Pandora/Zing Device: What it is. What it isn’t.

UPDATE: July 10, 2008. We see from the comments that many of you want Pandora on the iPhone. It’s available now — enjoy!

Lots swirling around in the blogosphere today after our Pandora Everywhere announcements last night. The one element of last night’s event that I didn’t blog about here is the prototype connected media player we showed at the end of the night.
There’s been some confusion about just what we showed last night and I thought I’d post a couple of photos and give you the direct scoop.
Here’s roughly what I said at the event:

“Looking into the crystal ball a bit, there are two changes on the horizon that we’re really excited about and those are Muni WiFi which has the potential to bring ubiquitous WiFi coverage to urban centers and WiMax which has the potential to blanket the country in a high speed network that you can access at 60 miles per hour in the middle of nowhere. While these technologies aren’t here today, they are fast approaching — Sprint alone is making a billion dollar investment in WiMax services.
One of the most interesting startups in the bay area right now is a company called Zing. They’re building a really cool platform that enables WiFi connected media players. They’re the company behind the new WiFi-connected Sansa Connect media player.
Three weeks ago when we started preparing for tonight, I called the team at Zing and asked if they’d be willing to take the Pandora Everywhere Platform and work with us to quickly develop a technology demo of Pandora running on a WiFi connected device. Here we are three weeks later and I’ve got something very cool to show you.
This is a handmade prototype of a WiFi connect Pandora media player. I should caution at this point that this is a tech demo only — there are lots of things that need to fall into place before something like this could be brought to market, not the least of which is we need ubiquitous WiFi access.
The really cool things about this prototype is that it was just three weeks in the making. the Pandora Everywhere Platform is going to let us bring Pandora to all kinds of places that you just can’t reach with a website alone.”

Some important things to note about all of this:

  • It was just a technology demo; it really wasn’t a product announcement
  • It was built by Zing and Pandora – SanDisk wasn’t involved in any way
  • Pandora has no plans to bring a Pandora-specific device to market

I’m not being coy here. This isn’t a “wink-wink-nudge-nudge it was just a demo” kind of thing. It really was just a demo. We’re excited to find out where this may lead, but it’s still very early days. As I said last night, this all came together just 3 weeks ago. We’re certainly not desperately racing off to do direct battle with the iPod. As has been observed in other quarters, that would be a strategy to approach with great caution.
As cool as the Zing/Pandora demo is, the real news last night was Pandora for Sprint and Pandora for Sonos. Both are available now and are quite real.


The Pandora Team

103 thoughts on “Pandora/Zing Device: What it is. What it isn’t.

  1. I’ve been listening to Pandora for over a year or so and I would definitely pay for a subscription to Pandora to hear it over my iPhone. I don’t listen to normal radio any more, usually hate the radio personalities too much. The only time I’m not Wi-Fi enabled is when I’m between point A and B, so if it did get on the iPhone, I would hope there was a very good buffering system (a dozen songs or more maybe?) to help out when relying purely on the Edge network. Would also be awesome if the advance-click on earphones that come with the iPhone could be used for thumbing up/down.

  2. I would LOVE a pandora iPhone app, and now with the native development kit that Apple has released it seems like it would be pretty easy to create a Pandora app. I already have a hacked app, but would love an official Pandora app.

  3. +1 vote for Pandora on the iPhone.
    From a marketing/advertising perspective (my profession), if Pandora is charging per page impression/or per click for their ads, enabling a iPhone version of Pandora would greatly increase total revenues and would pay for itself without a subscription based service that others suggested. 14 million iPhones will have been sold by the end of 2008. That means there could be 14 million potential Pandora subscribers across the globe (if licensing restrictions evolve).
    Besides the sheer fact that the masses are requesting it, it makes sense from a financial fiscal perspective. Wake up Pandora! This is your call to action. Apple may be dragging its feet in developing iPhones that support flash, however this doesn’t mean you should neglect the opportunity to develop an iPhone only non-flash version of Pandora.

  4. +1 for iPhone
    Can’t stream music @ work due to network restrix, so app for iPhone would make my millenium!

  5. Im one of those network admins that places restrictions on pandora (sorry guys).
    It would be great to have an iPhone app.
    It would also be great to have some type of proxy service that I can setup to help reduce bandwidth and argue for turning this great service back on.

