Share Pandora with Your Friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Beyond

myTouch_now_playing.jpgWhen I think about my connection with music, I think about three impulses: the impulse to discover, the impulse to buy, and the impulse to share. Here at Pandora we’ve had the discover and buy bits covered for some time, but it’s been frustrating to use Pandora to share the music you’re encountering with your friends. You could send an email or embed a widget on MySpace, but in the age of Twitter and Facebook our offering has been pretty spartan. That all changed tonight.
With our new release we’ve added a sharing toolbar above the player so you’re always just a click away from sharing a song or a station with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The first time you share on one of these networks, you’ll have to go through a series of pages that will connect your Pandora account with your Twitter or Facebook account. After that, it’s a just a simple click to share. When you post songs to Facebook your friends will be able to listen to samples right in their news feed. On Twitter we’ll post a shortened link to a page featuring just the song or station you shared.
This release also brings our station gifting feature to the foreground for the first time. Click the little present icon in the sharing toolbar and we’ll take you to a page where you can create an entirely new station to “give” to a friend. We’ll send it along to them in a fancy email, kind of like an electronic greeting card — or maybe more precisely, like a modern version of the mixtape.
Have fun playing with these new sharing features. Can’t wait to see what you discover…
PS: want to see what other people are finding and posting to Twitter? Try using this Twitter search link.


The Pandora Team

39 thoughts on “Share Pandora with Your Friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Beyond

  1. What about a layer of integration using Facebook Connect or Twitter OAuth that automatically posts bookmarks or likes to the associated account? What does everyone think?

  2. I’ve been waiting for a feature like this! Yesterday while I was listening to a nostalgic tune from high school I thought to myself, “I wish I could share this with my HS friends on my FB page”, and now I can. =)
    Thanks for the update! Looking for more integration in the future.

  3. My daughter and family are pursuing her dreams of becoming a world famous singer/actress. We have been looking at all avenues of getting her music out to the public, so I was pondering on how would someone like my daughter in the beginning of her career could get her songs place on song list like Pandora.

  4. Are these features in Pandora Desktop? I’m not finding them, and I just upgraded to the lastest version (2.0.1). Hopefully this stuff will make it to the desktop app.

  5. Cool, but heres what i really want:
    * Show the song currently playing on live messenger status (pandora one desktop)
    * Let me skip more than 6 on the paid service
    * Make a mobile device that i can buy that uses pandora one, a little hardware thing that i can use when i go running. Or at least an app that i can run on a phone.

  6. hey all – responses to your posts below – in all cases they’ve been passed along to the appropriate departments and people here – this kind of feedback is very helpful – thanks!
    @Colin – cool idea – the engineers will get your suggestion.
    @Jackie – glad you like :)
    @Lance – I’m passing your comment on to the support people here, because they are better equipped to answer you, but we add features sparingly, in the hopes that they will improve the experience of pandora – the designers and engineers put a premium on clarity and ease of use, so they will take your comment to heart.
    @A.E. Daniels – thanks for your interest – please find our music submission information on the FAQ at
    @Torgeir – if they are on twitter or facebook, I don’t see why they shouldn’t see your updates – unfortunately, they still won’t be able to listen, as the international licensing laws remain unchanged! :)
    @Craig, @Barb – at this time, there are no definite plans to add these features to the desktop app, but they are available from pandora one on the web. I’ve passed along your suggestions as well.
    @Jeff – good ideas – the engineers have them now as well.
    (music curator)

  7. When I click on the Sharing icons nothing happens in Windows 7 using Firefox 3.5.4 :-(

  8. How does one check on the listener’s tuning in to any one of his created stations? and any further visits.

  9. While it’s free, I notice on iPodTouch that the radio selections hang after about 6 songs and nearly every one after that. I any known issues? I’m typically running on a home WiFi.

  10. It is providing with the tools to better measure your results on Facebook by opening up the analytics associated with sharing habits on Facebook.
    Users share the link on Facebook.
    Users “like” the shared story.
    Users comment on the shared story on Facebook.
    sers click back to your site from the story.

  11. I’m with @Craig and @Barb on getting the Twitter & FB capabilties on the Pandora Desktop App. As long as you’re considering that, a feature that would be cool (as a configurable option) is the ability to automatically post to Twitter and / or FB my Thumbs Up songs for a station.

  12. Very good improvement, almost everything these days links to Twitter or Facebook and its a very smart move. Grab on to those social giants!
    Also I’ve been dying to make a comment but only just found the blog. The only thing that Pandora doesn’t have that I REALLY WANT is an equalizer. I want to be able to adjust the bass and treble on my computer and if Im listening through Pandora I have no way to do this. Please make an equalizer??

  13. How about having a list of recently played songs? I use the Vista gadget the most. It would be nice to see the last 30 (or even more) songs that have played, maybe whether it was skipped, whether it was thumbs up/down, links to buy, etc.

  14. i like this idea…it helps me spread the word of pandora..cause now every one of my friends is starting to get on pandora..they like the way the radios are set up

  15. Excellent.
    Suggestion: it would be nice to be able to post to facebook without using fb connect. As much as I trust Pandora, there are many who would appreciate the option to post without having to share account info and grant unlimited posting priviledges. Many news and video services offer the ability to post to a facebook feed (on a logged-in account) without a direct link. This would make it even easier to share Pandora with others.
    Also, speaking of sharing, can we please have the option to gift a Pandora One subscription to our friends? With all of this sharing, I’d love to be able to offer a friend a gift subscription to the service for Christmas and share this excellent service with them, too.
    Thanks for all you do. Your service is amazing.

  16. Agree with Jeff’s idea about the live messenger showsing what you listening in pandora~!
    Posted by: Jeff at October 28, 2009 11:26 AM

  17. The first time you share on one of these networks, you’ll have to go through a series of pages that will connect your Pandora account with your Twitter or Facebook account.
    Yeah, that’s time consuming and very inconvenient.

  18. I’m trying to post a song I’m listening to on Pandora to my Facebook page, a window blinks saying thank you, but it doesnt show on my page….any help would be appreciated. I’m doing this on a MacBook.

  19. anyone else having trouble getting this to work period. I signed up for it authorized it when it first came out, even when I manually click share I see no posts on either facebook or twitter, right now I gave up and click auto share without asking me and still nothing is ever posted. Did I go through link process before they fixed this issue should I try unlinking relinking or is this just a problem that never got fixed on some accounts.

  20. Every time i try to share on facebook says facebook not responding. Is there a setting i missed?

  21. The share stuff is not working at all just like Will J Osborne above says. It’s June now and no response?

  22. I’ve been getting the “Twitter is not responding now, try again later” error message for about two weeks now. I’ve tried everything the Pandora support guy suggested with no success.
    I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but I sure miss tweeting my favorite music!