7 thoughts on “What Is A Pandora Station? :: Video FAQ :: Vol. 2

  1. I absolutely love the concept of what you have done with Pandora. I just wish that when I put in a male artist, that I did not have to listen to the women who play the same type of music.
    Other than that particular little thing, I think that Pandora is an awesome site. But I also understand that you cannot please every one and opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and they all stink. LOl Thanks though. I appreciate your hard work.

  2. We have a Roku and I received an email from them offering Pandora as a new channel. My family and I don’t watch regular TV (hence the Roku) and often times we enjoy just listening to music as we go about our day. Pandora is the perfect solution! Thanks so much!!

  3. I have been a fan of pandora for quite some time. I shared the word to friends and family of its capabilities as a music station. It wasnt until recently I began to wonder if pandora wasnt just another mainstream idea looking to make a buck. First they integrated banner ads, and then ads while you listen to music and NOW, you only have 40hours of free music, they request you pay 99cents for the month and or a yearly fee. It was such a good idea while it lasted, people like myself wonder what is next. 20 hours of free music 10 hours of free music, then 5 hours.. They captured you because it was free station with huge artist selections, and now that they have a customer database they will slowly start moving towards a full fledged paid service, personally it was better left free, i still received the ads on the music station and they were enough.. What pandora.. your not getting paid enough now, starting to get greedy on the spinoff of technology. It is a great service, Id fine the music i liked and then go buy the full album . Please understand the skeptic attitude towards pandora’s aggressive move into paid services. Seriously a donation button would of done wonders to it all. Anyways enjoy it will its free, cause it wont last for ever friends.

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