Wake Up with Pandora: Introducing the Alarm Clock on Mobile

We think most folks would agree that waking up from a deep slumber to the tune of their favorite music almost always trumps the repetitive bleeping noise that typically comes out of an alarm clock.

In August, we unveiled a new way for Pandora listeners to fall asleep to their favorite stations with the Sleep Timer, and today I’m thrilled to share that we’re releasing a new version of our Pandora app for iOS that contains another top-requested new product feature from our listeners: an Alarm Clock.

The Alarm Clock allows you to wake up to your favorite Pandora music and includes key features like the ability to snooze. When the alarm goes off, your music will begin to play with album art scrolling in the background. At this point, you can choose to snooze, turn off the alarm, or keep listening to your music simply by tapping the song title or artist name on your phone screen.

01-drawer     03-alarm_set

You can set the snooze option for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute increments. When the snooze option is activated, your music will pause and the amount of time remaining will be displayed along with a progress bar counting down how many minutes you have left before the alarm will go off again. As an added benefit, we’ve created an easier way for those of you who are typically a slave to your snooze button to get those extra zzz’s (hint: you don’t have to be fully awake to give your mobile device a good shake). If you enjoy falling asleep to the sounds of your favorite Pandora tunes, the Alarm Clock was built to also work in conjunction with the Sleep Timer.

04-alarm_setoff     05-snooze

We know how much people rely on their Alarm Clocks to ensure a timely wake-up call, so we have put together a handful of simple tips to help you successfully start each day with your favorite Pandora music.

The Alarm Clock feature on the new Pandora app for iOS does have a few nuances so we encourage a quick visit to our step by step guide to learn more before you give it an official go.

At Pandora, we are inspired every day by consistently bringing our listeners music they love and it particularly excites us when we receive ideas for new product features and improvements directly from our listeners. So please, do keep the good ideas coming! We hope you like the new Alarm Clock feature and as always, we’d love to hear from you.

Happy snoozing…and waking up to Pandora!

P.S. We’re busy working away on an Alarm Clock feature for Android as well, so stay tuned!


The Pandora Team http://www.pandora.com/

125 thoughts on “Wake Up with Pandora: Introducing the Alarm Clock on Mobile

  1. I do not want an alarm clock , I already own one! How do you remove the annoying message box that appears when you open the app? . I know that it has an alarm and I no longer need the message box to inform me of this!

      • I can vouch that this IS NOT the case. I get the alarm clock message EVERY single time that I open up Pandora on my Galaxy S4 (running Android 4.3), Pandora version 5.1.1.

      • I see the notification every time I launch Pandora. Please assist me with disabling the message.

    • Uninstalling and re-installing the app did remove the annoying alarm screen for me too. You do see it one more time once you re-install the app, but then it doesn’t come back. Thank goodness because I was really getting fed up with seeing that screen.

      However, what a stupid solution and fix to an annoying problem. That was a serious developer fail on that one. I have 8 android devices and now I have to go uninstall the app, reinstall it, re-sign into it, and re-setup my shortcuts on each of those devices.

    • Did you get an answer to this question? I don’t want that annoying splash screen either but have seen no “Options” to “start in normal mode” or a way to remove this new irritating screen?

  2. You may disregard my previous comment. Uninstalling and installing the app resolved the issue. Thanks for providing the link.

  3. The alarm message is annoying. I do not want to use Pandora as an alarm clock. I do not want to dismiss the dialogue every time I open Pandora.

    • The answer is here, it worked on my Android phone:

      4. Clear data for Pandora:

      – From the home screen on your device (not Pandora app), press the menu key

      – Tap Settings.

      – Tap the More tab.

      – Tap Application Manager.

      – Tap Pandora under the Downloaded tab.

      – Tap “Clear data.”

  4. I just installed Pandora 5.1.1 on my Android (Asus MeMo Pad HD 7) and notice it no longer has the sleep timer?? Or if it does have it, where??? I needed it last night for my 3mo old son, as my cell phone (which does have the sleep timer, Droid 4, I do NOT update software unless forced to for this very reason, of features being hidden or removed!!) Please help, I need the sleep timer (don’t want music playing all night, and I don’t want to sit up and BE the sleep timer. I also don’t see any of the menu shown above anywhere…like my phone’s Pandora has…

  5. I have tried the alarm clock many times. Every time I try it I wake up and get a Pandora screen asking if I’m still listening. So the alarm never goes off.

  6. Is it possible to go directly to the alarm without playing music? I go to bed after everyone else and when I go to Pandora to set the alarm the music starts playing which is annoying when I want to be quiet.

  7. Please update Windows Phone app for this. You will fill a much needed gap in the alarm app market for Windows. I cannot find an app that will launch another app as an alarm like I had on my Android. Sad to hear that this is available after I switched phones. I’m looking forward to seeing it soon. Thanks.

  8. i cant figure out how to use the sleep timer on my computer i dont have the app i just listen to it on the internet can some one help me?

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