Announcing Pandora for Palm Pre

pre.jpgOne of the great things about my job is that every once and a while I get to see some cool new phone or gadget before its been announced or released. Back in December 08, the team at Palm invited us to come to their offices in Sunnyvale for a sneak peek at their new OS and phone. I went in with modest expectations and was blown away by all they had achieved. I remember leaving the building excited about the chance to help them launch their new phone and to act as an early design partner for their development SDK.
Fast forward 6 months and the Palm Pre is now in the hands of real live users and people are starting to listen to Pandora from their new phones. We’re really excited about the results. Pandora on the Pre is a great listening experience – a fluid user interface with all the standard Pandora features you’ve come to expect on the web. It even runs in the background where it presents a mini playback control panel in the Pre’s dashboard area.
To learn more about Pandora for Palm Pre, click here.
If you’ve haven’t seen the great commercial Palm is running to announce the Pre, click here to get a look – and keep your eyes peeled for a Pandora mention toward the end.
I’m really happy to add the Palm Pre alongside the other Pandora smartphone implementations on iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. Covering the entire smartphone space is a big task and we’re not done yet, but we’re devoted to bringing Pandora to every smartphone platform where our listeners want us to be. Yes Android users that means we’ve heard you loud and clear – you’re next!


The Pandora Team

58 thoughts on “Announcing Pandora for Palm Pre

  1. woo hoo! a palm pre client! hot damn!
    oh wait, i have android. never mind. but i can understand why there’s no android client. i mean, the SDK has only been available for EIGHTEEN MONTHS, right?

  2. Congrats! Glad to see you are manage to keep pace with the latest platforms. Maybe S60 after Android? Pretty please?

  3. Being a gadget and music lover, I cannot but marvel at this lil piece of cutie. Gadgets don’t come better than this I tell ya, when it comes to functionality and design, not to mention sexiness.
    The only downside that I face is the fact that my serice provider charges an arm and 2 legs to get me connected to the internet. It is a nightmare whenever I have to load up my GPS knowing how much bandwidth I am using. I cannot imagine listening to streaming radio nonstop like I would like to. Oh well.
    But this will surely be on my to-do-list for the near future… Great post!

  4. You know until yesterday I had never even heard of Pandora-now I’m finding I can’t live without it! It really is nice to have it playing getting me thru my day and I can pick what I want to hear! You guys are awesome! I’m just sorry I was living under a rock for so long. But now I know and will spread the word!

  5. Hurray for Pre users, but what about Android users? Is there a Pandora for Android OS on the horizon? Pandora is THE application I have missed most since ditching my iPhone for a G1, so I hope it comes out soon…

  6. Glad to see Pre users are getting some love as well.
    On an idea out of left field, could Pandora ever be on a game console? At E3, Microsoft was pushing quite hard to turn the Xbox into a new entertainment hub with integration of Twitter and Facebook. I think it would be cool if Pandora could do something like that, or even use XNA to create a program for Pandora on the Xbox.
    Oh well, just an idea; feel free to shoot it down :)

  7. hey since your getting a lot of mobile things, by any chance could you go on the psp?

  8. Wow, that commercial is amazing! If that was for real and not CG, then I am very impressed by whoever directed it. Quick shout out to Pandora, but a shout out nonetheless on the commercial.
    You got me excited about the Pre. I had a Palm a few years back before the phone integration. I have a simple phone right now with Verizon, but have been debating about whether to get an iPhone or something else. You have me thinking about the Pre now.
    Love that Pandora can go with you on your way!

  9. Please make a VGA resolution compatible version of Pandora mobile. Most newer Windows Mobile phones have 480×640 screens, such as the HTC Touch Pro and Diamond. The current version doesn’t work with most newer phones.

  10. What a bunch of crap. How long as the SDK for android been out, now? 12 months? The G1 has sold 1 million units. More android phones are on the way. The Pre sells 50,000 units and you are here to announce a Pre app before and Android app? I’ve been the biggest Pandora fanboi you can imagine, but this is the last straw. here I come.

  11. Any chance you’ll ever get more winmo phone support? I have a samsung omnia, and it crushes me that I can’t listen to pandora on it.

  12. Does the app for the Pre allow calls through? On my Samsung I don’t get interrupted for calls – My Google apps seem to have figured out how to let the voice call through, though maybe because they are not constantly streaming info…

  13. My coworker just told me about Pandora. Now I can’t stop listening to it! It seems to know my tastes so well, and I’ve only just begun playing with it. Thanks for all you do.

  14. “What a bunch of crap. How long as the SDK for android been out, now? 12 months? The G1 has sold 1 million units. More android phones are on the way. The Pre sells 50,000 units and you are here to announce a Pre app before and Android app? I’ve been the biggest Pandora fanboi you can imagine, but this is the last straw. here I come.”
    My thoughts exactly Joe, screw Pandora. LastFM works great on Android.

  15. Well Pandora,
    Im guessing you were paid a pretty penny to develop pandora for Palm first.
    After telling us that you were evaluating the android platform. You dont gotta lie to kick it.
    i think there is many of android users now that will just stick with Last.FM because of this.
    Maybe you should just continue to sell out to companies.

  16. i love pandora but have a verizon wireless phone. Is there any way that i could put it on my phone?

  17. I just got my HTC 8525 for ATT but got it unluck and using it through T-mobile… whan are we going to have pandora available for this phone and carrier?

