually. You have just removed 11 things from my busy life to worry about remembering. now I can just get back to enjoying your services. Thank you….

    • Thank YOU for your continued support and for listening to Pandora. Keep enjoying the tunes and don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions in the future – we are always happy to help: -Katie

  10. I was going to subscribe to Pandora One, until you no longer show the lyrics to the songs. Why do you no longer show the lyrics?? Bad decision. I’m subscribing to Amazon Prime, just as good and better prices. Please respond back if you you intend to bring back the song lyrics. If not, Bye Bye!!

    • Hi Kathy, sorry for all the confusion. Currently, they’re unavailable as we explore if & how they will be reintroduced. We definitely welcome your feedback on this. Please email our Listener Advocates and let them know how you feel so your feedback can be passed on. -Katie

  11. After using Pandora for years, I finally decided to subscribe.
    Incredibly disappointed that I cannot pay by the year in advance.
    I do not like monthly charges for online services.

    So it looks like Pandora misses out on my money.

  12. I can understand a price increase occasionally but why remove the yearly subscription? Have not renewed because of this change. I’m looking at other options. I did enjoyed the service.

  13. I’ve been a subscriber for a few years, just got a notice to upgrade, expected to pay another $36 for the year but somewhat surprised with the $4.99 per month option. Why am I not offered the loyalty rate of $3.99 per month at least?

    I’ve also been using Google Play Music All Access and been enjoying it, this could be the push to using Google more.

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