Pandora Gift Cards in a store near you

In a fun recent development, for the first time ever we now have Pandora One gift cards available in Target stores across the country. It’s really exciting to see Pandora featured in a retail location. Something about a physical object in a brick and mortar store that feels a bit different, and really cool. They make a great gift – especially for all of you last-minute gift givers (you know who you are).


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Tim Westergren


24 thoughts on “Pandora Gift Cards in a store near you

  1. I love pandora! The only advice I have is when u type In a artist that statoon should omly play songs of that.artist then switch

  2. Today is the first day I have used the new Pandora set up. I can listen to a group of songs fine, but then once the commercial comes up, the commercial does not play and then the music does not resume. Troubleshooting advice?

  3. When are you going to fix all the functionality you broke in your “update”? Like bookmarks?

  4. what area of the country that the target store are in? Is it coming to the southeast like florida?

  5. I listen to Pandora at work. The new format is not user friendly.
    Having to log back on after every couple of hours when it freezes up is a hazzle. Please consider returning to the old format.
    Thanks, bill

  6. OMG!!! I just installed PANDORA on my Cell. I’m in Puerto Rico and I can anjoy this awsome internet radio. It has everything, including Spanish songs. I love this!!! I found out about this thru a customer of mine who was listening to Pandora and I asked how did it work. Very simple to install and I’ll never listen to regular radio. From now on, I only listen PANDORA!!!!

  7. @Chris, Bill Crawford — Please check out for some troubleshooting tips. If you can’t find a solution there don’t hesitate to click “Email Us” in the top right corner.
    @Francis — The gift cards are coming to Target stores all over the USA, you should see them in your local Target soon.
    @SA — Thanks for the feedback on Bookmarks. We’ll definitely keep that in mind as we work on further improvements to the site.

  8. I see your ads that are filling pockets just fine but my music stops. Straighten out your priorities and fix it or i’m going elsewhere.

  9. That’s great, but didn’t you somewhat eliminate the need for Pandora One by removing the listening limit for all users? Is the only advantage to Pandora One is no advertising? What other advantage is there to purchasing an annual subscription to Pandora One?

  10. What are the most compelling reasons Pandora sees for subscribers now?
    I subscribed mostly to support the service early on. Also though, for no adverts, streaming to my squeezebox, unlimited listening, higher fidelity music, and the desktop application.
    Are those still as compelling for me? Are they worth renewing?
    Not as much as they used to be because some of those features are now available to everyone.
    I’d like Pandora to sell to me again . . make me want it. Because I want to give you money . . but I want some love too.

  11. We have been working with the new Pandora and it is not as good as the old one. I am all for new and improved, but this is not. So sorry….. we use Pandora in our store…. Every morning when we open it seems to be different and VERY slow when we go to make changes…. Any advice??

  12. The Lyrics for Helpless by Neil Young were posted as the Lyrics to Helplessly Hoping by CS&N. Just sayin’… :)

  13. I find the new Pandora design much less usable than the old one. The ads are busier, and consume much more CPU. The design looks nice, but wastes a lot of screen real estate. And usability has gone way downhill. (QuickMix, my primary listening mode, is much more cumbersome.) And we’ve all been harping on bookmarks.
    It all adds up to MUCH less interest in Pandora One from me.

  14. I love Pandora, and understand you had to push more advertising to make money, but you went too too far interrupting the music. Some adds now do not allow you to close them and the only way to stop them is to switch to another station or shut down the app. That just isnt right, you shouldnt allow adds that force you to listen to them or shut the station down. Im not going to by from that advertiser anyway if Im making the effort to shut it down, but you wont let me. This will push people to Rdio or other competitors if you insist on forcing people to listen to ads and not give them the option to close them .

  15. Hey, Pandora rocks, and I get that you have to have ads in between songs from time to time. But now I am getting the ads ON TOP OF the songs! What’s up with that? Very annoying. I can’t imagine you intended this. Surely not. Is there a ghost in my machine? Any advice?
    Thanks, Laura in Tampa

  16. I don’t like the new pandora because it will play a song and then stop. When you force it to cycle to the next song eventually you get a message saying you can’t skip too many songs in an hour. I wasn’t going to say anything until one of my co-workers was screaming in frustration over the problem. She has moved onto other music and I’m about to if I get the message today I will find a radio station online or another similar to pandora. Come on people help us!!!

  17. The desktop app for Pandora One DESPERATELY needs an update. It works well as it it, but really needs some added functionality. The ability to use global hotkeys, as well as manipulate individual station content. Fat chance anyone of importance will read this comment – but just know that after this year I will no longer be supporting Pandora without any app updates.

  18. one thing i dont like about pandora is when i want them to play songs from an artist i want, they play a song from a different artist and they say they want to show you the artist’s style of music or something. yeah i want them to show the artist’s styles through thier own songs, what gives with music licences?

  19. The new pandora really sucks! Tried the suggestions for internet explorer and I’m still getting an error message and songs wont play.