Pandora Submission Spotlight: Bess Rogers

Hello music fans!

For July’s Pandora Submission Spotlight, I’d like you to meet Brooklyn-based artist Bess Rogers, a self-made, eclectic singer-songwriter who submitted her first album to Pandora in 2009 and continues to be featured prominently on notable singer-songwriter stations as well as her own station.

michelles.JPGBess Rogers was raised in a musically diverse household and grew up listening to Talking Heads and Kate Bush while her mother played Baroque harpsichord. Upon earning her Masters degree in composition, she began recording and performing her own music in addition to performing as a back up singer and lead guitarist for Ingrid Michaelson.

In the course of five years, Bess has released two full-length albums, two EPs, several singles and four independently produced music videos all on her own. Her most recent album, Out Of The Ocean, was entirely funded by her fans via Kickstarter campaign. Her songs have been featured in television, film, and national commercials.

She is currently headlining shows in New York City, has opened for notable artists like Loudon Wainwright III, and continues to tour the U.S. and Europe performing with Ingrid Michaelson’s band.

Bess Rogers says that her music has been described as “at times like a folkie singer-songwriter project, at others like a tough, punky quipster, and at still other like a pink-clad princess spinning around in a whirl of pop glitter.” Along with Talking Heads and Kate Bush, Bess cites Nick Drake, David Byrne and Sufjan Stevens as influences. You’ll hear Bess Rogers’ music on Pandora stations by artists such as Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Kate Nash and Feist.

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Michelle S.
(Music Curator)

Michelle Solomon

Music Curator

2 thoughts on “Pandora Submission Spotlight: Bess Rogers

  1. Unrelated to post, but I’m wondering why Pandora puts Christian Rock in with the Smooth Jazz station? These should be two stations. It’s annoying.

  2. It’d be cool if Pandora also accounted for song length. When I make a station based off of a 9 minute song, I’m kind of hoping for more 9 minute songs.

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