JJ’s country stations on Pandora

Meet JJ.
JJ Schultz is one of our software engineers and a fine musician.
Yesterday I was listening to his great podcast on country music. It sucked me in, and I found myself wanting to know what kinds of Pandora stations JJ listened to.
I made my way over to his desk and asked him to share some of his country stations with me. He’s a swell guy, so he shared his two favorite country stations. I thought you might like to try them out as well:
Jukebox at the Ambrose, ND Bar
JJ says: “this one plays a lot of the country songs that I enjoyed as a kid when I used to plug the jukebox at my dad’s bar.”

Midnight to Moonlight Radio

JJ says: “this one is more the stuff that I listen to now. lots of old time country on this one.”
I hope you enjoy these country stations, and if you’d like to hear some of the music JJ has written and recorded, here you go: JJ Schultz Radio
(Feel free to check out his Pandora profile to see what else he listens to.)
If you’re interested in listening to more staff stations, check here, here, and here for past blog posts.
:: Lucia


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13 thoughts on “JJ’s country stations on Pandora

  1. This isn’t a comment to the above post but it is a comment! I think it’d be really cool if in the future Pandora would be available as an electronic device, I suppose I could just use the mobile but I don’t want the usage charges. I would subscribe with you guys though!
    Another thing I would personally be very interested in and subscribe to would be like serious radio but with Pandora. I think it’d be really cool to be able to thumb up or down songs while listening through satelite radio while im drivin!

  2. I just found Pandora and I think its great. One thing…I like to listen to music while doing other things. I can listen to Pandora while reading but doing other things on my computer…forget it! Can you fix that?

  3. I came across this blog while looking for good sites I can check out for some good country music. Thanks for the links! I’m going to check them out now. :)

  4. Hi,
    I agree that this music is very soothing and relaxing as well as can get you going. Jukebox? Wow thats a term you dont hear too often but once in awhile you still see jukeboxes in bars. Keep up the great music. I love it!

  5. Hey Tim: Said it before when I first found you guys… How about adding the entire Concord Jazz library? Been talking to other jazz fans about the fact that your sight doesn’t know Cal Collins from a hill of beans. Hello! He is on 28 Concord Jazz recordings. If you would check it out, you would know there’s a lot of great recordings there. Sorry if this sounds like a widow whining, BUT, good grief, what a great amount of 70’s through 90’s stuff is there. I would love to turn a lot of jazz fans on to these great recordings. Especially the Concord Jazz All Stars. Please listen, I’m sure you would agree. Wish they had relea
    sed them on CD’s instead of LP’s. All the good jazz guitar players know who he is ( kind of a secret, daggone it). Cal recorded also with Benny Goodman, who was very particular who he worked with. ETC, ETC, and so on.

  6. Wowser!
    I found your country station guide by chance, while working on my tomatoes…
    C’mon y’all! Country is the best chill-out around, and so is gardening :)
    I dare anyone to not know what Guy Clark is on about in his song “Homegrown Tomatoes”.
    Upside Down Homegrown Tomatoes
    Artist: Guy Clark
    Band: Keepers: A Live Recording
    Song: Homegrown Tomatoes (live)
    Keep ’em comin’ – we’re lovin’ ’em!
    Upside Down Homegrown Tomatoes

  7. When are you guys going to add more Texas Country. There’s still so much of it missing. I’d listen even more if you guys had more of the stuff!

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