Discover More Music with Personalized Station Recommendations

Music discovery has always been at the heart of the Pandora experience and today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of personalized station recommendations on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Pandora had 76.2 million people listening to 1.58 billion hours of music just last month alone. When you layer on the more than 35 billion pieces of thumb feedback we have received since launching in 2005, it equates to billions of data points right at our fingertips. These valuable insights into our listeners’ tastes provide us with a deep understanding of what people love about music and enables us to power the best personalized radio experience for each individual listener.

Up until now, we have primarily been focused on making behind-the-scenes improvements to the playlist experience and we’re excited about the opportunity to apply our same methodology to this brand new Pandora feature.

Here’s how it works:

Personalized station recommendations on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets will provide listeners with up to 6 suggested artist stations to add and listen to at a time, based on current listening preferences, taking into account your station list and what you have told us you like or dislike through thumb interactions.  Station recommendations can be found in a couple of areas in the Pandora app:

  • Create a Station screen: when you tap to create a station, your recommendations will be listed on the screen.  You can create a new station by tapping that station name or choose to expand “More Recommendations” to view more.
  • Bottom of Station List: If you scroll down your station list, you will see recommendations at the bottom.  You can create a new station by tapping that station name or choose to expand “More Recommendations” to view more.

Your station recommendation list is refreshed when a new station is created or deleted. We will be rolling out this new feature with personalized artist station recommendations and have future plans to evolve and refine the recommendations feature already under development. The more you engage with the product, the more Pandora will learn about your musical preferences and tastes and be able to further optimize the station recommendations for the best personalized listening experience.

Create Station View (2)More Recs View

As always, we’d love to hear what you think of this new product feature. We’ve said this before, but we’re really just getting started. As we work to fulfill our mission to completely reinvent radio, we are constantly thinking of new ways to seamlessly deliver the best personalized radio experience in every possible listening environment. So stay tuned for even more product enhancements and updates on all of our platforms throughout 2014.

Happy discovering!


The Pandora Team

98 thoughts on “Discover More Music with Personalized Station Recommendations

      • This Idea of spending all this time trying to create stations that there are not giving me what I want.Just give me more song selections on what they have in the Geners.I wrote them ,they blew me off.I tried it and they didnt have a clue on what I wanted to here.Tired of hearing the same 20 songs over and over no matter the station.

    • please let me add more than 100 stations. its the only reason I would consider upgrading to pandora one and would easily be my favorite feature. it would be a great feature that alot of music lovers or anybody would be more than happy to take advantage of. please seriously consider doing this. pandora is my favorite music resource and it would really enhance my experience that much more.

    • I think there is a problem with the Pandora algorithm for music variation. I can create a station by artist and the start liking/disliking songs but the artist that the station is based upon can almost completely be overwritten and that should not be possible. The base artist should automatically have a heavy weighting or a fixed percent. I’ve managed turned my Pink station into a country music station! Now, to get any Pink songs back I have to like every song to give that artist a better weighting, but I shouldn’t have to like Pink since that was why I created the station in the first place.

    • We’ll let our product team know you’d like feature parity on the desktop app. Thanks for your patience in the meantime. -Alyssa

  1. Sounds great. Now how about adding the ability to remove artists from a particular station. If a group is included in multiple stations one can be overwhelmed by the number of times you hear songs from that artist leading to “burnout”.

    • I agree! Why won’t Pandora play a song from each list of stations instead of repeating just the stations I put in recently. More variety from my list, please! Thank you! Still love the fact that we can listen to music all day, great invention!!!!

    • @Larry Keep giving the artists you don’t want to hear a Thumbs-down and Pandora will learn not to play their songs. Keep in mind: Thumb ratings are station specific! -Keegan

      • My Pandora keeps skimming through Artist and Stations on my account just as if I was clicking the fast forward icon or thumbs down…any ideas?

  2. What version is the Android app for the S4 supposed to be with these changes in it? Want to make sure I have the right version. It would be nice if you guys released the version info along with the update notes. Thanks!

    • @James I’ll let the product team know. In the meantime, make sure you’re thumbing-down all live tracks on each of your stations. -Alyssa

      • Dear Pandora support,
        For years I’ve been hearing your response about down-thumbing live music to reduce the live tracks. Let me say unequivocally. THIS DOES NOT WORK. And by still suggesting it you’re just leading to more aggravation. I see requests for this dating seven years back. Still the same response “we’ll send it to the developers”. The developers obviously aren’t listening.

      • If you thumb down the live track you’ll never hear the non-live version of that song again. And it will avoid similar tracks as well. The developers “aren’t listening” was the comment above but… the reality is that *management* isn’t listening. Well, they listen but they don’t have any motivation to change this. Royalties on live recorded music are a fraction of the actual song. Pandora doesn’t pay much to the artist for any song played to begin with, but they can pay them even less if it is live in a lot of cases (not all, but most of the time). One million plays might net you about $17 as an artist. Pandora is also lobbying congress to pay them even less. It is despicable, but it what happens when you have managers and add more of them to growing companies. My advice is leave Pandora, there are a dozen better options out there (little startups) that haven’t been overrun by middle management. It is the typical growing pains of little companies when they start getting big.

