Harvest Time :: Music For Living :: Vol. 1

autumn tree.jpgThis week’s station: Harvest Time.
The smell of the changing leaves, the first drops of rain, the crisp cool air, the sweaters, the dying leaves that were once such resplendent colors, and the anticipation of the coming snow, autumn represents a time of change, freshness, and a shift in the seasons. Also, some of the best, most ingrained memories of our lives come from the next few months: the memories of summer, the gathering in of families, and of harvest.
Whether it’s the changing of foliage or whatever nostalgic association you may have with this time of year, this mixtape of songs (old and new) hopes to create the perfect channel for you to indulge all these feelings and to enjoy throughout the season. Celebrate the turning of the season with Harvest Time. Enjoy!!
Michelle S.
(assistant music curator)
(photograph by David Paul Ohmer)


The Pandora Team http://www.pandora.com/

16 thoughts on “Harvest Time :: Music For Living :: Vol. 1

  1. I have to tell you that this is one of the most enjoyable seasons. The weather is just right and the foliage is changing. I am an outdoor person and this the perfect weather to do anything outdoors.

  2. Now that the cold weather is upon us and we are spending more time indoors, it inspired me to sign up for Pandora. I look forward to enjoying the colder months with the pleasant sounds and memories of music playing throughout my home.

  3. is this a paragraph from a famous poem? it sounds familiar? Anyway i really like harvest time so thanks for the article Michelle!!

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments, everyone!
    @zorndyke – there are two links in the article that will lead you to the station page. From there you can play the music. Also, you must have a Pandora account to listen to the music. Or can you not play music in general on Pandora? If that’s the case, contact pandora-support@pandora.com and they’ll assist with any technical issues you might have. Hope this helps!
    @Albert – alas, these are just words my brain conjured up when thinking about this time of year. But I’m flattered you compared it to a famous poem! Cheers!

  5. thats the end of us as a race in the end if you wanna know theres such-a-thing, sooner then you say I think but I dont think for the end is what will be rewrightin the sake of time is on us you and them an me

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