The Pandora Everywhere Platform

UPDATE: July 10, 2008. We see from the comments that many of you want Pandora on the iPhone. It’s available now — enjoy!

Late last year I wrote on this blog that when we started Pandora we set out to do 5 things, and that we’d so far only been able to talk about four of them.
Well, tonight we can finally take the wraps off a secret project that we started just about a year ago that lets us tackle that “5th thing.”
Over the course of the last year, we’ve had a team developing something we call the Pandora Everywhere Platform.
This is a entirely new system, that allows us to unleash Pandora from the desktop and delivery to any device, in any music format, over any network wired or wireless with capacity for 10’s of millions of users enjoying the same simple Pandora experience they’ve come to expect at
Using this platform we’re going to be able to take Pandora to places that it simply couldn’t go before and tonight we’re announcing the first two offerings based on this new system:
Pandora for Sprint
Pandora for Sonos


The Pandora Team

432 thoughts on “The Pandora Everywhere Platform

  1. I think Pandora is missing a huge market by not making a version for Symbian devices. I for one do not think that Symbian’s are going to fade away anytime soon. I loved the fact that I could get pandora on my android phone, and hate that I can’t on my Symbian, however, that fact alone will not make me switch to another phone, rather I will switch to another music player.

  2. Nokia is the most sold mobile device in the world and Pandora still doesn’t support it. It amuses me that Android and Palm Pre are supported.

  3. I think Pandora should have an API for non-flash devices like the Nintendo DS. I just learned how to make DS homebrew, but there is no c/c++/streaming MP3 API for me to use. Please be more developer friendly, Pandora!

  4. A Wii channel is a great idea! The software laid out for Pandora is fairly basic and would be very simple to create on the Wii. With a Wii channel I believe you get access to all of the Wii’s RAM for memory so no memory issue there. Also a visualizer of some kind would be a great addition so that prolonged use wouldn’t cause any screen burn-in issues. Maybe even the ability to run in the background!

  5. really stop asking for the wii. its pointless, didnt you see the other 100 comments from 3 years ago? if it gets made it gets made. begging isnt going to do anything. they know people want it. bla bla bla….

  6. Another vote for Pandora on Wii!
    Lame comment, Shane. Can’t hurt to ask! It’s not like one guy asked 100 times… that would be begging. Instead, they just did the same as me: Googled “Pandora on Wii,” found this thread, and added their two cents.

  7. You may know Nokia sells the most cellphone and smartphone than any other manufacturers, AND you are missing the biggest customer base!!!

  8. Please get pandora to Symbian. I am using an E63, and there’s a bigger market than ever for unlocked Symbian phones in USA. Plz develop the apps soon.

  9. PLEASE get Pandora in sync with the Wii !!! We would LOVE to play it thru our stereo system :)

  10. It’s obvious that Pandora doesn’t listen to their customers. People have been asking for Pandora on Wii for years and not getting it. While I love Pandora, if I cant get it on my TV, its not that useful to me. There are other companies filling this need. One day, I may decide to stop coming back to check on Pandoa’s lack of progress in this area. I wonder how many others have already stopped checking back.

  11. I have been dreaming of a pandora channel for my Wii for what seems like forever now! It would be like Manna from Heaven!

  12. Another vote for Pandora on the Wii, although it will probably just get ignored… )’:
    I use Pandora all the time on my laptop, and I was hoping to play some music through my Wii during a Christmas party I’m having tomorrow night.
    I guess that’s not happening. /:
    We need a Christmas miracle!

  13. I think that pandora should be added as a wii channel because the wii is already a revolutionary fun gaming device for the whole family. I think that by adding this not only would more “Pandora Lovers” buy wii’s (MORE USERS) but more people that LOVE pandora would be more likely to upgrade to Pandora One which means More M-O-N-E-Y for you!

  14. There still no Pandora for Symbian OS. What is the reason for this? Surely it is not simply because Pandora does not have time to develop the app. I just want to know why! I have held off subscribing to Pandora One only because I cannot listen on my mobile device.

  15. I was really disappointed that Pandora doesn’t work on my Wii :( Are you working on that? If so can you post an announcement when that is possible?

  16. I just got my very first smartphone, and was heartbroken to learn that Pandora won’t work on it. *sigh* Poor Nokia E71 users. I tried some of the other internet radio stations, and they’re just not good.

  17. I see many posted for pandora on wii going back years. Get it together!