Enjoy One-Touch Streaming of Pandora to your TV with Google Chromecast

As Pandora works to fulfill its mission to completely reinvent radio, we are always working on new ways to seamlessly deliver the best personalized radio experience in every possible listening environment.

Today, we’re excited to share that Pandora is now available on Chromecast, Google’s new TV-connected device that wirelessly delivers online audio and video entertainment to the biggest screen in the home.

pandora_chromecast_nowplaying_tvOwners of Chromecast can now wirelessly stream or Cast Pandora directly to the TV, using their smartphone or tablet as the remote control. Core Pandora functionality, such as Play, Pause, Thumb and Skip are all easily controlled via your mobile device for a seamless listening experience. The Pandora experience is delivered directly from the cloud to your TV, so once you send your favorite station to your TV, your mobile device is no longer required to keep the music going.

This launch is particularly exciting for us because it is a testament to the investment we made earlier this year in our tv.pandora.com platform. We believe the model of web standards-based apps running on the TV, controlled by a smartphone or tablet, is the winning formula for powering second screen experiences. The framework we built with tv.pandora.com allows us to quickly evolve the “10 foot” experience of Pandora with greater flexibility and speed than ever before.

Owners of the Chromecast device can start casting Pandora today by downloading version 5.0 of our Android or iOS mobile app via Google Play and the App Store. Just use the Cast button in the standard Pandora app to trigger one-touch streaming of your favorite personalized radio stations to your TV via Chromecast. Chromecast support is currently available for all Android smartphones and tablets in addition to iPhones, with support for iPads coming soon.

We hope you enjoy Pandora on Chromecast as much as we’ve enjoyed building it and as always, please let us know what you think.

Happy listening!

Tom Conrad

CTO and EVP of Product http://www.pandora.com/profile/tconrad

47 thoughts on “Enjoy One-Touch Streaming of Pandora to your TV with Google Chromecast

  1. Been waiting for this and it works well … except for one thing … it desperately needs a screen saver feature to prevent the constantly displayed text ie: the “Pandora” logo and my email address from burning into my expensive plasma TV. Here’s hoping this feature is added ASAP !!

    • I was super excited as well to hear about this feature being added to Pandora, and was considering upgrading to the no-ad so it would play on my TV. It’s a bummer, that it isn’t a browser option yet! Maybe someday!

      • There is a “work-around.” If you adopt chrome as your browser, you can cast pandora from that browser using the chrome extension. I would must rather see a pandora cast button on the pandora desktop app tho!

  2. Really likeed the Chromecast experience of Pandora when it came out a few weeks ago. The clean UI/display on the TV is so much more pleasant than other Music services. This clearly biased my listening habits towards Pandora.

    I was very disappointed when I saw today that there is now seemingly a different, updated Pandora “player” on the Chromecast. Not particularly useful, not as clean and the constantly changing position of the image is more than a bit annoying. Could I get the previous version back?

  3. I have what seems to be the current version of Pandora on my Android. It is not prompting me for an update, but I see no Chromecast button anywhere on the screen. Am I missing something about how or where to get this functionality?

    • I double that!
      I wonder who applies pressure or is it at company discretion that most often the browser option is not implemented(i.e. Hulu, Pandora). What a PC discrimination…

  4. Christmas day 2013 I was able to stream Pandora from my android to Chromecast. Today, the option to stream (or the icon to choose from device or thru chromecast) is gone. What”s going on. I have the latest version of Pandora but I just upgraded to Pandora One. Could that be it?

  5. I just cast Pandora to my TV from my Android phone. As it was buffering on the TV, the android Pandora App turned off so I started it again. Soon I was listening to two different songs from my favorite radio station, one from the TV and one from my phone. I shut down the phone app and then realized I have no way of controlling the Pandora app on the TV. It is now in screensaver mode and I can’t figure out how to change stations or eve shut it off, etc. The TV remote only controls the volume. What’s up????

  6. The YouTube and Netflix apps support casting to Samsung smart TVs. Would be great for this to do the same and work with any cast target. So much easier to use the phone as a remote while still playing on the tv.

    • @Dan The audio quality on Chromecast and all in-home devices is 128kbps audio. The Desktop app isn’t supported by Chromecast. -Alyssa

      • Thank you. It will be nice when/if the desktop app supports Chromecast – it will make it worth paying for the higher quality service.

  7. Sure hope you guys add desktop functionality for Chromecast. Streaming tabs from chrome doesn’t work well at all with weird latency based pitch bending and crashing Chromecast. The mobile app is brilliant, but i’d like to see as elegant a solution as Netflix offers for streaming to Chromecast from desktops and windows 8 machines asap!


  8. Just to reiterate what has already been said…Pandora needs burn in protection. It’s little fading screensaver thing that it does is not enough. I get the Pandora logo temporarily burned into my tv often (I only leave Pandora on long enough to leave only minor burn in) This feature needs to be added because people can only play Pandora for only two hours max before burn in starts to occur. Please make this change.

  9. I can only get the cast button to show if I turn off mobile data. Being connected to wifi & mobile data the button disappears. Please fix. Tried downloading and reinstalling moblie app. Galaxy S5 Android 5.0 on Verizon.

  10. Whenever i try to cast pandora on my tv it always says “unable to cast at this time” I always update it. I have the 6.2 version. Are you working on this?

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