      • If I thumb-down a live track because I want to hear less or no live music, would that also mean that Pandora will not play the album version of the thumbed-down live song? This is very perplexing. Seems like you guys should be able to filter out any track that contains the word “Live”…would be very useful for us listeners. Thanks!

      • If the point of Pandora’s algorithm is to “learn” what I like and create a custom channel, why isn’t it recognizing that I thumbs down almost 100% of the live tracks that it plays? I’m ready to look for another streaming service as I must get 5 live tracks every time I listen to Pandora for more than an hour and a half. When I’m out in the yard, I can’t stop what I’m doing & keep giving tracks the thumbs down. That logic needs to be factored into your algorithm.

  3. For a web-based service like yours, I am unclear why the feature is not available on all clients including Windows Phone and the web. This doesn’t bode well :-(

  4. First timer here, different topic (sorry). For as long as I can remember, when the curser (desktop) is moved over the station list, the list moves in opposite directions as I am moving. When I move the curser off the list it moves entirely up or down. Makes it very hard to select the channel I want to.

  5. I’d like to be able to see a graphic of the genome for my stations: something like a Wordle showing which elements are most prominent/central to how music is selected. It could just be colored dots of various sizes with the genome number which I’d need to mouse-over to view the full description of that element. If we’re shooting for the moon, I’d love to be able to thumbs up/down individual elements from the same graphic. :-D

  6. When listening to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, I noticed that the lyrics listed do not relate to the song. Perhaps you can make a correction., Thank you

  7. Pandora needs a complaint form.And that complaint would be with so much music out there for each station why does evey staion keep repeating the short list of songs it has.Tired of hereing the same music over and over again no mater the channel.Repeat repeat repeat.Can not stand that type of wearing out of good tunes when there is so much more.Love the quality of the high def.Love alot of the songs they have selected.But its getting boring.Please join in with my plea and see if someone can figure out how to get them the news.I am certain that I must not be alone in this quest.Chip in and Thanks for your time.

  8. Pandora is not user friendly. It sucks ass. I could create something more user friendly and I dont know shit about programming. I was going to upgrade but refuse if it keeps playing worst songs from the artists I choose and then stuck listening to the crap. Bad music pisses me off and makes me want to break things.

    • @Smokersodysseycom Try these tuning tips to create the Salsa station you’re looking for: Also, check your station details to remove any thumbed up songs that have a merengue sound that may be causing your station to drift. -Alyssa

  9. Recently my Pandora keeps shutting of requiring me to log back in on my iphone after every other song? Please tell there is some simple oversight that I am missing and not just another ploy to get me to again upgrade. This free internet radio I started with started getting more and more commercials and less and less listening time without an upgrade, so I upgraded and now this? What’s up?

  10. Will there ever be a drop down menu option, move song to another station on mobile version? So many songs played on created stations are not remotely related to the stations genre.

  11. I have a bit of a complaint. I use to listen to the free version of Pandora, but decided I didn’t want listen to commercials, or the “Are you still listening? We dont like to play music for an empty room.” questions that pop up while I’m working, so I decided to pay and be free of it. Well, guess what? It still asks me. And the rooms not empty. If I pay for it, then i should be able to play it without any disturbances. Right? Thank you for listening to my rant.

  12. seems there should also be “too much of this song.” Since Pandora also pulls from concert versions, I feel like I hear the same songs over and over, turning favorites into detested songs in a matter of days. Like most users over 50, I feel that Pandora has already written me off as a geezer and not adaptive enough to listen to anything written after 1989. True?

      • To Paul’s point: I have hit the “tired of this track” button, only to again hear the “concert-version” of the track! It would be nice if:

        1. This didn’t happen, “too tired” means too tired of the song altogether including concert versions.
        2. Give users the ability to disable concert-versions altogether. Live music is great but I’m not always in the mood. Sometimes I just need my clean studio version to listen to, especially when working! Thanks!

  13. Whats up with the big ol’ Bank of America ad. I don’t mind the ads so much but when they take over the top portion of your screen, that is going too far. TAKE IT OFF!

  14. I’d like to not get so many repeats? When you have 20 or so stations from artists with big libraries, repeats should be very far in between. It would also be most awesome if there was a way to customize the IOS device skin. For instance I just want my screen to show a big image of album art and track name and artist. I don’t always need all the artist bio, lyrics and such. This would make an awesome driving experience.

