One of the admirable things about traditional radio is that it is truly ubiquitous – from kitchens and bedside tables to automobiles and coffee shops, wherever you go, radio is there. As Pandora works to fulfill its mission to completely reinvent radio, we too must seamlessly deliver Pandora to every possible listening environment.

tv pandora com 3 (2)One particularly important venue is the living room. As consumers embraced flat screen TV’s and home theater speakers, the center of gravity for music in the home shifted from the family stereo to the television. Pandora connected with this trend early and to date more than 10 million listeners have enjoyed Pandora on their internet-connected television.

Today we’re excited to announce the next generation of Pandora for the living room: This is an entirely new experience designed from the ground up for your television and remote control. This new initiative is standards-based and embraces next generation TV, game console, and set top box architectures that support open web standards. Today runs perfectly from the browser in your existing XBox 360, and the system will spread to other environments as more vendors bring standards-compliant TV’s and set top boxes to market in the coming months. It’s also a completely new approach which will allow us to evolve the “10 foot” experience of Pandora with greater flexibility and speed than ever before.

We’re still in the early stages of a transition to a world where all of the devices we interact with throughout the day – our TV’s, our stereos, our refrigerators, our cars, our watches, our eyeglasses — are all connected to the internet. This then begs the questions: how will developers create applications for this incredibly diverse set of devices? We think the answer can be web standards. The world doesn’t need more proprietary platforms fragmenting the innovative efforts of developers everywhere. The PC world was transformed by the emergence of the standards-based web twenty years ago, and we think the same solution will serve to unify the coming “Internet of things.”, and the new platform from which it was built, is our first step to lead the industry down this path. We hope you enjoy it; let us know what you think in the comments below.

Tom Conrad

CTO and EVP of Product

43 thoughts on “Introducing

  1. Is there a way to force TV mode in a browser? The use case I’m thinking of is other 10ft interfaces with browsers, the Wii, the PS3, Windows Media Center, and pretty much any home theater PC. I co-host a weekly show about Microsoft entertainment technology, and we often get questions about integrating Pandora with HTPCs.

  2. Ok, I found a workaround. When you are at the login screen, click I am new the Pandora and use the code to sign in instead of your user name and password.

    • Thank you SO MUCH!!!! Pandora help desk did not tell me to do this. They just advised using the steps on the website…. your the best!!!!

    • Seems it streams to the PS3 with 128K MP3’s. Please tell me what the purpose of a Pandora One account is if I cannot stream high quality music to my home entertainment system??? Listening on a PC is not what most of us do.

  3. Why limit it to consoles? Some of us use regular Windows machines as their media systems. Let us view the new interface in any browser.

  4. I am very curious how you pulled this off. I didn’t think the XBox’s browser supported streaming audio with it’s html5 audio tag, and it doesn’t support plugins, either…?

  5. This display mode looks very nice. Will this full-screen option be available from PCs? I use my PC for all TV related things, and it would be kinda nice to have this.

  6. Ok, before this Pandora worked fine on both my 360 and ps3.
    Now Pandora does not work on my ps3. I fail to see the logic in trying to fix what was not broken.

  7. I’ve been a user since pandora first started. I recently signed up for a year of pandora one because I love it so much. My favorite thing is to listen to it on my ps3 through my Bose system. HOWEVER it does not work now. A little upset. Please fix ASAP.

  8. What the hell did you guys do? I feel like I’m using an entirely different program. It pissed my fiance and I off so badly that we just hooked up our laptop to the TV so we can actually control our music. We got Pandora One for the customization options and for better music control, and this completely upended everything. Why would you fix what wasn’t even remotely broken? I can’t see what station it’s playing on shuffle. I can’t pick what I want on shuffle. All the song/artist info is gone.I have next to no options AT ALL. I didn’t pay a bunch of money to lose everything and have it turn into a broken Windows Media Player. We’ve loved you guys forever, but this change is a joke. Please give us the option to use the actual website and not whatever this is.

  9. Wut. Pandora??? Radiio?
    Pandora is not a radoi, its a recommendation systen that works like a radio because of the way it works.
    Like those guys that complain with saying “I dont care about showing what I listen to others”, but is not about that, its about recommendations, it need the scrobble stuff because the way it recommendation system works.

  10. For those who want to do it in IE9/10 on Windows Vista/7/8, I figured out a solution from the Microsoft website.

    It’s well known developer information.

    It will change IE’s user agent to make the browser look like an Xbox:

    1.Press F12.
    2.Click Tools, select Change user agent string, and then click Custom….
    3.In the Friendly Name field, type “Xbox: desktop, CV off”.
    4.In the User Agent String field, type “Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/5.0; Xbox)”.
    5.Click Add.
    6.Click Set.

    Also if you are using IE10, in the F12 menu, change your “Browser Mode” to Internet Explorer 9.

    That worked on a PC for me.

  11. Please give us an option to opt out of the gimped TV version of the site on an Xbox. I have all this modern tech, but companies want to force me to use a watered down version of the real thing for various reasons. I can opt out of mobile versions of sites on my phone. I want that capability on my TV.

  12. I absolutely love it! I’ve used it since June and it keeps the kids from wasting their summer watching TV. They spend more time dancing stupid and actually cleaning up their messes! Thank You so Much!

  13. Oh would you look at that. It works. Why? How? Mr. Conrad, include instructions on the HTML5 site. I am not new to Pandora so my first choice of the two buttons will be “I already have a Pandora account” not “I am new” or whatever it says. Instead make two buttons that read, “log in” and “activate this device” since that is the process any who. Thank you. And please update it soon so you will not have any ,more complaints.

  14. How disappointing, I was really excited when I saw this. Unfortunately, this does not work on my PS4, it simply gives me an error code and will not load the page at all. This is very disheartening, since currently the PS4 has no pandora app, and with it being my media console in my living room, it leaves me with very little options for music. Pandora has always been my go to, but now almost a year after the PS4 was released, still nothing. Please get a PS4 app out there soon!

  15. How do I force the ps3 to use the standard website? I hate this layout. Not to mention I don’t think I’m getting my higher quality streaming from my one account. I’d rather use the full website.

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