Pandora Holidays


For those of you already in the Holiday spirit, and for those who are still trying to get there, a friendly reminder of how easy it is to enjoy Christmas music on Pandora:
To make your own holiday station, just start with an artist you like, and type the word “holiday” after the name.
Duke Ellington Holiday
Frank Sinatra Holiday
Ella Fitzgerald Holiday
Mariah Carey Holiday
Vienna Boys Choir Holiday

Or, you can create a station from a specific holiday song by typing in the name of that song (for example, ‘Winter Wonderland‘). Pick which version of the song you want, and a station will be created for you that showcases similar holiday music.
A few to try:
White Christmas
Angels We Have Heard On High
We Wish You a Merry Christmas

To make it even easier for you, we’ve created a bunch of genre-based stations for you to try:
Peaceful Holidays
A Classical Christmas
Swingin’ Christmas
There’s many more pre-mixed holiday stations here.
Happy Holidays!


The Pandora Team

34 thoughts on “Pandora Holidays

  1. I totally LOVE Pandora!! One can edit stations, add stations, and songs to multiple stations. If I could get this on my phone I would be a HAPPY person!!! I see that pandora is supported for free by the older HTC touch, but what about the new version? It was totally skipped over because even the spring insticnt has this capability.

  2. As soon as you guys get hooked up with verizon mobile, I will be more than happy to pay for your service. I really respect what you all have done, wish there was a way to access your database to organize my own 25,000 songs… kind of a pain in the butt.

  3. The Holiday mixes are great (especially sicnce you’ve got the Grinch theme!) but I do have on little quibble: We’ve had the same song (but by different artists) play two and three times in a row. Other than that, great job!

  4. @Exposure101–dude, that’s a lot of songs! good luck!
    @Mason–unfortunately, that’s kinda the deal with holiday music. it’s really just the same handful of songs everybody’s interpreting. hopefully you’re hearing some good ones though!
    @Jann–i think we might be down to the line adding new holiday selections but we’ll add this to the list for next year!
    take care and be well,

  5. I tried seeding a station with Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” and it came up as a holiday station. I love Pandora, but why is my favorite concerto being followed by Jingle Bells?

  6. Wow! A stone throw away from another year and holiday cheer. Pandora and staff,I’ve been a loyal listener for 4 years now and loving it still. I’ve turned on over 15 people to this musical adventure. I love the way you guys have grown over the years. New partners, new tools, new look.
    Its like watching your children grow, what a perfect marriage we have :). Anyway I want to wish the staff of Pandora a very Merry Christmas, X-mas, and other holidays. I look forward to another year of listening to new music and learning from the blogs. Peace On Earth and Good Will To All Men. Roland Frederick Cummins

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  8. please please please add the shadow as one of your widows mobile handsets. i luv pandora so much and listen at home all the time and read artist bios and related artists. ive found so much music from pandora and would luv to take it on the go with me
    please add the shadow as a widows mobile handset.
    thank you
    you guys r GREAT~!

  9. Love Pandora on-line and on my phone. It feels like someone finally got it right with the right mix of songs and right mix of artists. Songs I’ve heard a million times and ones I hear rarely or have never heard. Love them all. I’m telling all my music-loving friends. Thanks.

  10. I want to wish everyone at a wonderful holiday season. You’ve given me the gift of music all year long. Listening to is like getting presents all the time as I discover new artists and music that enrich my life.
    I hope those of you lucky enough to work at Pandora are getting a great deal of fulfillment from your jobs. All of you are contributing to a great product and service. I wish that each of you gets what you want from the fruits of your labor.

  11. @Morrock – If you start from pieces from these Four Seasons albums, you won’t get Christmas music:
    @Roland – Thanks for your kind thoughts, and thanks for being such a loyal listener!
    @Melissa –
    In terms of banning live music, here’s some tips:
    First, make sure none of the inputs or thumbs ups on your station say (Live) after the song name.
    Next, thumbs down any live songs you get.
    Pandora will get the idea that you don’t want live music on that station.
    (though there isn’t a way to completely ban live music from all your stations.)
    You can review and edit your station by clicking on the small triangle next to the station name in the left-hand station menu, and then choosing “edit this station”.
    From there you can check out the artists/songs you’ve added to the station as seeds and review the songs you marked as thumbs up and down.
    Putting a check mark in the box next to one of these, and then clicking on “remove checked” will set the feedback for it back to neutral.
    (So the first thing to do is go make sure there’s no thumbs ups for (Live) songs on your station, and you find any, delete them!)
    Look here (…) for more info on creating and tuning Pandora stations.
    I hope that helps!
    Oh, also: feel free to seed your station with a studio version of a song you like, and then if you hear the live version, give it a thumbs down. That way you’re guaranteed to hear the studio version, but will never have to hear the live version on that station.
    @Cace – Thanks for the request! We’re planning and hoping to get Pandora on more and more devices, so stay tuned!
    @Mary – Thanks so much, and thanks for spreading the word!
    @Tony – Wow, what a wonderful comment to read! Thanks so much for your support. Happy Holidays to you, and thank you so much for listening! :) Lucia, from Pandora

  12. I just love Pandora. Have some qustions though: How can I recomend songs or albums or artists to Pandora? For instanse, I don’t see “Conan the Barbarian” cd (Basil Poledouris) or Ravi Shankar the famous sitar player or other Indian music?

  13. Love pandora, been listening ever since a friend turned me on to it. I have the brand new Verizon Wireless XV6850(?) HTC Touch Pro and so does my wife, we both gave up BlackBerry Storms because we’re just too hard-care professionals to use a touch-screen only device. We would both love to see Pandora Mobile for the Verizon HTC Touch Pro. It would be one more reason for Windows Mobile people to not be tempted by the few cool features of the iPhone.

  14. @heiko
    Just send your musical suggestions to “”! Note that some types of music (e.g. Indian sitar music) are not yet available on Pandora at all, although we hope to include them in the future, once we’ve acquired and analyzed enough of that music to make quality Pandora stations.
    @vito @mari @aussiepunk
    We’d love to have Pandora on the Go available for more carriers and handsets. However, whether we’re able to do so, and precisely when, are questions that are largely up to our potential carrier and platform partners.
    Stay tuned here:

  15. this is great. I just started listening on my home pc. i have a blackberry and att service. when can i expect pandora on it. the sooner the better. i would subscribe on my mobile.

  16. pandora is the absolute best. i know for fact that as great as it is having the whole deal for free, there are very few of us that wouldnt hesitate to pay to get pandora on there phone or ppc. Im patiently waiting for my phone.
    sprint mogul
    htc ppc 6800 this phone has a diferent name for every carrier that sells it. if you dont support it soon ill have to get my phone flashed with the software on one of those crappy phones you already support. so please dont make me do somthing horrible to my phone and support it.

  17. When are you going to release for the HTC Mogul on Sprint? I see other Windows Mobile devices that use the same operating system but it appears you are definging functionality for specific devices. Is there a particular reason for this..?
    I love the Pandora service and I tell all my friends about it. I’d love to be able to listen while I’m sitting at the airport or at work without having to pull my laptop out.

  18. Hi, regarding music on WinMo devices, could you give an approximate list of hardware requirements, and/or a list of phones (dating back only a year or two) that just wouldn’t be up to par? As an example, I have a Moto Q (the original, not the Q9) running WinMo 5, and I want to know whether I should continue checking back at for my phone or if it will never be there because the hardware/OS can’t handle it.
    Thanks for making Pandora such an excellent source of music, and I look forward to finally having it on my mobile!

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