Live from New York, it’s Pandora…and Portugal. The Man

This evening, we are hosting our second live event as part of a new listener appreciation series. Tonight’s concert features Portugal. The Man, and we’ve invited some of the band’s most avid New York City fans to a free show at The Bowery Ballroom. One of the central missions of Pandora is to bring together bands and fans. We’ve been successfully doing that online for some time now, so it’s exciting to see this offline component now coming to life!

We’ve started a special page on Pandora so that fans across the country can follow the series. Check out to see some of the special content, such as behind the scenes interviews, thoughts from fans, and special mixtapes that are curated by the featured band, including Portugal. The Man and the first band of the series, Dawes.

Our first show was held in Portland, Oregon, on December 13. There will be more shows to come throughout this year, so stay tuned for the next city and band announcement.

We’re really looking forward to tonight’s show (which is brought to our fans for free, courtesy of Budweiser). If you don’t have a pass for tonight’s show, a few have been set aside to give away at the door at 7 p.m. Get there early if you’d like to join us for an awesome night.

– Tim (Founder)

Tim Westergren


20 thoughts on “Live from New York, it’s Pandora…and Portugal. The Man

  1. Hi, i would like to know when it will be possible to transfer the settings from one computer to another? i understand that the song ratings are retained on each computer and not at pandora. Thanks

  2. First of all thanks for maintaining this blog. I love Pandora and I enjoy listening to it every day.
    Thank you and have a good day.

  3. Hello,
    I mainly listen to pandora while at work and thus I am unable to shop on I-tunes or amazon during those hours. If you had a buy later button for the songs you play (so a list was creeated)I would come back to your site to purchase the songs I like. I really like the service you provide and would like to see you get some revenue.

  4. nothing to do with this blog or any other blog in here. I don’t care about any of this stuff. Just fix the bio you posted on my favorite Korean band Big Bang. the bio is about the Norwegian band of the same name. It will be really great if you can get this corrected.

  5. Hope Pandora comes to Windows Phone 7 soon. The third party apps out there are nice, but an official one would be great!

  6. Learning to use the Pandora website.
    Just wondering why there is currently not a genre category for
    “Americana” ?
    Hopefully, will be added soon…

  7. What is Pandora doing? It sounds like they’ve drastically ‘down graded’ the basic audio stream to a point that it is almost impossible to listen to Pandora.
    So is that a way to sell the “upgrade”. Guess what interrupting the audio every 12 seconds with skips and glitches is a really good way to send me to

  8. hi. i’ve been a subscriber, and user, for well over three years now. i really like the service, but i miss being able to scan through the songs i’ve thumb up, and down. is this feature permanently gone? or, am i just not able to access it? i hope you haven’t removed it, as i liked going through those songs, listening to them, and buying albums when i found something i liked.

  9. I agree with MJ…I would LOVE it if I could “custom make” my own station gradually!

  10. I mainly listen to Pandora while at work and have it hook up to each of my treatments rooms at my spa in New York City. I love it and so do my clients. Thank you Pandora!