23 thoughts on “What Is Pandora? :: Pandora FAQ :: Vol. 1

  1. Hopefully someone will soon create a version of Pandora that is the same thing or better without all the annoying advertisements…they’re killing me…

  2. Death cab for cutie sucks. Please stop playing it to death (no pun intended) on Pandora. Enough! The Decembrists are just as bad. Maybe you could implement a big thumbs down feature to veto an entire artist. Just a thought.

  3. Would it be possible to set up a rating system for the music that would give more detailed information to the system? I.e.- Allow you to rate how well you like a song, and based on that rating determine the frequency which it will be repeated at? Rather than just “I like it” or “I dislike it” it would allow you to say “well, I kinda like it and wouldn’t mind hearing it once in a while”. Just a suggestion that might help you further improve your system =)

  4. I keep waiting for a song that i add to my play list and is not coming yet how long do i have to wait, am tired of waiting.. and this is the only place i could find it. pleaseee helpppppppp

  5. Yes, we know.
    But it’s broken now.
    You used to have a really great song-purchasing interaction design that made it easy for me to select multiple songs simultaneously and download them from iTunes. Your “solution” now makes it difficult (maybe impossible, but I’m not sure) to buy songs simultaneous, and even your new single-purchase song mechanism requires three times the number of actions on the part of the listener to download from iTunes. But what’s even more silly is the fact that the lame-a** bookmarking function you do have has a scrolling bug in the song window, preventing me from choosing songs below the cut… it also makes it difficult (impossible?) to delete songs from the list, so you don’t make the mistake of buying them multiple times. Seriously, did marketing win all the battles over their? What happen to your fantastic design ethic?

  6. Hi. I just bought an outside speaker for my i-phone so I can get a better Pandora sound. Can aanyone tell me why the speakersystem and the play stops after 6-7 songs ?? Love the concept otherwise but this is disturbing. I have it on AC ..it’s a Logitech aC and batter speaker. pb

  7. Thanks for the great little intro. I’ve got a few questions that came up while watching it.
    Have the musicians who listen to and categorize the songs found that they approach the music they play and/or compose differently now that they’ve started listening to music this way?
    Is there any sort of “burn out” factor for those people where they just have to stop listening to music that way for a while?
    Have those musicians changed their “off the clock” musical listening habits and practices?

  8. @Clovers — http://blog.pandora.com/faq/#82 explains how to ban an artist from a station, but I’ll quote it here as well: to block that artist, “Just give a “Thumbs Down” vote to any two songs by that artist on a particular station. However, the artist will not be banned, even with two “Thumbs Down” votes on one station under either of the following conditions: * If at any time you gave a song by this artist a “Thumbs Up” vote on this station. * If that artist was used to define that station.”
    @Ben — Thanks for the suggestion — we are looking into more detailed feedback as an update for Pandora in the future. It’s a good idea, and adds interesting shading to the preferences.
    @Liliana — Pandora isn’t an on-demand service, so if you want to hear that specific song right away, you’re much better off purchasing that song from iTunes or Amazon. Our free radio license doesn’t allow us to play specific songs as they are requested, merely to make playlist recommendations based on the musical features of your requested song.
    @David Fore — Those sound like some very specific issues you’re running into, and not issues that I’ve heard before. Could you email us at pandora-support@pandora.com and we can address them specifically? Purchasing a whole set of songs at once is definitely still possible, so there may something amiss with your configuration.
    @Peter Buehrle — Are the speakers stopping playing, or is your Pandora station pausing? It sounds like the former, for which you’ll have to contact the speaker manufacturer. If it’s the latter, please write to pandora-support@pandora.com, and we’ll see what the problem might be.
    @Tony — As a former analyst, I can only speak for myself, but… analyzing didn’t change my songwriting or performance style; however I did run the risk of “burn out” and “ear burn.” I found the best way to avoid that was to switch musical styles from album to album. Going from punk to country to R&B to hip hop to Latin to reggae kept my mind focused — and kept the ears fresh.

