Pandora on the iPhone

This is a really exciting day for us — after many months of effort we’re finally able to deliver what may be the best form of Pandora yet… Pandora for the iPhone.
Our iPhone application gives you the full Pandora experience — create and listen to up to 100 stations, rate songs, bookmark, even buy tracks from the iTunes store right on the phone. The application works over EDGE, 3G, and WiFi, is integrated with your account, and best of all it’s completely free.
So hop on over to the iPhone App Store, download the Pandora app, unplug, and take Pandora with you everywhere you go — in the car, on a run, in the park. Everywhere.
You can find screenshots, a video demo, and a link to get started here:
Update: : We’ve been getting all kinds of inquiries about our plans to support a huge variety of other phones: Blackberries, Windows Mobile, Symbian / S60, Instinct, Sidekick. As you may know, we’ve been working on our mobile offering for about 18 months and in that time we’ve brought Pandora to almost 50 different phones. It pains us to not have been able to get a version out for every handset and every operating system yet, but rest assured that we are committed to bringing the Pandora experience to an ever broadening range of phones. Thanks for your patience as we do our best to prioritize and get Pandora running across the entire mobile ecosystem.


The Pandora Team

166 thoughts on “Pandora on the iPhone

  1. Pandora doesn’t work anymore after installing iPhone OS 4.0 on my iPhone 3G. Please fix it :)

  2. Remote! I also would love to be able to control Pandora on my Mac with my iPhone like the iTunes remote app. Thanks!

  3. Would be awesome to have a Pandora remote on the iPhone that controlled the PC instance of PandoraOne. I run Pandora from my PC through a high end AV system and being able to control Pandora from my phone would make it perfect! Who wants to sit in front of a browser session to skip or thumbs up? No, need to be able to do that from anywhere in the house.

  4. Yes! I’m another asking for the Remote control app for the iPhone. I listen on my PC and would love to be able to skip, like/dislike from my iphone. I’ve said before that I’d update to Pandora One for that feature.

  5. My App keeps crashing on my Iphone 3gs 4.0. Please release a fix soon. How else am i supposed to get through 15 hour work days.

  6. Pandora has become increasingly unstable on my 3GS with OS4. Anytime the phone is locked Pandora crashes, also after playing for a bit it will lock up, if you press a button it crashes. I also get an error saying “Pandora experienced an error and cannot play” then I have to figure out how to shut down the app since it wont show up in the back grounded ribbon. PLEASE SEND OUT A FIX!

  7. Pandora on my iphone 3gs started crashing randomly a few days ago. I can bearly make it through one song with out it crashing. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled and rebooted many times.
    I’m running 3.1.3(70077)
    Sad panda :(

  8. I use the newest version app on my iphone and ever since I upgraded, my app continues to crash or skip songs. HELP!

  9. I’m so glad this app is here. But can you see all your previous songs on a playlist like I have a playlist named Kid Cudi can I go back and look through all those songs??

  10. I love this app, BUT it always CRASHES! I can barely get through 3 songs without it freezing up! I have the latest version and I am not getting any interferences (calls, emails, or texts) and it still crashes.
    Very annoying.

  11. I have premium version of Pandora on my iPod touch. Have connected it to Bose computer speakers and the sound is absolutely fantastic. Fills family room/kitchen with beautiful stereo sound.

  12. Instead of buying music for my luau bridal shower i played pandora the whole time and everyone LOVED it. Who needs a DJ???

  13. Another plug for an iPhone / iPod Touch remote that could interface with Pandora running on my PC. Apple does it with iTunes. You guys would have the next “killer app” with this feature if it ONLY worked for your Pandora One app. I’d upgrade in a heartbeat. Can’t be that hard! You have a crowd of people *waiting* to drop $36 every year for this, plus the cost of the app!