Pandora Presents: Bridgit Mendler Live in Los Angeles

As Head of Music Partnerships at Pandora, a large part of my job is working with artists to coordinate live concerts and special events in an effort to fulfill Pandora’s central mission of connecting artists with their fans.  Pandora has been successfully doing this online for years, so it’s exciting to bring the experience to life offline.

18988_Pandora_Presents_Bridgit_Mendler_Poster_092513_R3I’m thrilled to share that this Saturday, Hollywood Records recording artist and actress, Bridgit Mendler, will be the latest to headline Pandora Presents, our live, personalized concert series.  The performance is taking place at The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles, hosted by recording artist Asher Monroe with an additional performance by Jake Miller.  The show is open to all Bridgit Mendler fans and free of charge, thanks to our strategic partnership with General Mills BFAST, Debrox and Trolli.

Won’t be in Los Angeles this weekend?  We’ve started a special page on Pandora so that fans across the country can get in on the action.  Bridgit Mendler fans can access exclusive, original content at the Pandora Presents hub-page, including behind-the scenes videos, a mixtape and a free download of her single “Ready or Not”:

We’re really looking forward to Saturday’s show, and there is still time to RSVP if you’ll be in the Los Angeles area.  See you Saturday for an unforgettable performance!

Tommy Page

Head of Music Partnerships

4 thoughts on “Pandora Presents: Bridgit Mendler Live in Los Angeles

  1. Suggestion: the biggest single thing Pandora could do for me to fullfill its mission of connecting artists and fans, and would also get me to upgrade to Pandora One, would be to add a feature alerting me to appearances in my area of artists I have thumbs-upped. Set up that database (the artists or their agents could keep their data up to date, and you already have my likes in your system) and presto! A custom concert notification system is born! I live in a medium market area (Tampa Bay) and there are probably a lot of my favorites coming through the area, but I just don’t hear about them. That would be awesome.

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