Apple Store Meetups – LA, Boston, Chicago

We’re fast approaching 2 million registered iPhone users… Crazy! To celebrate this entry to the world of free mobile radio, Apple has generously allowed us to host some show-and-tells at their stores around the country. I’ll be sharing some Pandora history, new developments, and a deep dive into the iPhone, which we love so much…
Hope you’ll join me for an informative and hopefully interactive get together at one of these beautiful store, uh.. I mean museum, locations:
Santa Monica, Thursday November 13th, 7pm
1248 Third Street Promenade (310) 576 1011
Boston, Monday November 17th, 12 Noon
815 Boylston Street (617) 385 9400
Chicago, Tuesday December 9th, 7pm
679 North Michigan Ave., (312) 981 4104
Picture 2.png
Cheers. Tim (Founder)


The Pandora Team

21 thoughts on “Apple Store Meetups – LA, Boston, Chicago

    I have classes at school on thursday 13 at 6:30pm untill 10pm. You might be done by then..I cant believe it… my job is right across from the Mac Store in Sta Monica, I go to that store all the time to check my mail :)…. and I wont be able to go on thursday because of school…I wanted to go so bad…cant you do it later or next day…or if you want to met for a coffee dont hesitate…
    bless it up for Pandora!

  2. if you want, since you are going to come that close from my home…I invite you to a special dinner made by me at my place :).
    Costarrican food (thats all I know), caribbean fish, with plantains, there will be my roomate, a girlfriend, maybe my bf, neighboors, so u dont feel harassed.
    My romate and me and my neighbors and even their child, we are all Pandora fanatics…
    It will be such a pleasure to have you here in our building for a special dinner (or lunch if you prefer), just relax, chill out. We are simple people and we live simple lifes in a simple small building. But, we are very cool too :) !
    I hope you think about it, and if you accept just write me: . It could be a lunch on Thursday or a dinner tomorrow night or a lunch on Friday… let me know,

  3. By the way,
    You know I have been a pirate for more than 5 years. The truth is that in my country the piracy is very very popular..we dont even see it wrong. music, books, movies, everything.
    Anyway, I stop listening Pandora for a while, since I collected trough all my stations a list of 50 bookmarked songs…many of them I never heard before nor their singers or bands.
    I am very impressed with bands and singers that I never heard of before. Like “Choc Quib Town” which is composed by cubans and colombians or “Arianna Puello” a dominican raper girl from Spain, or “Of Mexican Descent”…uou they are all amazing and unknowned to me.
    I finally decided to buy my 50 bookmarked songs and havent stop listening at them since then (thats why I stopped listening Pandora) I havent get bored of the music I bought. I never though I was going to buy music again. I feel kind of good for that… hope this money somehow reach the folks of “Choc Quib Town” in Cuba , as well as the rest…
    Blessss, :) , Su

  4. Dear Su –
    Sorry you can’t make it Thursday! You’re right, the Pandora get together will probably be over by 10pm.
    I’ll make sure Tim sees your invitation for lunch!
    It’s wonderful to hear that you’re discovering great music and buying it too! That makes us happy. :)

  5. Hello Lucia,
    I couldnt pay attention at my class in school and I left it, running, catched the bus and went to Tim’s speech at the Mac Store. It was such a good desicion. I met him and congratulate him for the whole project. He’s very accesible and seems as a very good person and calm. He told me that we’ll do the lunch another time because he comes here often. He told me that you told him about the invitation. Thank you very much for that.
    Pandora is unbelievable!,
    Thank you so much for make Pandora a reality, and Im looking forward to apply for an intership, since Im an international student, I cant apply for a job. What would be the process to apply for an intership with you? I do web programming, php, css and I also have a college degree in marketing and sales. Tim told me that I can apply next summer for an intership.
    thank you thank you thank you…. its all I can say,

    I started a Ravi Shankar “station” today….
    I got Milhaurd, Debussy and Stravinsky! HILARIOUS!!!
    Something hinky at Pandora? Is it April Fool’s day?
    Delighted beyond all comprehension.

  7. I can not tell you how much I enjoy your Pandora. How awesome is it to be able to hear the music that you love ALL DAY LONG.
    I just wished you would add my song “Does This Train Go To Heaven” from the cd “God The Creator” by “band of writers” I am the writer.
    Bobby Manz

  8. Hey Steve,
    Let me explain: when you combine the way Pandora works (connecting you to music with characteristics as close as possible to what you select) with the amount of Indian music we currently carry (not a whole lot) you get these amusing results. We’re always expanding our collection and your playlist selections will inevitably improve as we stock up in that genre. Thanks for pointing this out! It illustrates the unique way that Pandora works…

  9. Why does it not play the song I asked for. I have put it in numerous times. I did not like a song that was played from that artist but I would like to hear what I asked for!!!!! Thanks

  10. Hi Micki,
    One thing we can’t do is play a song or artist in demand. This is due to music licensing restrictions. Pandora is designed to take you on a musical journey with the artist or song you entered as a starting point. If you have any more questions feel free to write me at and I’d be more than glad to help.

  11. I sent a few of my records in about 3 months ago and was hoping to hear them on Pandora….nothing yet and gee….I like my own music- and a few other folks do too! So how do you get through the pandora door if you’re not famous already….

  12. Hey folks,
    @David — Thanks for checking in. I will respond to your message off this thread!
    @man on fire — We’re always working on bringing Pandora to new devices so stay tuned. No ETAs yet on any of these but we’ll spread the word far and wide when it’s coming.

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