Fresh on Pandora :: Vol. 1

Welcome to this week’s Fresh on Pandora, a semi-random mix of music, new and old, that just went live.
Grizzly BearTori AmosThe City Of Prague Philharmonic OrchestraBassnectarBrian McKnightCherry Poppin' DaddiesThe HerbaliserSonora CarruselesPete RockLachhi Ram Saleem

Daniel J. Craig
(music operations, ripper)


The Pandora Team

11 thoughts on “Fresh on Pandora :: Vol. 1

  1. I prefer to generally stay within my taste range so I doubt that I’ll be using the new service but it reminds me of something that I’d love to see on Pandora. I’d like to have a QuickMix style choice that plays music that’s been added to Pandora in the last six months (or year or better yet make it a selectable range.)
    I find that Pandora usually takes a little while to introduce me to newer music choosing instead to play the songs I’ve given thumbs up to rather than playing newer stuff.

  2. @Tony @John
    We appreciate your input. I’ve gone ahead and forwarded the idea to the team. Maintaining a balance between music discovery and familiar selections is tricky. We always strive to create the best listening experience without compromising either element. Thanks for listening!

  3. I am finding the commercials are more and more frequent. It’s disturbing, but if Pandora can’t survive without them, I guess we’re stuck with them. I still love the way Pandora works, tailoring music to what I tell it…:)

  4. Thank you for Pandora. I love it! I just found it. I typed ‘free music’ into google. :)
    I like many different kinds of music and love to ‘discover’ new artists. Love to try new foods and new music.
    The only problem I’m having is that I can’t anything done. I’m constantly interupting my other task to go to pandora and see what the name of that artist is! I love that i’m learning about new music I like, and a few I don’t like when you play other music like the ones I’ve requested.
    No ideas or suggestions, I love it just the way it is.

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