Now You Can Listen to Pandora on Windows Phone 8

For the last six months or so we’ve been working hard to bring Pandora to the Windows Phone 8 audience. Happy to announce the day has finally come.

While of course Pandora on Windows Phone 8 features the same listening experience you’ve come to expect from us, we really wanted to embrace the unique features of the Windows Phone 8 platform. For example, you can pin your favorite stations directly to the Start screen. Even cooler, the tiles are live and show you what’s currently playing without having to actually launch the app. If you have kids, we’ve also integrated into what Microsoft calls “Kid’s Corner” – just launch Pandora from that starting point and we’ll make sure that no explicit content plays during that session.

Pandora_Start_live_low-res-02From a design perspective, we constantly strive to keep the Pandora user experience as easy and consistent as possible across an ever-increasing variety of platforms – computers, mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, cars, and more – all while taking into account the additional capabilities and design patterns of each individual platform. With its visually flat elements and unique panorama concept of navigation, designing for Windows Phone 8 while keeping our consistent Pandora aesthetic was an exciting challenge and we’re thrilled with the results.

To celebrate the latest addition to the Pandora mobile app family, you can listen on Windows Phone 8 ad-free at no cost for the rest of 2013, courtesy of Microsoft. Also, be sure to check out Microsoft’s blog for a video of Pandora on Windows Phone 8 and let us know what you think of the new app once you download it.

Get the app here.

Asi Behar

Product User Experience

20 thoughts on “Now You Can Listen to Pandora on Windows Phone 8

  1. I absolutely love listening to all the musicians greats you’ve given us and I think it is great to have the opputunity to comment on the site. Thank you
    Jennifer Cottman

  2. I have a Nokia 822. When I start Pandora, the volume button pops up the Pandora player controls even if I am not listening. Hitting the back button does not terminate the background part of the app as it should. How do I stop the background player if I am not going to listen for a while?

  3. Love the app. My only complaint is that when I play it through my car stereo (BT 2012 Nissan Maxima) the music starts playing through my phone when I turn off the car. Xbox music and Nokia music do not do this. I have to manually pause the music on my phone every time.

  4. Pandora es lo mejor en música xk ami me gusta escuchar corridos pesados y aquí los podre escuchar en mi Windows Phone 8 en todos lados

  5. You guys rock! Any idea when/if you will support Alpine Head Units? That is why I still run the Android version, no “automotive” option on the win phone side.

  6. I have been a Pandora user for a couple years now and ran the Android app on my Motorola Defy. Now I have a Nokia Lumia 521 and I can not find the alarm feature on the Pandora app. Does it have one (and I’m blind) and if not, will it?

    • Hi Mark,

      Sorry for the trouble. Currently, the alarm clock feature isn’t available for Windows phones, but I’ve noted your request to see this in the future. -Katie

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