Lyrics, Variety, Gifts, and other Tweaks


Lyrics are currently unavailable on Pandora and we are exploring if and how they will be reintroduced to the service in the future. As always, we remain relentlessly focused on creating the best personalized radio experience for Pandora listeners and are open to hearing all your comments and questions. We appreciate your invaluable feedback.

We’ve been quietly rolling out a number of enhancements to the last few weeks and I thought I’d tell you a bit about them.
The biggest of the bunch is the launch of lyrics! This has been one of the most requested features for Pandora for as long as I can remember and the trick for us has always been to find a great provider of legal, fully licensed lyrics to share with you. Happy to say that we’ve found a great partner in Gracenote and last week we launched the first iteration of our lyric integration. To see the lyrics for the song you’re currently listening to just pull up the “about this music” panel underneath the player and select the lyrics tab. We’ll show you the first four lines of the song on the home page and you can click through to a second window that will show you the complete lyrics for the songs. Find a song that moves you? Click the share button to send them to a friend.
We’ve also been fiddling with the interface for adding more variety to your stations. Variety is a tricky subject when it comes to radio. We never want you to get bored with your stations, but a certain amount of repetition is welcome and expected. We’re constantly tweaking the core algorithm to impact station variety and we’re not done in that dimension. On the other hand, we’ve always had tools that allow you to expand the musical scope of a station by adding more song or artist “seeds” — but that interface has been largely hidden and only used by a small minority of our listeners. In a change that rolled out a few weeks ago we’ve added a “Add variety…” button to the player itself so that it’s easier to find and access. We’ve also updated the Add Variety panel to prompt you with a few ideas about artists you might want to add when you run out of your own ideas.
We also recently launched a “station gift” feature — this is your chance to make a kind of Pandora “mix tape” for a friend. Just visit, pick some favorite artists or songs, choose a design, and we’ll take care of the rest. Think of it as a musical e-card from Pandora.
One last tidbit you may have noticed is that we now support “bulk” purchase through both iTunes and Amazon MP3. Instead of buying songs one at a time, you can now use your Pandora bookmark list as a starting point for buying a whole bunch of music with just a single click. Click the “Buy All” button on your profile page to get started (and don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of chances to review your song selections before the purchase actually goes through).
We’ve had a lot of fun building these new features and we hope you enjoy using them. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas in the comments.


The Pandora Team

102 thoughts on “Lyrics, Variety, Gifts, and other Tweaks

  1. I also had a problem with lyrics being blocked by Chrome. At the right end of my address bar however, there is an icon of a window with a red x in the bottom right corner. Clicking it will let you change popup settings for Pandora.

  2. Been listening for years & love it. Lately I’ve been trying to update my musical tastes – is there some way to refine your station to only include albums released in, say, the last 5 years?

  3. The lyrics feature does not seem to be working anymore for me. My browser is set to accept cookies from Pandora, so nothing seems to be blocking it. Any suggestions?

  4. Pandora is great. I love it and that’s pretty much the reason i wanted to buy a smartphone. One more thing would make it even better — for smartphone application, if the lyrics is available taht would be great. right now only the band/artists info and the song info available. i would love to see some lyrics simply by tapping another button on the screen.

  5. “The lyrics feature does not seem to be working anymore for me. My browser is set to accept cookies from Pandora, so nothing seems to be blocking it. Any suggestions?”
    This is a definite concern that has not been addressed. One someone clicks, “view full lyrics” it simply opens up the particular bands bio page, NOT the lyrics page. This has been going on for a few months now.

  6. I am so impressed by Pandora, and your continuous search to evolve and improve! I’ve been long wishing that Pandora-a reputable source- would provide lyrics to the songs that I love! Often, I have to search various sites to find lyrics, and even then, I’m not sure if they are authentic/licensed, as these sites are usually just fans who post what they think are the lyrics, and there’s usually discrepancy.
    I like the other new attributes that you’ve mentioned, too. I think I’ll send a musical gift today! I have Pandora on my smartphone, my desktop and my laptop, and I LOVE it!
    Keep up the progress, Pandora!

