Debuting Now: The Pandora App for Android Tablets

Android listeners, listen up! Today we’re excited to unveil our latest version of Pandora, designed specifically for Android tablets, and available for download starting today via Google Play.

new image 11

Pandora now natively supports hundreds of different Android tablets and while we’ve long offered a mobile app for our Android listeners, Pandora 5.0 for Android optimizes the experience for larger tablet screen sizes and is built specifically with the tablet experience in mind. Features of Pandora 5.0 include enhanced playback and personalization, deeper music discovery and exploration, easy access to a personalized music profile and an easy way to connect and share music with friends.

Here are some more details of what you will experience with Pandora 5.0 for Android tablets:

  • Enhanced Listening Experience & Personalization – App interface is optimized for larger screens and features upgraded core Pandora functionality, such as adding variety to a station and viewing station details, in addition to the ability to easily shuffle, rename and delete stations.
  • Deeper Music Discovery & Exploration –Explore more about the artist and album that is currently playing with enriched artist pages that include similar artists and genome traits of the current track playing, plus lyrics, artist biographies and album discographies.
  • Your Personal Profile & Music Feed – Your detailed timeline Capture your music preferences on this detailed timeline, such as stations created, bookmarked tracks and thumb history and choose to make your profile either public or private. The Music Feed offers a centralized place to view music activity, making it easy to explore what friends and other listeners with similar musical tastes are discovering and enjoying on Pandora.
  • The Ability to Connect & Share Music with Friends Social sharing features are now easier than ever to navigate on Android tablets with the updated user interface. Listeners can publish their music activity to Facebook with the Pandora Timeline app, as well as manually share links to favorite stations with followers on Twitter.

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We are looking forward to taking you on a new journey of personalized music discovery, exploration and sharing and hope that you enjoy our Pandora app designed specifically for Android tablets as much as we’ve enjoyed developing it for you. As always, please let us know what you think.

Happy Listening!


The Pandora Team

21 thoughts on “Debuting Now: The Pandora App for Android Tablets

  1. This is the worst android tablet app I have ever installed. not only does it not work, but because the Web Developers chose to force and web site connection to either download or use the Andriod App I can’t even listen to Pandora on my tablet anymore. I have no issue with being given a CHOICE to go to the app instead of the web page, but FORCING me to use the crappy app on a 10″ screen is pretty stupid. As a long time Pandora user and fan, I have never had any problem using this on my phone or my laptop so I have been pretty happy until this point.

    Pandora, stop FORCING me to use the app when I clearly know better what works on my device.

  2. I didn’t think it *needed* tweaking for tablet, however I appreciate the developer mind set of not being able to stop tinkering.

    That said.

    Feature Parity and User Choice seem to have taken a back seat more than ever before.

    There was a point, a couple of versions back, where it didn’t matter if I was using it on my old iPhone or one of our newer Android devices (phone and tablets), it was essentially the same app. The same can no longer be said. And they’re not massive discrepancies, which unfortunately makes them all the more mind boggling: if it’s just minor changes, why are they *not* being lined up between platforms.

    For instance, and probably the most glaring now:
    * Sleep Timer simply GONE from the Android tablet
    * Inconsistency between platforms on ability to resize the playback controls.

    And I can’t say the layout is really inspiring. It’s very utilitarian now, like playing music through a kind of file-management utility. (Apologies for the partial tautology.)

    Part of the brilliance of the app previously is that once it was up and running it would display virtually full-screen album art, making it much more an entertainment appliance if left docked or at rest. Now when not being actively used? It’s pretty ugly because none of it is relevant when you’re not actively using it. If you’ve picked a channel and it’s happily chugging alone, you do not need to see the list of every other channel.

    That demonstrates a lack of user choice over what they see – now, rather than being able to pick what view mode you were in, you’re essentially stuck in an all (Pandora in foreground, everything visible on the screen) or nothing (Pandora running as a background app, so *nothing* visible) binary decision.

  3. Please stop playing Spanish commercials, if this continues I will stop using Pandora. It is extremely annoying to hear Spanish commercials even if they are short

  4. Hi Pandora – would you please offer some new skins? Of all of your daily tasks this would have to be pretty easy and I crave variety :)

  5. Hi Pandora, I use my nexus 7 as my nightstand alarm clock, but you left the sleep timer and alarm clock out from the tablet. The new tablet app UI works well on a 10″ tablet,but not 7″. You surely know that the most of android tablets are 7″, and there are 6+” android smartphones on the market running your phone app, You can simply let people choice which app they want to run right?

  6. ok so I’m using pandora on a NOTE 3 (android) but i can’t share my activity or share a track on Facebook. Why? i press share and it goes blank and back to the song.. I’ve checked Facebook activity permission and it all seems fine.

  7. Are you ever going to add back being able to show full screen album art? That seems to have gone away with one of the previous updates.

  8. Why is my Eee pad saying that I need to sign in to my Google account when I already am and now its not letting my get Pandora but I can get games and everything.

  9. Well Android users can at last have a Pandora tab for their tablets. It was about time considering how long it’s been available on iPad. Not that it makes a difference to me either way I signed up for iTunes Match I find it a better value currently than Pandora One. Bring back the annual option and you might get some subscribers back who left over the annual subscription ending.

      • I have to agree, seems like a scam to change my account over to a monthly payment structure that cost more without my permission. I’ve always had the annual payment and a I really can’t see the point in dropping it for a monthly plan. I noticed my plan just changed and started billing me monthly not too long ago.

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