Redefining Radio in the Car

Today we’re excited to share that Pandora is now available in more than 100 car models.

This exciting milestone has been the result of an extensive engineering and business effort we have had underway for the past several years, establishing partnerships with 23 of the world’s best-known automotive brands and 8 aftermarket manufacturers to provide a steady stream of vehicle launches and aftermarket systems that integrate Pandora for a completely redefined radio experience in the car.

Through the connectivity of a smartphone, these integrations shift the popular controls of the Pandora service – like station selection and thumbs feedback – from the phone into the vehicle dashboard, which makes listening to personalized radio in the car as easy as AM/FM radio.

We’re delighted that millions of you are already enjoying Pandora through these integrations today and our ambition is to one day have Pandora seamlessly integrated into every model of every car. We’re making significant progress against this goal; we estimate that one-third of all new cars sold in 2013 in the US will have Pandora installed.

You may have seen Pandora featured in TV commercials from a variety of automotive brands and in case you’re in the market for a new ride or are retrofitting your sound system, check out the below infographic to learn more or visit for a full list of Pandora auto integrations.

BD_infographic-0624133The car is the traditional home of radio and we hope each of you has the opportunity to enjoy personalized radio in the car. It’s a simple, yet transformational experience!

Simon Fleming-Wood

Chief Marketing Officer

13 thoughts on “Redefining Radio in the Car

  1. Now if only you could work with cell phone carriers so I could use Pandora without eating my data plan…or launch that much needed satellite…or buy real estate on a satellite. You could knock out XMSirrus quickly. :) But as it stands, I cannot use Pandora in my vehicle for fear of overages. I’m sure most will just suggest I change carriers. lol

  2. I can’t believe I just listened to Pandora comedy stations (2000’s and Today) for 12 hours and I didn’t hear a single female comedian. Bullshit.

  3. No se donde poder comunicar esto pero me encanta Pandora Radio, pero deseo dejar un comment sobre artista Abraham Velazquez es musica sacra en español y cuando añado su estacion la pusieron con musica en ingles por favor hagan el cambio lo pueden poner con tercer cielo, con Danny Berrios pero por favor no con musica en ingles. Gracias

  4. My new car and my new smart phone will both cooperate with me listening to Pandora in my car. Unfortunately my pockebook will not cooperate! I can’t afford the data it would take to do that!

  5. I have just started using Pandora and really like the service. But when I used it in my car for an hour this morning, it went through something like a gigabyte of data on my data plan! What can I do to use Pandora in my car without bankrupting myself? Otherwise, I’ll have to stick with XM.

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