200 million strong!

We are very excited to announce today that Pandora has reached 200 million registered listeners!

When we launched http://www.pandora.com in 2005, we hoped to create a new way to discover and enjoy music that was completely personalized for each and every listener.  We envisioned a time when artists of all kinds would thrive on radio, connecting with fans who loved exactly their kind of music.

I have to admit, we had no idea what was in store! It has been, and continues to be, an extraordinary experience for all of us.

A hallmark of these years has been the steady stream of amazing stories from our listeners, whether they got engaged while listening to Pandora, mourned the passing of a loved one, or celebrated a special life milestone.

Have a Pandora story to share with us on this special occasion? We’d love to hear it.

PD_20mil_Milestone_Infographics_FINAL v4

Tim Westergren

Founder http://www.pandora.com/profile/tim

907 thoughts on “200 million strong!

  1. I think Padora is excellent. I am trying to obtain the form to extend my subscription to be an annual subscription. Could you send me the proper forms receive the billing once a year

  2. Just want to say, thank you Tim for working hard putting all this together for us audiophiles. It has made my day countless times. To be sitting at my desk and hear that one song that I haven’t heard In years and scream, Hell Yeah! Lol
    Thank to Tim and crew!

    Philip E Prichard II
    Prichards Distillery

  3. Thankyou Tim for hooking me up back here in New Zealand…I can’t be leaving California without me Pandora and xtra thankyou for the Pandora Tee shirt you sent me love you guys….I get to travel the world with me stations whoop whoop Tim your awesome

  4. Music for me is in my top 3 favorite necessities…..pandora definitely keeps me going. Anywhere I’m at,any mood I’m in. There is no need to look elsewhere. Pandora one ;)

  5. Greetings Tim:Thank yiu for bringing us a tool that we can use on a daily basics ,with great music from easy listening ,rock,pop,hip hop ,jazz,gospel just to name a few and to have the lyrics all in one place how cool is that and I am glad to be a part of yiu reaching 200million and growing strong

  6. Greetings Tim:Thank you for bringing us a tool that we can use on a daily basics ,with great music from easy listening ,rock,pop,hip hop ,jazz,gospel just to name a few and to have the lyrics all in one place how cool is that and I am glad to be a part of you reaching 200million and growing strong

  7. Thank you so much Pandora for allowing us to listen to our favorite artists over & over again. I love gospel music & it is so uplifting to listen while I’m doing housework, driving or just meditating on Jesus’ goodness & faithfulness. Continue to provide this music for us & we will continue to share with others the love of Jesus.

  8. It feels really great when you turn into a radio that can play any kind of music makes me remember the good time that I had in the past and the present too or the special song that I look for the special someone in my life. way to go Pandora radio keep it up

  9. I am a very busy person, however, when I get the chance to relax, I listen to Pandora from my smartphone through my Apple tv, what a great way to relax to ones favourite tunes. A Big Thank You!!!

  10. You’ve created a fantastic gift to society in the 21st Century. When I accidentally happened to read an article in the business section of the Sydney Morning Herald about PANDORA I was intrigued. Since installing the APP I’ve purchased 2 iPhone docs lol.
    I know from personal knowledge PANDORA has become popular in SYDNEY and in NZ after sharing such a fantastic APP with friends.

    ‘The radio is dead! Long live the radio!’

    Keep up the great work.


  11. Pandora I love! Incredible,sounds and listen to music that you like.
    I’ve only been on it for while, and can listen to old or new, country
    Reggae, Blues, any thing I like. You got me Pandora!!!

  12. I don’t know what I would do with out pandora – it’s like a clock work with me – I put it on every morning till nite, I guess you could say , pandora part of me – love you- and thank you

  13. You have been on my favorite list ever since you began-what a treat to have discovered you!! When I tell friends who don’t know about Pandora they are surprised and thrilled!

  14. Since I found out about Pandora from a good friend just over a year ago I found the best music source.out there.
    No matter what mood I’m in there is always something on Pandora to match, it also helps my work day fly by.

    Thank you so much for such an incredible service.

  15. Is there anywhere we can suggest new features? I wanted to ask about having a toggleable notice that appears when you try to skip songs (because sometimes I accidentally press skip when I mean to press pause/play).

  16. I absolutely Love Pandora Radio. Whatever mood I am in I can find a great song to listen to and its so simple. Thank you Pandora for making my days better.

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