    • @Don Please get in touch with our Listener Advocate Team. They’ll be able to offer tuning assistance and tips to improve your listening experience. -Alyssa

  15. Pandora needs a better software engineer in charge of algorithms. I have liked over 1,600 songs since I started using Pandora in 2006 and I swear I hear the same twenty songs over and over. I always click “I am tired of this track” but it does not matter. And please- for the love of all that is holy, purchase a new license that allows the consumer to skip more songs! You will make money back from pure marketing knowledge that comes from song skips. Pandora is going to lose a lot more listeners if those two errors don’t get addressed. I don’t know how many times people say just get spotify. Writing an article isn’t going to help, but getting new technologies and licenses will!~

  16. Theresa, I couldn’t agree more. There is a major defect in the Pandora algorithm. I too have “liked” hundreds and hundreds of songs on Pandora, and yet I keep hearing the same few tracks over and over. That is a serious problem. Over time, Pandora seems to “forget” tracks that I indicated I like. For example, a couple of years ago I gave thumbs up to “Thinking About Tomorrow” by Beth Orton, and I haven’t heard this track in ages on Pandora. Same goes for “Movie Theme” by Beck, “Thank You” by Dido, and a whole host of other tracks. I want to hear these tracks again on Pandora but it’s like it’s forgotten all about them.

    Even more unforgivably, Pandora plays only certain songs from my favorite artists, and it plays them over and over. For example, even though I chose Elton John to “Add Variety”, Pandora keeps playing the same EJ tracks over and over. I’m getting really tired of hearing “Rocket Man”, “Crocodile Rock”, and “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting.” Where is “High Flying Bird”, “Blue Avenue”, “Jamaica Jerk-off”, “Simple Life”, “Teacher I Need You”, “Friends”, “Little Jeannie”, “Mama Can’t Buy You Love”, etc etc etc??

    Pandora, are you listening? If not, I (and probably many others) will be saying “buh-bye!!”

    • I know for a fact there are songs I have liked and I don’t hear them forever and then it will play again a couple months later and it isn’t thumbed up. Yet songs I don’t thumb up but don’t dislike will play every day.

      • I was wondering why this also happens. I like a song to hear it more often, but I hear the “un-liked” (not meaning disliked for thumbs down) songs so much more often.

  17. I like to listen to a lot of classic rock and soft rock. There”s just an overwhelming number of live tracks that I don”t care much about. being at the concert is a way different feeling then listening to it in your living room. It sounds horrible. I thumbs down as many live versions as I can but I meet skip limit. Pandora has and always be my choice of music streaming….please don’t make me change that.

  18. I’ve added three dozen different composers to my principal station using the ‘add variety’ function but I still keep hearing the same three songs over and over every day…often after just two intervening selections. One of these I have even repeatedly downvoted. I think it’s various performances of the same piece (this is classical music we’re talking about here). Advice most welcome.

  19. I just got the new pandora update on my iphone and whenever I try to add or delete a station it tells me to try again or cancel. When I press try again the same message keeps popping up, what do I do?

  20. I would like to start a station based on a track feature. For example, slide guitars. How can this be accomplished?

    • Hi Scott! We don’t currently have a way to create a station based on an instrument or track feature, but we’ll let our product team know you’d like to see that happen. -Kim

  21. I cant believe there is no live music filter option yet. In fact i stopped using pandora entirely for over a year because i got so tired of live music getting more and more prevelant even after i thumbs down the song. Now i turn it back on and the first 3 songs in a row are live.

  22. I think it would be cool if I could select two or more stations and put them into shuffle mode. I could take two or three similar stations and shuffle them for a little more variety.

  23. I really want to star (select) and unstar (unselect) one or more features listed under the Features of This Track, to help the station fine tune the selection to my preferred music style. For example, I want to star the “minor key tonality” and “electronica influences”, and “a breathy female lead vocalist”, but would prefer to unstar “offensive lyrics” and “vocal harmonies”. Why not let me choose (or at least down vote) those traits I don’t want, and upvote those I do? Most of the time Pandora does a horrible job assuming the traits I do (and don’t) like based on a song or songs I seed my station with. It seems to give preference to anything in that artist’s genre, rather than tune itself to my particular likes and dislikes.

  24. Please add me to the list of people who would like to have a “no live music” filter. I have been giving every Live song a thumbs down for years and still get them regularly.

  25. Wow, I guess I’m not alone ;-) How many times do customers have to feed back their unhappiness about the 100 station limit before a change is made? Long time Pandora subscriber, super bummed out. I’ve also been in in consumer tech product development for 20 years and honestly can’t understand why you guys throttle this. I’d totally pay, too, if you wanted to be mercenary about it…but the better long term approach is to just set it as unlimited and keep users deeply engaged in your product before we switch to Spotify or one of the other services that are increasingly getting better at on-demand stations.

    Please help.

  26. I chose the band Rush for 1 of my stations, but it’s only played ONE Rush song (3-4 Pink Floyd’s already in about 6-7 songs???) Why? I’d love more or MOSTLY RUSH if I chose them…know what I mean?

  27. I’m not upgraded cause I don’t wanna pay the $5 a month, but why not let me hear a little of every one of my stations when I put it on shuffle opposed to only half of them? PLEASE!

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