  18. Wow…
    I’ve got to be honest I’m shocked. the iPhone is a model of phone. The Pre is the first device to use an entirely new OS, that will be implemented by Palm and ONLY Palm. Android is an open OS, with an entire ALLIANCE of handset manufacturers and technology firms behind. True; it is still in its infancy… but that is why you attack it now, so that it becomes a mandatory app for all Android phones… so that you can grow with the platform.
    Maybe the issue you’re having is that Andoird doesn’t have a static spec list. The iPhone, Blackberries, the Pre… they’re all known quantities. Screen size, processing power… etc… You thought the same thing about Windows Mobile but now the changing landscape means that people using newer WinMo phones are left without Pandora…
    Look I know its hard, especially when most of your users aren’t paying you guys a cent! But when it comes down to it: $1.99 on iTunes or $1.99 for Pandora? I would pay. LastFM sucks, it isn’t nearly as effective for me as Pandora is and it KILLS me then that you guys haven’t been able to even tease us with screen shots… just a throw-away line in a blog post almost MOCKING us.
    At&t is getting at least one Android handset this year, rumor has it that there will be more. T-Mobile is looking to release at least three. Verizon is eying Android as a Beginner Level Smartphone/Multimedia Maven Phone option. Its cheap and can be easily re branded to fit the big reds cult…
    I mean COME ON! I don’t even need all the pretty graphics! Give me a freaking TEXT interface and call it “8-Bit Pandora.” It doesn’t need to be scalable or supremely feature packed… not yet. I can speak for virtually all of my fellow ‘Droids when I say we’d rather have something than nothing at all.

  19. I have to say I am fairly disappointed with the language here myself. I came here excited from the Android users forum, but didn’t realise that it was so backhanded.
    I’m beginning to wonder if the issue is less with Android and more with *T-MOBILE*, because of how T-mobile marketed the G1 (or not, as is your perspective).
    In that case I feel compelled to point out that T-mobile happens to be the provider. Really, if Pandora doesn’t think the phone is going to succeed, they need to look at the fact that it’s been marketed by GOOGLE, and they’re incredibly successful.
    Still a paying user, strongly believe in Pandora, but I am horribly disappointed by this announcement.

  20. Hi everybody.
    @adrick et al: I understand how frustrating it is that it’s taken so long for us to turn our focus to Android. Truth is we have a small, focused team and we can only really work on one mobile platform at a time. The good news is that we’ve recently turned our attention to Android. I personally really love the new Android handsets that are coming to market right now — very good phones and a great OS. I did the best job I could at the time making prioritization decisions about the order we’d tackle things. I understand that it’s frustrating to see us on the Pre before we built for Android but that decision was about the opportunity we saw in working with Palm on their launch and wasn’t a commentary in any way on our enthusiasm for Android. At any rate, we’re working on Android now and we’ll get it built and launched just as quickly as we can. Hope you’ll come back and give us another chance once we make good on our promise to get an Android client out the door.
    @ Mike, the Pre does allow for you to make and receive calls while you’re streaming Pandora. The music will pause while you’re on the phone, but listening to Pandora will work in the background while you conduct other tasks and it won’t block your ability to receive calls.
    @juan et al: As for Windows Mobile we have a plan for getting the build working on a wider variety of phones. Stay tuned on that front as well.

  21. I downloaded “Pandora” yesterday for my Palm Pre and I LOVE IT. Thanks:-)

  22. Very nice that Palm was able to get you guys to write this, and I’m sure it’s as useful as the iPhone app.
    However, I’m still holding out hope that you’ll write an app that runs on Palm’s *ORIGINAL* operating system – you know, the one that’s installed on MILLIONS of (PalmOS/Access) Treo phones!
    The many limitations and problems of the Pre phone and WebOS have me NOT upgrading for the first time – and you can bet there are a LOT of other Treo 600,650,700, 755 and Centro users that are quite happy with what they have. I abhor you to get a working Pandora application working ASAP for this massive deployed user base.
    Again, a LOT of Palm fanatics DO NOT WANT the Pre or WebOS as it presently exists. They also don’t want WinceMob. PalmOS is still the most versatile and application-rich PDA/smartphone operating system in existence, and you owe it to yourselves to offer your service to us.
    Sanyo SCP 8400 supported by Pandora, but not the huge base of PalmOS Treos and Centros…

  23. really I am happy that Palm Pre can use this on their phone, and the HTC touch……I have an HTC Touch Pro and it would love to play my Pandora on it. I would update my account if I could use it on my phone. Until then I am contantly disappointed.

  24. Congrats on the Pre release. I’m one of the android users waiting (although I’m waiting patiently) and looking forward to the Pandora for Android release.
    I did get the app in the absence of Pandora… and I also got the imeem app. I don’t think it’s a problem, all 3 are a bit different. I still think Pandora is the best for just throwing some music in and letting it play.
    I’d like to add that the imeem app seems to handle streaming better than the app (it seems to pre-buffer the next song, and it just seems to hiccup less than the app). I’m sure you guys are looking at these apps (and maybe others) while you develop Pandora for Android.
    Congrats again! Thanks for the hours upon hours upon hours of free music, and I’m looking forward to the Android release :)

  25. WinMo VGA is a long time coming and I am itching for it. But as a 37 year old IT guy, I am glad to see the Palm app. For me Palm started it all and I have always rooted for them to make a comeback after I moved to Windows Mobile.

  26. Is there one for the psp?
    Im allways using my psp at school ad work fo music.
    Not my phone… It dies to quick…


  28. whoot android!! more reason to buy the mytouch. android with a 528mhz processor this thing is gonna rip. IPHONE KILLER

  29. Well that’s it folks. Seems like we have another pretty phone on the market. I am still trying to divorce my blackberry. But honestly i am interested in new phone because the internet service for the blackberry is way over rated! Thanks for the post!
    want to publish a book

  30. The Pre’s wonderful, and Pandora on the Pre just makes it heavenly. Great implementation, guys — thank you so much!