Announcing Pandora for Palm Pre

pre.jpgOne of the great things about my job is that every once and a while I get to see some cool new phone or gadget before its been announced or released. Back in December 08, the team at Palm invited us to come to their offices in Sunnyvale for a sneak peek at their new OS and phone. I went in with modest expectations and was blown away by all they had achieved. I remember leaving the building excited about the chance to help them launch their new phone and to act as an early design partner for their development SDK.
Fast forward 6 months and the Palm Pre is now in the hands of real live users and people are starting to listen to Pandora from their new phones. We’re really excited about the results. Pandora on the Pre is a great listening experience – a fluid user interface with all the standard Pandora features you’ve come to expect on the web. It even runs in the background where it presents a mini playback control panel in the Pre’s dashboard area.
To learn more about Pandora for Palm Pre, click here.
If you’ve haven’t seen the great commercial Palm is running to announce the Pre, click here to get a look – and keep your eyes peeled for a Pandora mention toward the end.
I’m really happy to add the Palm Pre alongside the other Pandora smartphone implementations on iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. Covering the entire smartphone space is a big task and we’re not done yet, but we’re devoted to bringing Pandora to every smartphone platform where our listeners want us to be. Yes Android users that means we’ve heard you loud and clear – you’re next!


The Pandora Team

58 thoughts on “Announcing Pandora for Palm Pre

  1. I just got on the pandora train. Its the answer to all my prayers. Hats off to you wonderfull people.

  2. So, now that your working on Android, can we Nokia users get a version after that please :| I miss Pandora since I stopped using my stupid htc touch. Nokia is pretty popular too, you know.

  3. When is Pandora coming to Symbian… the E72 is coming soon and w/o Pandora support im sad and looking at a blackberry

  4. Absolutely love Pandora radio. I had no idea that you guys had a blog, I listen to Pandora a few hours a day almost every day of the week. Thanks for the stations.