  9. Hai Your “solution” now makes it difficult (maybe impossible, but I’m not sure) to buy songs simultaneous, and even your new single-purchase song mechanism requires three times the number of actions on the part of the listener to download from iTunes.

  10. I just turned 70; my friend Martha showed me Pandora. She has just installed a speaker system so she can listen to Pandora. I love the options and am happy to have found a way to enjoy music more easily than the limited radio stations we have here in the Smoky Mountains! Thank you so very much! (BTW, my kids gave me a hot air balloon ride for my birthday last week)

  11. Please take Pandora back to a free service. The monthly limit is very annoying. I’ll put up with the commercials if it stays free!!

  12. @Nina Scripps — Happy birthday! And I’m glad you enjoyed the balloon ride present. I can only imagine that a balloon over the Smokies must be especially beautiful.
    @Upset User — You still have up to 40 hours per month, absolutely free. Beyond that, alas, it is and will continue to be less than a dollar for unlimited listening.
    @weellnam — I’m going to put you in touch with support@pandora.com; you should still be able to buy multiple songs simultaneously without much issue. We’ll help you sort this out.

  13. Just found your site and I love it. I am trying to create a Christmas station. Is there a way to specify ONLY those artists that I want to hear? I thought if I “added variety” to my station that the list of “variety” would be the only artists that I hear (which is what I want) but I keep getting all kinds of stuff that I have to give a “thumbs down” to.

  14. Hey, you young guys: listen to an old-timer: I’m 85, a World War II Navy vet, and have been a big band fan since 1940. I type in “Glenn Miller: for my listening pleasure (with an occiasional Count Basie blend), and sit in my rocker and listen. I’m grateful to Pandora Radio for this great programming.
    Jack Fortes
    DeLand, Fl

  15. On the Album page where it lists all songs, it would be nice to see how I had rated each song (if played by Pandora). If I found that I thumbed up or rated songs highly on an album, I would be more susceptible to buy it. Because of a huge variety of songs offered by Pandora, its hard to remember if I liked any particular song on an album. If I bookmarked all the songs, it would be annoying going through that list trying to figure out if I like more songs on one particular album. I’m assuming that Pandora would get a kickback if I bought a song through Pandora off of Amazon or Itunes. It would be nice to have that enhancement.

  16. Please access the music of Felix Mendelssohn’s sister, married name Fanny Hensel. Wonderful songwriter who has solo piano pieces and more.
    Also check out revcom.us
    Thanks for the service!

  17. I just read about Pandora in the NY Times Magazine Section. It was a very interesting article. I love the genome metaphor, but being a subscriber to Netflix and somewhat disappointed in its algorithm despite its highly publicized contest, I was skeptical. Having just joined Pandora I must say yours is great. It has found me just what I’m looking for especially since my musical taste runs to modern classical which has become virtually non-existent on commercial radio and which I would otherwise never have heard. The minimal ads are a small price to pay for the pleasure, and if your algorithm for them is as good as for the music, I might even pay attention to them. Thanks

  18. Can anyone explain to me what’s the difference between Pandora and Lastfm? Am really excited about this site…can’t wait to give it a go. Tnx Tim!

  19. This is a terrific concept and I believe, with some refinements, it will totally replace broadcast radio for me.
    But there are some problems. For example:
    I often download your songs from Amazon using your “buy” link. But often the song I get from Amazon is not the same version as the song on Pandora. Sometimes the link will even send me to an entirely different song. Please talk to Amazon about this.
    Please allow me to eliminate entire genres of music. For example I don’t want to listen to even one heavy metal or rap number. In spite of vigorous thumbs downing on my part this stuff still pops up once in a while. Your computers can’t seem to take a hint.
    I would like to be able to thumbs down more numbers per hour then your current limit.
    Thanks for letting me vent. You have a great idea here. I would gladly pay much more than $36 a year if it would be easier to preempt music I don’t like.

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