Pandora now on Facebook

We’ve just rolled out a new release that integrates Pandora with Facebook. By adding Pandora to your Facebook account you’ll be able to:

  • Create, listen to, and legally share personalized stations that play full songs
  • Populate your Facebook profile with your favorite stations, songs and artists
  • Learn more about your favorite artists and albums through comprehensive biographies and reviews
  • Keep tabs of your friend’s musical interests with a “dashboard” view of their most recent stations and musical discoveries

You can add it to your Facebook account by visiting this page:
The Pandora Facebook application is fully integrated with so anything you do on Facebook is reflected on and vice versa.
Last night’s release also adds a few neat little enhancements to Our album art coverage is much, much improved (many fewer boring blue tiles!), we’re now more closely integrated with Amazon so most album links will take you directly to the right page on to buy, and we’ve added high level genre filtering to your station list so you can filter your list of stations down to just one particular genre (just click the “Your Stations” menu at the top of the list to set your filter).
Can’t wait to hear what you think…


The Pandora Team

32 thoughts on “Pandora now on Facebook

  1. Where is the PARK?
    I live in a nice bunker in Eastern Tennessee although I have kin in WYO and CO. Something tells me this park is not very close?
    Course I hear voices all the time telling me things like…FOLK MUSIC is coming BACK and
    All that A s I de you have a great thing here…just found it and signed up.
    Walker Johnson

  2. I noticed the artwork update right away when I logged on today. Very nice! Also, I was wondering if you did anything else because my stations are working much “better.” For a while, my song seeds sat on my station definitions but were unplayed. I kept hearing the same songs over and over, but it seems to be working great now!

  3. I LOVE this app! Hooray! facebook and pandora together.. oh, man. the two sites I visit way too much already. You guys are genius! =)
    I like that the Favorite Songs list has the preview button next to the songs.

  4. Although… one weird thing. The app puts up a news post in the mini-feed (and I assume the news feed as well) that “Erin is listening to a station on Pandora” but it says I’m listening to Quick Mix. I’m not. I’m listening to one of my actual stations. Plain White T’s station, if it matters.

  5. Nice Facebook app. :)
    And the sorting sounds like an excellent new feature… but it’s not showing up for me. I click on Your Stations and I just see Sort Stations by: Date Added, Name.

  6. Your site is great. I love being able to listen to the music that I want to listen to while I am at work. Keep up the great work…..
    Mary Alice

  7. Truly, truly, truly revolutionary – this app is going to take off :) Just a suggestion though – there should be an option to remove Favorite songs, or arrange them. Also, there should be an option to add to your favorite songs directly from the player, rather than finding an awesome song through Pandora, then having to re-search for it then add it manually. Otherwise – my favorite favorite app!!! :)

  8. 1865 is now on myspace, but he is not on Pandora yet. Anyway, since there are so many music lovers enjoying this site including myself, I figured everyone might want to check out one of the most unique musicians I have come across in decades…
    1865 – all production, vocals, and lyrics by 1865
    Ripe Hustle

  9. Pretty cool, although I lack a facebook. I think it would be cool if you could place your custom station on your myspace page. Hopefully some kind of app is available soon.

  10. Fantastic! Only one thing: even clicking on “See All” in Favourites songs, artists, and station list I can only see a few. Is this the way is supposed to work?

  11. Hi again,
    You know what would be nice for this Facebook app is if we could choose via checkbox in the Facebook Pandora preferences what we wanted to appear in the news feed/mini-feed. It’s a little weird to see a listing of the various times I changed stations on Pandora on a news feed. But hey, I’m sure some people love that part of it. Hence, an option in the preferences would be awesome. I love having the lists on my profile, but it’d be nice to have the option of what shows up as Pandora updates in the news feed.

  12. Hey, I don’t have a facebook, so I can’t comment on that feature, but I would like to comment that the “Genre” feature now integrated in the player is… rather too high level, I guess you could say.
    I listen to everything from rap to rock to metal to ska to punk to techno. However, when I go to the genre option, it lists all but one of my stations under “Rock” and the remaining one under “Electronica”. It puts a station built on Reel Big Fish in the same category as one on Everlast, another on Asian Dub Foundation, and even my Breaking Benjamin station, all in “Rock”. While I don’t argue that all are based on rock, I think there’s a bit of a genre change between them.
    With a database as massively detailed and developed as the Music Genome Project, would a little more specificity be available? Thanks for listening, within the stations themselves the genre classifications work wonderfully.

  13. Facebook seems a good move. Too few people know about Pandora still! Do you have the ability to link a user-created pandora station to a blog? I wanted to post a link that would allow my food blog readers to listen to a station I created that is great for dinner parties.

  14. would this be okay… u know… okay… well i have a movie to make with a group 5 people not including me. in the story of pandora, could we add pegasus and hera? just wondering. we need zues, and i’ll be taking the lead part of pandora… but yeah. we need hera, and any other greek gods that could be used would help! we have an executive producer and director,
    and me for the lead as pandora like i said, a producer, wait! Hephaestus and Zues!

  15. One nice addition would be fine-grained control over the stations that were listed. Right now, there is a choice to show all or none. Sharing only selective stations would be a useful feature.

  16. I would like to hear some of Mark Grays country music. I know he did a lot of gospel too.
    But I really like this forgotten artist.
    “It Ain’t Real If It Ain’t You” is one of the best songs I have ever heard.
    And lets hear it for Keith Whitley. I just don’t understand how such great singers could be forgotten.
    You can’t even find there music online.
    I think they will come back someday, but it will be to late for me to enjoy all this great music.
    I always thought folks got more popular when they died.
    Nuff Said,

  17. Is anyboday else having sign in problems, I keep typing the right email and password and it just keeps bringing me back to the sign in screen for pandor, but there’s no text to indicate that password check failed. Arrgg!!

  18. Great application. Pandora is such an amazing program/site. I use it constantly and have gained so much amazing music from it that I may never have heard of otherwise. Thank you to all who make this possible. I love PANDORA!!

  19. Please allow control over the stations that are listed on my facebook profile. Right now, there is a choice to show all or none. Sharing only selected stations would be a greatly appreciated feature. Thanks!

  20. The Pandora box on my profile is not showing all of my stations, even if I click “show all.” It will only list 14 of my 30 stations.

  21. I can’t see all of my radio stations in Facebook either. I can only see 12. It looks like this problem has been occurring since 2007. Is it ever going to be fixed?

  22. I think it would be cool if the app showed the song you’re listening to in your status, or if there was at least an option to do that.

  23. Agree, there should be an option to show what you are currently listening to. At least the station… and the song would be good too. Last liked or disliked song would be interesting as well.

  24. why can’t i get this socalled great site? Click here to continue, I click and it goes right back to where I started. Any sugestions?

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