Viewer Mail… part 4

A couple more verbal answers to commonly asked questions. This week’s topics:
Please feel free to post any questions you’d like elaborated… we’re all ears!
Cheers. Tim (Founder)
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The Pandora Team

77 thoughts on “Viewer Mail… part 4


  2. Pandora is such a blessing to my husband & I. We have a wonderful genre of vocal & soft smooth jazz music of some of our favorite artist. I have been trying to find a station that plays alot of Michael Franks music & I have finally found it. Along with Norah Jones, Diana Krall & many more…. At times we are in the office working & then we end up dancing & singing to our favorite tunes. Thanks for the creative beings in this company, many blessings to your organization. If you all ever decide in the future to charge a annual fee, we would also support! God bless each of you! :-)

  3. I’m a new Pandora listener. Gotta say: this is simply my all-time favorite website. Period.
    Two questions:
    1. Why can’t I stream Pandora through my home stereo (like I do with some radio stations I listen to on-line), without purchasing this special software called ‘Airfoil’?
    2. When I bookmark a song or artist, why does the bookmark list automatically open as a separate window? I just click it closed 99% of the time. I would prefer if bookmarks were recorded “silently”, and could then be simply looked at by clicking on a button when one wants to see them.
    Thanks so much for Pandora. Really loving it.

  4. Thanks so much for all the suggestions, and feedback!
    We read all your comments, and appreciate your thoughts on how to make Pandora better. :)
    I’ve responded to many of your questions posted on this thread personally, via email.
    – Lucia, from Pandora

  5. I have a request. Actually, one request with two aspects:
    Could you add a feature(s) that allow me to request that all the music generated from a station (artist/song seed) be vocal vs. instrumental or vice versa? The other aspect would be a feature that would allow me to request that all music generated on a station be female vs. male vocal or vice versa.
    For example:
    Sometimes, I’m in the mood for just instrumental background music with a particular genome.
    Other times I have selected a particular artist (e.g., Anita Baker) because I want to hear her music or music with a similar genome. To me, a male vocal doesn’t fit into that genome any more than a country rock song.
    Thanks (and Pandora ROCKS!)

  6. I love Pandora. I get lost in it. I have several accounts, at home, at work…It’s always playing in the background. Shaping your own stations is a lot of of fun. It’s very organic, just like growing a garden.
    I wish more data was available about the music like place and year of recording and the names of all known performing artists.
    We need more diversity as well. African music is grossly under-represented, at least by the standard you set for, say, Brazilian music.
    Thank you for doing this.

  7. Re: Thumbs – Hope you’ve noticed, we reintroduced the check marks on thumbs! This was brought back by demand from our listeners. Thanks for the feedback!
    @ RCR – I don’t think that’s true at all. Frank Zappa had a heavy studio production focus, but that is as far from Pop music as you can get!

  8. @ Free Spearit – Here’s a suggestion. Try making stations based on a number of individual songs that exemplify the sound you are looking for. Stations based on an artist name will usually cover a broader range as Pandora tries to cover the artist’s full range. You can add multiple songs to a station by clicking the triangle next to the station name and selecting “Add more music to this station”. Look here ( for more info on creating and tuning Pandora stations.
    @ Pascal – Thanks for your suggestions! You’re right, we haven’t released our African music collection yet. When it’s ready, we’ll release it, and it will definitely be worth the wait! :) Lucia, with Pandora

  9. FINALLY, a radio website that caters to the needs of its listeners! I absolutely LOVE this website. It’s one of the best online radio services I’ve experienced in a long time! Keep up the good work!

  10. @ Johnny – That’s true, but it’s a rare Zappa song that’s tagged with that attribute. I’m talking about how that attribute is used, not what it appears to mean. From my limited outsider’s perspective, its actual usage seems synonymous with “radio friendly.” It’s similar to the “pop rock/metal qualities” attributes, which always seemed like a copout to me — the MGP generally does a better job of teasing out real musical elements. But I’m not complaining, those attributes are typically spot on.

  11. Music Genome Project. What a brilliant concept!!!
    You offer such a fantastic and (unbelievably)great Service. You make me proud! Thank you so very much, my brothers and sisters – Tim, Jem, and Aaron! Bless you!
    PS Your alliance with Logitech much have been an absolute smash. They are also a great Company!

  12. Hi Tim:
    Huge fan of Pandora.
    Some great suggestions above, I love the list of songs thumbed up, would work as a great hyperlink to iTunes or other online MP3 purchasing site, but how about also a dashboard that scrolls the song, album, artist, and thumbs-up, thumbs down buttons, keep people from having to alt-tab back and forth. Have an advertiser sponsor the dashboard for some revenue to keep pandora up, running and free. I’ll make sure to link to iTunes through your site when I buy a song, hopefully they knock you back something more than a mouse pad.

