Fresh on Pandora :: Vol. 3

Welcome to this week’s Fresh on Pandora, a semi-random mix of music, new and old, that just went live.
The Flaming Lips.jpgDizzee Rascal.jpgNirvana.jpgNeil Diamond.jpgAmerie.jpgAlicia Villarreal.jpgThe Motels.jpgJulian Casablancas.jpgDJ Smash.jpgJordi Savall.jpg

Michelle S.
(assistant music curator)


The Pandora Team

29 thoughts on “Fresh on Pandora :: Vol. 3

  1. A new The flaming lips album was added to pandora, Now pandora needs to add zaireeka.
    Zaireeka songs (not as stereo mixdown) would be very good on pandora, people that doenst know experimental artists but know zaireeka (and liked) would be able to add them as a seed to stations to find more very experimental songs.

  2. My CD “The Yoga Sessions:Masood Ali Khan was released earlier this year on Yoga Organix. It would make a perfect addition to your growing world music selection. I play the Hang drum and really it fits right in with Jai Uttal and Deva Premal.
    Check out my website.
    I love Pandora!!

  3. What a wonderful selection. My son introduced me to Pandora and I think I’m going to be a frequent visitor!

  4. I love Julian Casablancas, when Phrazes For The Young Kicks off with “11th Dimension,” one thing is immediately clear, this isn’t a new The Strokes record. While his main band’s sound is basic rock & roll, this is pretty much like 80s revival with no attitude. =D
    Synthetic Julian!

  5. Have any of you heard of Wrock? Its Wizard Rock its music based on the Harry Potter books and none of it is on here. several bands have cds out and are popular around the world.

  6. Hey, Pandora, you’re playing stinky music on my Guns N’ Roses station. In seven songs, I’ve had Whitesnake, Quiet Riot and Bon Jovi. These are supposed to be similar to GNR? Please don’t lump all Eighties rock bands into one category called “Hair Metal” please. It only shows your ignorance.

  7. @Amber – Yes, I have heard of Wizard Rock! We’re working on adding some to Pandora. Check back in a couple of weeks!
    @Thomas – Sorry to hear your station has seemed to take a wild turn! Instead of making a station based off GNR, try making a station based off a specific GNR song that exemplifies the sound you are looking for… and add multiple songs to a station by clicking the triangle next to the station name and selecting “Add more music to this station”. Check our FAQ [ ] for more info on creating and tuning Pandora stations.
    Hope this helps!

  8. i looooooovvvvvve nirvana but the lyrics to floiyd the barber are strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!does anyone else think that???i mean i feel like i’m taking crazy pills!!(quoted from zoolander)

  9. Wow it seems lately I’m always catching up. But it seems like everytime I make back to my all time favorite music box/source. I find something new. I love you guys still after all these years

  10. I love The Flaming Lips. Their music was tremendous! They have given some amazing music that’s been thrilling me all this time.