  6. i gotta through my lot in for iphone support. im not sure if apple would allow it cuz there high strung about all this crap but pandora on the iphone would totally rock

  7. I just googled on Pandora iPhone. I would love to have this! Pandora, please see the demand for this and make history!!!!

  8. I would like to join support to the iPhone voices. Part of the reason I have an iPhone is because I won’t carry more devices. iPhone is my music, phone, datebook, internet, everything in one. And the brilliantly easy to use and ever-increasing number of developers who are creating iPhone specific software shows how easy and brilliant the product is.
    There is already a close cousin of Pandora on iPhone with a web-based application, AccuRadio, which is somewhat customizeable and such. What I’m seeing here though, Pandora is even better! But alas, the flash thing is still a stumbling block for iPhone. But what would be better is if Pandora accessed Apple’s Software Development Program, which gives you the stuff you need to create an iPhone specific application that you can charge to download and use if you needed.
    Although I might be willing to pay a nominal fee for usage, yeah, a $45 subscription service is way out of the question.

  9. I wonder if Pandora things making it available on Iphone takes away some of the incentive to buy songs.
    I’d pay $5 a month, more than they’re making off the zero songs I’ve bought. ;)

  10. I do not like iPods. I don’t like the fact that using one would require me to convert my entire digital music library to Apple’s proprietary file format, and to use their clunky media player/music service.
    I do not like AT&T. Everyone I’ve spoken to who has used their service has had very little good to say about them, and their network’s coverage is piss-poor in my home town.
    I love Pandora. I’ve found more great music through Pandora in the last year than I had previously found throughout my entire life without it.
    Those things in mind, if Pandora were to port its service to the iPhone (or even better, to the iPod Touch), I would relent my predisposition, convert my music to Apple’s format, break down, and buy it. It’s simply to amazing a prospect to pass up. Hell, I would consider buying an iPhone or iPod Touch for the implicit purpose of using Pandora and nothing else, continuing to use my previous cell phone or MP3 player, respectively. Pandora really means that much to me, and to be able to take it mobile would make my digital music life, as I’m sure it would for many, many others.

  11. I’m about to sign up for a subscription to Pandora…getting a Squeezbox. Would love to have the greatest thing that’s happened to music in this decade on my iPhone. Put me down for Pandora iPhone interface. I’d even pay for the app on the new apple app store!

  12. Pandora is sick. I love it. But here I am, technilogically inept and am wondering, is the reason Pandora doesn’t work on the iPod touch/iPhone because regular WiFi won’t support it? Why is that? Thanks for acting on an awesome idea and creating an awesome site. Love always.

  13. Doubt you will get pandora on the iPhone(For free that is), with the unlimited data plan AT&T will see a loss of revenue some how…

  14. Pandora for iPhone in AppStore! and it’s free!
    You may need up get the latest iTunes (7.7) released last night. To find the AppStore, just search for Pandora Media. There is no link to the AppStore from the front page yet (probably later today or tomorrow when the 2.0 firmware is officially released).

  15. Yes, please consider supporting the Nokia S60 for use with Pandora. I have a Nokia e90, an S60 device which uses the Apple Safari browser, has 3G support, and Flash Lite 3.

  16. I second the symbian request. I have an unlocked N95 8gb and am waiting for a symbian client for the mobile before buying a subscription.

  17. X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!! X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!! X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!! X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!! X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!X-BOX 360 + PANDORA !!!

  18. I cant wait for this. Ive been waiting for this because i dont want to waste my money on an expensive phone to run pandora on when its just gonna get dropped and broken sooner or later. I know its just a prototype but WHERE AND WHEN CAN I GET ONE?!?!

  19. I too would love to have Pandora on my E71 as I’m sure so many others with Symbian would. I really hope it happens soon.

  20. One more request for Pandora on Symbian s60 v3. I’ve got a new e71x and I’ve resorted to the Nokia Internet Radio app instead of the Pandora that I enjoy in my office.
    Please make a player for my Nokia E71x.

  21. Seriously, what’s the pandora team waiting for to come up with a symbian compatible version? Do I have to buy a crappy Iphone or crackberry to be able to listen to pandora on the go? Please

  22. I have to put another word in, even though no one may be listening; where is the symbian compatible version? We would like an .sis file but we can run java

  23. Another vote for Symbian app. Already have it for Palm Pre which has been out for how long? S60v3 has been around since 2005. webOS for the Pre has only been announced since January 2009. The SDK Mojo came in July. Understand probably getting paid by those big names, but you’ll get more users by making a Symbian App

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