Introducing the New Pandora App for iPad

We’ve found that Pandora listeners love their tablets and will listen to Pandora pretty much wherever their tablets will go: in the kitchen, the office, the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, the garage, the back yard – even in the shower.  (In which case, we assume the tablet is nearby or utilizing a properly tested waterproof case.)

pandora_iPad_hor_optionsSo we are excited to announce the new Pandora 5.0 for iPad.  With this latest version of the Pandora mobile app, we’re bringing a host of new features to the iPad while enhancing and optimizing the experience for the larger iPad screen size.

We’re on a constant mission to provide our listeners with the best possible listening experience – across all devices – so this new Pandora for iPad app includes a number of updates as a direct response to what our listeners told us they wanted most.

New features include enhanced playback and personalization, deeper music discovery and exploration, easy access to a personalized music profile and the ability to connect and share music with friends.

What will you find on the new Pandora for iPad app?

  • Enhanced Listening Experience & Personalization – We’ve significantly upgraded core Pandora functionality, such as adding variety to a station with artist suggestions and viewing station details, in addition to giving listeners the ability to easily shuffle, rename and delete stations.
  • Deeper Music Discovery & Exploration – Listeners can explore more about the artist and album that is currently playing as well as easily purchase tracks from iTunes through enriched artist pages that include similar artists and genome traits of the current track spinning, plus lyrics, artist biographies and album discographies.
  • Your Personal Profile & Music Feed – Your detailed timeline captures music preferences for each individual listener, such as stations created, bookmarked tracks and thumb history with the option for users to make the profile either public or private. The Music Feed offers a centralized place to view music activity, making it easy to explore what friends and other listeners with similar musical tastes are discovering and enjoying on Pandora.
  • The Ability to Connect & Share Music with Friends Social sharing features are available on iPad for the first time, with listeners able to publish their music activity to Facebook with the Pandora Timeline app, as well as manually share links to favorite stations with followers on Twitter.

Pandora 5.0 for iPad is available now for download in the App Store and will be available on Android tablets later this fall.  We hope that you enjoy your music on the new Pandora for iPad, wherever you take it!

Happy Listening.


The Pandora Team

43 thoughts on “Introducing the New Pandora App for iPad

  1. Love Pandora but I don’t appreciate the Obama commercials with him spreading lies about people who don’t agree with him. He is the one not telling the truth about ObamaCare. Please take off political commercials period!!

  2. Why oh why don’t you have the alarm / sleep timer app incorporated into the iPad version?

    Despite what the app description says for today’s (Dec 09) release in the App Store, the iPad version is crippled. No alarm or sleep timer function for the iPad version. Hardly a “universal” app.

    Come on pandora. I’ve been a subscriber for 2 years now but I’m seriously considering dropping my subscription just out of frustration.

  3. Seriously? No Alarm clock or Sleep timer for the iPad?? Why bother launching different versions on the same iOS 7 platform? Poor Product Management decision and terrible Customer Experience.

  4. It would be wonderful if the features on the ipod version were available on the ipad version. My ipad IS my computer…it’s frustrating to have that platform be the one that’s left behind all the time.

  5. If the new features don’t apply to all IOS platforms, at least say so…that way users won’t waste time and get frustrated trying to figure out how to use the new features!!
    This is a lesson for all product managers out there…”product upgrade launches, what NOT to do”.

  6. Really need the sleep timer and alarm clock for this app. I love Pandora and if would come with those features I would love it more!

  7. What a waste of my time only to discover that the sleep timer and alarm feature are not on iPad…. After trying to figure it out on my own only to discover all these posts with the same complaints!! At least tell us up front so we don’t have to waste our time!

  8. Not having the timer is so-so, iOS provides a work around. Not having the alarm is not fun…no work around; what’s worse? Sketchy documentation that has the user (me) wandering around the UI like a moron for 20 minutes looking for a magical menu icon that simply doesn’t exist.
    As an exec responsible for IT, I get it, and understand the problems with cross platform UI design, and documentation. This, however, is a well reported, well defined issue. At least update the doc so we know we are screwed :/

  9. Add variety button doesn’t work. Im typing in artist name I want to add and it automatically scrolls it down so I can’t tap it

  10. It would be AWESOME if pandora would display in landscape on the IPhone 6 plus so I can use it as my head unit in my vehicle!!!!!

  11. The add variety option is missing on my iPhone 6s so I can’t customize my stations. I checked the App Store and there’s no updates available, this phone is a week old

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