  7. Hi! I was wondering why android phones can’t get the new updates like Iphones. I can only download 1.9.something with no lyrics while IPhones get lyrics and 3.9.something update. Please help a brother out! I have a DROID RAZR. I need some updates! ;) I love Pandora!

    • Hi Kristine,

      Sorry for the confusion around this. We’re aware of this and working on it, thanks for looking out! -Katie

  8. I love pandora I do but what happen to the lyrics ? I can’t look up the lyrics when the songs come on it’s just some info about them and other artist related to then. I want the lyrics to come back on. I’m half deaf and it helps to see the words on it do if I mid a work or not sure wht they are saying I can go back and see it please return them.

    One of ur loyal customers

  9. My lyrics hasn’t been working for awhile. I don’t know why. One day it was fine and the next suddenly every song says lyrics are unavailable even though i have viewed those lyrics before. Please help! I love the lyrics especially for the songs I don’t know.

  10. Please bring the lyrics back…….
    Especially when I read the comments….I am so glad that there are others like myself who were just as disappointed when the lyrics didn’t show up on the “song page” and are asking for it to be brought back. I so can appreciate the support of Pandora fans, because I want it back too!

    Aside from your station attributes, which is spot on, your lyrics page kept “most” of us internet radio listeners loyal!!

  11. Ah, so the lyrics are now removed from the page. I wonder if this is just an issue for those who do not PAY for PANDORA but are using the FREE version?

    Because if it’s the latter, then i understand completely.

  12. I would like to know where the lyrics went as well. When I first started using Pandora, it showed lyrics for most songs, then about 2 weeks ago, it started saying “lyrics not available” and now, there’s just nothing!! I want my lyrics back!!! But I do love Pandora, I just miss the lyrics!

  13. I also miss the lyrics…….please bring them back. I pay for the service. It was a great feature. Will it ever come back?
    It will be just like listening to the radio then. The bio feature is also informative and sometimes makes you understand where the artist are coming from with their songs.

  14. The lyrics were great, if I’m not doing anything but listening to pandora, I love reading the lyrics with the songs, but now it’s as thought they never existed. There is no sign to even indicate that lyrics even exist on the website. I miss the lyrics, please Pandora, BRING BACK THE LYRICS. #bringbackthelyrics2k14

  15. Why are lyrics not available? Were they just teasers all along? BUMMER! Hope another site adds them. Then it’s history for Pandora.

    • Now it’s like listening to the radio. I could do that before. The lyrics and the bios are what set Pandora apart. This just sucks. Bring the lyrics back. I’m sure there will be a big drop off in listeners during the next few weeks when we can just turn on a radio instead.

  16. I’m with everyone else, what happened to all the lyrics? I love being able to check them out and sing along (despite my vocal abilities)! Please bring them back, it is one of the big reasons I love Pandora…don’t ruin it for me!

    The only reason I use Pandora is because it allows the user to sing along with the song. Now that the main feature I loved is gone, it’s back to iheartradio. Huge bummer.

  18. No more lyrics?! As a person who speaks English as a second language, the lyrics helped me to learn and understand better my favorites songs. Please bring the lyrics feature back.

  19. Glad to see comments from others. I spent a little time trying to get lyrics to come back to Pandora. I subscribe to Pandora One and I was feeling slighted. At least now, I am not alone…..Please Pandora, work out the copyright issue or whatever.

  20. I, like many of the above posters, have been a loyal Pandora user (since ’06), and am a subscriber. The the presence of lyrics is my favorite feature. I might as well listen to my iToons at this point as I am also finding that I am having to “re-like” songs that I know I have given a thumbs up in the past and I have more and more songs pop up that I have no interest in hearing. Please, in whatever upgrades you are planning on implementing, ensure that they are not interrupting your best features. I’m not a very happy user at this point; however I have a feeling that you are encouraging those of us who are legacy users to quit, voiding our current monthly rate, banking on the point that we will come back sometime in the future at whatever your current rate may be.

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