We’re thrilled to let everyone know that the House bill passed! Thanks to your incredible support we were able to overcome the NAB’s efforts to derail us. Phone calls rained into the congressional offices over the past 36 hours. Just amazing.
We’re not done. We still need to get the bill through the Senate, which looks like it will be voting on the bill on Monday.
So stay tuned. We want to make sure the Senators know how important it is for them support our resolution. We’ll be reaching out again to ask you for one more push.
Our deepest gratitude.
Tim (Founder)
The Webcaster Settlement Act of 2008 bill continues to be called HR 7084, even though it’s in the Senate now.
You can find your Senators’ names and phone numbers here.
Please call now!


The Pandora Team

17 thoughts on “CONGRESSIONAL UPDATE #2

  1. Great job rallying the troups, Tim. From your posts, I in turn contacted many of my friends and spread the word. It was a quick grass-roots effort. And none of them knew about it.
    I was fortunate when I called my congressman that his assistant answered the phone. He was sincerely interested in my reason for calling.
    Additionally, even the assistant found it absurd that these politicians get to take the rest of the year off after this “long weekend of working”. How stupid. My congressman’s assistant growled… then said “can you believe it? How would YOU like to have a job like that”. I thought that was cool.
    THANKS MUCH for getting the word out Tim. GREAT JOB.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. WOO HOO!! Congrats to Tim and the whole Pandora team. I LOVE Pandora so much and can’t imagine life without it. It has helped me find new music that I love better than anything before it. Rock on!

  3. I contacted my senators, but more detailed info would’ve been helpful like what was the bill # and language. I don’t have time to research eveything and I sounded like a goomba to them I’m sure…”please pass the internet radio providers bill in the senate that just passed the house”…inarticulate at best.

  4. I think we are all so fortunate to have an internet service such as this extended to us for free! I applaud your efforts and was very pleased to see this pass.
    I also think it is important to place some sort of message concerning progress or important messages on the main site instead of happening through the blog section. There are so many who would have loved to help but were unaware of the situation.
    The RIAA is on their last breath and it seems obvious to me that when they are trying to shut down Pandora, something that is offering discovery and the art of music, they are growing to a new level of desperation.
    I am behind you and I hope I am able to enjoy your services for a long time to come!
    Thank you Pandora!

  5. When I received your email yesterday, I had to paste it on my main blog to get people to CALL their Congresspeople! Since I joined Pandora awhile ago, I always knew of the ongoing troubles and your blog has kept me informed. I appreciate you interacting with us.
    Through twitter, your team has been very helpful in sharing what has been going on so I appreciate all of us who have been active in trying to save one of the best inventions (in my humble opinion).
    Just holla and we are here for you.

  6. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to head that everything passed this round. I will be glad to support the push thru the Senate!!

  7. Pandora is one of the most incredible tool to discover new bands and make awesome playlist, i hope that we’ll be able to use the service again soon !!!!

  8. Boxer’s voicemail box is full, and Feinstein’s number gives the busy signal!!
    Will try again later…

  9. Keep it up guys! I got really excited when I read about this on fark. It would be nice if you guys would sent out email updates about this to us (your members). I would (and will) call my reps and senators about that bill.
    Keep up the good work!

  10. I am very happy taht this is working out!!I love pandora!I recently canceled my sirius subcription as soon as i found pandora-u guys are the best!!!