Tim answers Viewer Mail, #6

We receive your questions every day, and are happy to get more. Here, Tim answers a few of the q’s we hear the most:
Please write in any questions you’d like to hear answered… we look forward to seeing questions sent from your webcams too.
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44 thoughts on “Tim answers Viewer Mail, #6

  1. I have a viewer mail for you. Why can’t uou release a decent VGA Windows Mobile version of Pandora? Can’t you get off the iPhone bandwagon long enough to put out a decent client? There are alot of us WM clients out there…

  2. hey i have the HTC Touch Pro from Sprint, i love pandora but cant get it to allow me to use pandora on my phone, you show it avalible for the HTC Mogul so why not continue to the next biggest baddest thing, you can only do so much with the iphone, and lets be honest the iphone is kinda OLD NEWS now, not to diss apple or anything but there is alot more than just the iphone so along with the first comment, there are just as many WM users as there are iPhone users… don’t be “OS’ist” thanks

  3. I was wondering if you are going to get Celtic Thunder’s music on ? They are a group out young men from Ireland.
    Would sure like to hear them on here.
    ty Carol

  4. THANK YOU for finally making Pandora available for the blackberry. You guys are AWESOME!!!

  5. @Michael Get a real phone!
    @VW ditto! See above! :^)
    @prudy with donations from listeners like you! :^)
    @sir duke ’cause this isn’t a friggin’ facebook. :^)
    “My name is Tim, I’m a lesser known character”~Rancid.

  6. Thanks, guys,
    We are expanding out onto as many different phones and handsets as time and resources allow us to do. We would love to be everywhere, but we need to work on these one platform at a time.
    That said, please keep telling us where you’d like us to be.
    And Wes, you’re very welcome. Here is more information about our Blackberry support (full report on the blog coming soon): http://www.pandora.com/blackberry
    Carol — I will suggest Celtic Thunder to our music library folks at suggest-music@pandora.com. They are the people who add new music to the collection, so for future reference, emailing them directly is the best and fastest way for that. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Prudy — If you would like to support Pandora with your dollars, we have a subscription version that removes all advertising from the experience, and it costs 36 dollars per year. More on that here:

  7. When are we going to see Pandora for Android?
    sorry about posting in the wrong section before, my mistake

  8. Pandora is good. But like Tim the toolman Taylors TV show, theres always room for improvment. Even on a free music sight. I dont like when you drift too far away from the org. artist. Play the org. every 3rd song. Some of the alturnitives make me wonder. I also wish the volum button was larger. And finnaly I cant find the equalizer. I know alot of people use there phones, I use a laptop. on the road. Hard to see Hard to control. Can you tie in to MS.med. player.

  9. This website is genius! And like a dream come true! I don’t have a very wide range of experience in music, so I’m not very good at finding songs I like. But this site is introducing me to so much good new music. I’m definitely telling my friends about this! :D

  10. Are there any plans to put Pandora into the Windows Media Center environment with full remote functionality? This would be a great way to get the service into living rooms, especially if the app would work to extenders like the Xbox 360. I would assume advertising could be worked into the app somehow.
    Just look at the popularity of Netflix as an example of how this could be interesting.
    It would also be nice to see it on other devices attached to TV/stereo setups like the Roku or Tivos.
    I think you just added the service to Vudu. Spread the love around :)

  11. I’d love to see a slider for how much new music you want to hear relative to how much music you have marked as “I like this” on my favorite station its starting to play all of the same songs with little to no new material.

  12. I don’t like “Live” albums. So I hit thumbs down, but it seems your wonderful sorters don’t sort for “live” vs studio recordings ?

  13. I don’t really have any complaints. I’ve been using pandora for some time now and I’m completely whole heartedly in love with it. If I’m awake I’m constantly plugged in either through the internet or my cell phone, which I bought solely to get the pandora application. You could call me a music junky.
    My only suggestion would be merchandise. I’ve given money to musical foundations through your website. It would be rocking if you’d sell bumper stickers, buttons, key chains, and other small knickknacks with a cut of the sales going to foundations and what not.
    Ah.. One slight complaint. It would make more sense, at least to me, for the music not to stop and ask if you’re still listening on mobile devices. It’s just a minor annoyance to be driving down the road and have to dig around to get my cell phone, unlock it, and press the right button to let it know I’m still listening. I know playing with the station will stop the ‘pause’ from happening.. but.. it’s not something I do that much while listening through a cell phone.

  14. I just subscribed. As a “free” listener, I have to say I would listen for hours at a time and never “see” the ads. I can’t imagine life without Pandora, so I subscribed. I just wanted you to know that I’d pay a lot more than $36 for this truly remarkable music experience. Yrs — cjp

  15. As a long time fan of Pandora (I listen to it on my Chumby) I was excited to hear that Pandora is finally available on Blackberry. But imagine my disappointment when the best Blackberry devices to listen to streaming content like the Blackberry 8900 with T-Mobile is not on the list.
    Having the 8900 with Wi-Fi is great and I was hoping that I could get a response if this was in the works and whether I should get my hopes up that this will be released for the 8900.
    Right now I listen to Slacker, Flycast and IheartRadio. Flycast is the best so far however I would really like to have Pandora instead.

  16. I currently have an ATT phone (not the iphone) and i wouldn’t mind paying $15 for the dataplan to be able to access the functionality of apps like Pandora. The problem is that it costs an extra subscription fee about $5 per month to use. Why do we have this extra subscription fee? It’s free for the iphone, ipod touch, and on the internet. Please make it free for other mobile devices too!

