6 thoughts on “Pandora Whiteboard Sessions: Lee DeWyze performs “Frames”

  1. Thanks for the vid. Lee DeWyze is an amazing artist & I love his new album Frames. It’s 13 tracks of awesome. Hope everyone checks it out; & Lee is great performing live. If you get a chance, get to one of his shows. You’ll get hooked.

    • I LOVE Lee’s music, amazing lyrics and most brilliant VOICE! He has got me to LOVE music. Also found my passion for wanting to learn Piano. I have flown to LA to see him LIVE never seen been to anyother concert no-one has moved me like Lee. Keep it up LEE. :) your AUstralian fan Melissa.

  2. “Frames” is one of my favorite songs from the album of the same name. It has a little of everything and oh wow……. THAT VOICE! I’m hoping to catch a Lee DeWyze show this year & encourage everyone to do the same. As great as he sounds on this album, he sounds even better in person!

  3. An awesome performance of a beautiful song from Lee’s newest album Frames. I really love his voice and the songs he writes; they come straight from the heart.

  4. Lees album Frames is a breathe of fresh air that takes my breathe away! Every song unfolds like a well written novel you can’t put down-in this case you can’t stop listening as each song becomes a new favorite! When Lee performs he brings his soulful lyrics to life and leaves you wanting more! Thx Lee! ❤☺

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