Washington, DC Get-together POSTPONED!

It is with great regret that I’m writing to let you know that, for personal reasons, I have to postpone our town hall meeting this Wednesday. To say I’m extremely disappointed would be a collosal understatement. The response from listeners in the DC area was utterly overwhelming and it promised to be an evening to remember…we even had some local Pandora artists who rsvp’d and offered to provide live music before and after.
Don’t worry. We are already trying to figure out a new date.
In the meantime, as I know you may have questions about the rates issues that are so imminent, know that we will be in touch as soon as there is a specific action to take.
My apologies again for this late notice. I sincerely hope you’ll be able to attend when we get back on the calendar. I very much look forward to it.
Founder, Pandora


The Pandora Team http://www.pandora.com/

5 thoughts on “Washington, DC Get-together POSTPONED!

  1. I hope that your “personal reasons” work out well.
    When you get back to re-doing your schedule would you please consider coming to Portland, OR.? There is a GREAT blues community here and loads of other musicians, too.
    Thank you,
    Sally Read

  2. I am really happy with the way the music works for me.. but please.. one favor… dont allow that dumb ass hillbilly .. billy ray cyrus to have to remain on my screen for extended periods of time…lol love the music programming tho… I understand you need advertising… wish you guys all the luck. Mick

  3. When you reschedule DC, why not add a stop in Baltimore. I love this from both a technical (I’m an Information Architect) and a just-plain-like-music perspective.
    The only thing I’d love to see you add is the ability to seed a station by checking off the characteristics instead of giving a song or artist.
    I’d like to punch in complex harmoni vocals, new age sensibility, electronic syncopation and a few more then let your database churn out whatever matches…and discover new artists based on the characteristics I specify.
    Be sure to post in when you are coming…maybe I can get you to speak at a Data Management meeting about your information infrastructure!

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