  17. @Joedawn — We can’t play the seed artist every third song, given our licensing constraints. In order to keep this as a free service, we can legally only play the seed artist with a certain frequency, otherwise it becomes on-demand music. Pandora is radio rather than on-demand.
    @Spencer — Our development team is working hard to have us on other platforms and devices. Please stay tuned.
    @Anna and @Claire — Thanks!
    @Mike — Thanks for the suggestion. I will pass that along to the people who design the UI.
    @Cameron — The data plan is more for other phones, enough to cover some of our streaming costs. Hence the additional expense. yes, the iPhone does not have a subscription fee, but the data plan is more.
    @Srini — We are working to be available on more carriers, including TMobile. Our goal is to be available everywhere, and we are working toward that goal.
    @Sandra — Since we pay for every song we play for you (both in streaming and in licensing fees to the recording artists), we need to make sure that you’re there and listening… that you haven’t left your phone playing in the other room. That’s why we put that in place, to make sure the tap wasn’t left running without cause. It is a necessity, even on the mobile devices.
    @vgrinnan — If you want to avoid live versions, I recommend setting your station seeds with specific songs rather than with the artist. That way, the live versions of the artist will not be part of the seed, and it will be easier to tune away from the live versions with your thumbs-down responses.

  18. WMPlayer has a lyrics plugin now where the lyrics pop up as a song plays. I like that. Down the road it might be something you would consider.
    Overall, Great product !

  19. Great timing on that, William — Pandora has lyrics now, too!
    Check out the tabs below your player, and there’s a Lyrics tab in the “About This Music” option.

  20. Pandora is the greatest, and yes, I know as much as the next guy that there is always room for improvement as much as the next guy. So therefore people need to shut up when criticizing this AWESOME freaking site. It seems to me that other companies are starting to take after Pandora. Example: the Genius app that iTunes has. Pandora is awesome and just keeps getting better! Thanks Pandora!

  21. Tim,
    I actually first heard about this site from my son, who had heard about it from one of his friends in his fraternity…
    I am actually sort of hooked to it now too HAHA!
    Thanks, this is great! I look forward to seeing it grow.
    All the best,
    Mina Shafiei

  22. Hey Guys!
    Great job on the Music Genome Project!
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that playing audio adverts is a great idea…
    You most definitely wont lose subscribers if its a 5s advert every couple o songs…
    Its still a lot better than normal radio where they play things you dont always like
    Cheers and much Love!

  23. I had heard of pandora but never searched to see what the buzz was about. When I purchased a new desktop a pandora icon stood out to me and finally I am in the know. It is an excellent site I am just concerned that with it’s growing popularity it may become just another networking site filled with viruses and spammers. I hope the vision stays intact and for continued success that is well deserved. A fresh and new idea that truly is for everyone.
    Donavan Lost
    Down 15

  24. I like the price point for the advertising-free Pandora service. I personally always have the actual Pandora site in the background, so the sidebar advertisements don’t bother me, but its easily worth $3 a month not have to hear commercials between songs. And its much cheaper than paying for a Sirius subscription.

  25. I have the Touch Pro from Sprint as well…I can’t use Pandora either.
    Adult Acne Cure

  26. With the new release of Apple’s 3.0 on the iphones. Will Pandora soon be able to play in the background on my iphone while I browse the internet, send text messages, view pictures, etc???
    If not, when or will this option ever be available? This is my only problem with Pandora.. Everything else is simply light years ahead of any other radio station and I am grateful to you for that.
    Pandora you are amazing!!! Good Job

  27. I’d heard of Pandora so I stopped by to see what the fuss is all about. It sounds like a great alternative to Sirius or XM! Keep it up guys!
    Amanda A., Acai Berry consultant

  28. I just downloaded Pandora today. It was easy to start playing music and making my own radio station. I plan to learn more and keep listening.
    Thanks for your great work. :)

  29. what would you say is the most important aspect to consider when classifying a song?

  30. @Justin — We just released an update of our iPhone app, available for free from the App Store.
    @Amanda — Happy to hear that you’re happy with it… welcome aboard.
    @Bev Wong — New phones are being added frequently. We have to design a different player for every phone, which is what takes a while to get different phones enabled. Keep checking back, and our developers will keep plugging away at them.

  31. This is a great site. I discovered this years ago and I am a big fan…I always have it on…on my laptop and on my iPhone.
    I have been recommending this site to family and friends, as if it was the biggest invention ever since the net! =)
    I was able to find more bands to the specific genre I was looking for (goth rock). And the ads don’t come out too often…which is great!
    For your annual subscription of $36…it doesn’t come out to be very enticing. I mean what you’re offering won’t give users really new stuff. I don’t have anything really creative for now, but special/promotional music downloads or discounted concert tickets would be awesome.

  32. I really enjoyed my first experience with Pan Radio. I’m hoping that there will be an app for my Sprint Treo 755P? Is there an app in the works?

  33. Totally awesome site! I listen every night while I work. I love the add variety tab and the suggestions that you make. It allows me see scroll through and say to myself….”Oh, I remember them or that song!” And with a click, add it to MY radio station. Keep up the good work!

  34. Although I registered so I could listen to the music longer without interruptions, I miss the ads! (I work for a marketing company, and so it was always interesting to see the different skinned ads that were run.)
    Any chance of making the ads appear an optional setting for subscribers?

  35. very useful post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.