Happy Father’s Day from Pandora

Some people hold the misconception that musicians are irresponsible ne’er-do-wells and slackers. It’s a misconception that we are pleased to dispel. In honor of daddies everywhere, we meet three musical men who are also great fathers. Our guests this week are Darian Gray, Jeffrey Burr, and Eenor, three young dads who manage to balance their family lives with their creative endeavors. See how their kids influence their music, and vice versa, on an episode we call “Studio Stories: Dads Who Rock.” Happy Father’s Day!
If you want to download the full-sized video rather than stream it from the page, subscribe to the feed in iTunes or any other feedreader.
Papa’s got a brand new bag,


The Pandora Team http://www.pandora.com/

11 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day from Pandora

  1. As a singer song writer. My family inspires allot of the music in me. My concerns, my simple joys, and the glow I feel when my son dances to a song of mine that doesnt have the finishing touch on it and calls it his favorite.

  2. nothing starts early untill i have my coffee and i lister to your good country music-lol–keep up the fine work—lee–retired highway patrol–now days the way the country is going we need some thing good—–lee from metamuicl flats NEW MEXICO

  3. Thanks for your comments!
    247kevin –
    Pandora is a music discovery service, so if you start a station based on Fade to Black, your station will play lots of music Pandora thinks you’ll like. As you give feedback to the station, it will get more and more customized to your specific tastes.
    roland –
    Our friends in Germany can read our blog, watch our videos and listen to podcasts, but sadly, it’s still not legal to listen to Pandora Radio outside the U.S. due to licensing laws. We hope this changes soon!
    lee davis –
    Thanks for starting your day with us, Lee! We’re glad you’re enjoying the country music Pandora plays for you. :)
    Lucia, from Pandora

  4. I love the station. It’s the first thing for me after I brush my teeth in the morning and it goes on for every moment I am at home
    I cannot tolerate Christmas music during the year or for that matter at any time. Please do not play it on my “Tasty Music”.

  5. Hi Don –
    Thanks for listening; it’s nice to hear that we’re part of your morning routine!
    The reason there’s Christmas music playing on your Tasty Music station is: you have one Christmas music artist seed on that station.
    If you delete this seed:
    — Eddie Higgins Trio (Holiday) —
    from that station, you shouldn’t get any more Christmas music playing.
    Any song or artist with the word “(Holiday)” after it is seasonal music, and will bring more seasonal music into your station.
    Lucia, from Pandora

  6. I do not understand rather or not there are any fees or other charges associated with LISTENING to pandora radio?
    I get the impression that there are some fees associated but other than listening, I wuold like to know what “services” are offered and charges or fees applied. Is there a trial period or do charges start at registration?
    I am interested in old country and gospel songs and lyrics and possibily sheet music.

  7. Hi Wayne –
    If you are listening to Pandora on your computer, you can listen for free for as long as you like.
    If you don’t want to see any advertisements while you listen, you can subscribe to our $3 a month plan, and see no ads. This is purely optional, however. :) Lucia, from Pandora

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