  13. I was wondering why some of the music I have in my profile is visited over & over again, while some is never touched. A previous writer asked about the fundamental difference between giving a song a thumbs up, and actually seeding the song; there-in may be the answer to my question. Incidentally, I have only one station, its parameters are very broad. I like it that way, I only hope that is not the problem.

  14. Thanks for the comments, everybody! Great suggestions and feedback.
    @ Marya –
    If any song is playing too much for your taste, feel free to put it “to sleep” for a month. Just click on the song menu for that option!
    If you need more help, feel free to email me at Lucia at pandora dot com
    Lucia, from Pandora

  15. I have a Mac and I hesitate to turn off the Block Pop Ups in my preferences.
    I know your message isn’t an ad, but wouldn’t I just leave myself open to all manner of annoying ad if I turn it off?

  16. Hi, I’m wondering if you’ve explored a business model where it’s free to listen, but in order to have stations *saved* it is necessary to subscribe. Just a suggestion…

  17. please let me know how pandora is doing
    I would hate it if I couldn’t hear the music. I plan to also start listening from home. I can
    listen longer from home.

  18. I love pandora are there any thoughts on placing a replay button as an option? sometimes i just love the song so much i want to hear it again but have to wait until it comes back. Also, any thoughts on personalizing pandora so everyone has their own look when they log in and can customize it.
    PANDORA is the BEST!!!!

  19. Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions, guys!
    @ James – Don’t worry James, we’re doing fine. We’ve got some royalty negotiations in store for us, but we’ll do everything we can to keep bringing you the music you love!
    @ tammy – Sorry, we can’t allow a “replay song” option, due to federal law! :) Interesting idea about customizing your pandora view. I’ll pass that along!
    Lucia, from Pandora

  20. I am trying to find music based on content rather than style. I am looking for music with OR without lyrics that has been created specifically for emotional/spiritual healing. Is it possible to search for this type of thing on Pandora?

  21. Dear Lucia et al,
    I posted this comment instead of sending it to you directly because I think I have some points of general interest. If there is a forum where they would have been better placed, please let me know–it seems as though there should be.
    It seems odd to me that people are sad that they can not hit “replay” for their favorite songs; I found that if I gave a song a “thumbs up” I might hear it twice a day. I had scores of songs in my thumbs up list from my first few weeks of listening, so that eventually it seems that all I was hearing was songs I’d already heard.
    Because there seemed a vast difference between hearing a song daily and not hearing again for a month I came up with a strange solution, that seems, so far, to have worked. Every time Pandora played a song I’d given a thumbs up I’d delete it from that list and put it in the seed songs or seed artist lists. If it wasn’t all that, I’d just dump it, trusting it’d come around again eventually anyway. At the same time I stopped giving thumbs up to songs, they were either seeds or not.
    I’m now hearing some entirely new stuff. We’ll see in time if Pandora will actually play my song seeds or merely use them as reference points.

  22. :: Product Development Idea :: Keyboard Interface Control Feature ::
    Alt + UP = LIKE IT
    Alt + DOWN = DON’T LIKE IT
    Bottom line, increase in Song Critique Contribution = more data research.

  23. Hi Misa –
    Lyrical content is indeed one of the hundreds of traits analyzed in the Music Genome Project, but it is weighted in with many other musical traits, so it can sometimes get obscured.
    Here’s a suggestion. Try making stations based on a number of individual songs that exemplify the lyrical style you are searching for. You can add multiple songs to a station by clicking the triangle next to the station name and selecting “Add more music to this station”. Look here ( for more info on creating and tuning Pandora stations.
    Hi Marya –
    Thanks for posting your thoughts! Great ideas. I love hearing the different ways people use Pandora. I think being judicious about thumbs ups and using lots of song seeds is a great way to go. (the song seeds will be reference points, *and* they will play.)
    Thanks for sharing! :) Lucia, from Pandora

  24. Thanks Ryan!
    Our keyboard shortcuts are as follows:
    Play/Pause: spacebar
    Skip Song: right-arrow key
    “Thumbs Up” – I like this song: plus key
    “Thumbs Down” – I don’t like this song: minus key
    Increase Volume: up-arrow key
    Decrease Volume: down-arrow key
    Maximum Volume: shift key and up-arrow key combination
    Mute Volume: shift key and down-arrow key combination
    [Note: Be sure to have the Pandora Tuner active in order to use these shortcuts (just click the mouse pointer once on the Pandora Tuner).]
    – Lucia, with Pandora

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