Pandora for Sonos

sonos.pngWant to fill every room in your house with Pandora? We’ve partnered with an amazing company called Sonos to make that a reality. The Sonos team has take the Pandora Everywhere Platform and implemented a truly compelling “whole home” Pandora solution.
Right on the Sonos remote, you can access all your Pandora stations. While you’re listening, see the album art and information about the artist and song. With the press of a button you can pull up the Pandora options which let me bookmark the song or artist, or to find out why the Music Genome Project selected this particular song. Of course this is Pandora, so you can also rate songs, skip and pause.
You can also make new stations right from the Sonos remote as well as edit stations definitions — which for the first time lets me create complex station definitions right from the remote.
Pandora for Sonos is available today — all existing sonos customers will get a free software upgrade. There’s a 30 day free trial and then it’s just $3/month to subscribe.


The Pandora Team

17 thoughts on “Pandora for Sonos

  1. I can’t blame you guys for wanting to show progress, but I feel like I (as a consumer) knowing what I know about the fight in Washington over fees that may shut you down… I need to hold off on this or the Sprint offer.
    Unless you think I’d be “safe” to invest at this point…

  2. Completely revved to see where this partnership goes. Pandora and Sonos go together like a southern black woman and A minor.
    Thanks for the invite to the event last night at SF MoMA. Great fans following a great idea. Glad I took part.

  3. A very exciting announcement!! I’ve been dreaming of Pandora in my car to replace the radio. However Sprint/Nextel does not have a very good track record for service in my area. It’s worth noting here that Slimdevice’s Squeezebox and Transporter (see home network music players have supported Pandora for a long time. Will the Pandora Everywhere platform affect Squeezebox access?

  4. Thank you for partnering with Sonos. Buying a Sonos system was the best music investment I’ve made in 10 years, I absolutely love it. Honestly I would never listen to Pandora or Rhapsody if I had to deal with my computer at all, but now that it is in the palm of my hand while I’m sitting on the couch, and directly playing through my stereo, it is great. I use it all the time. thanks!

  5. This is the greatest radio station I have every found. Thank you so much for putting out here to use. When I get the funds to support this you can count on me.

  6. Lately Pandora has not stopped in the middle of songs. Has anybody else had this problem; if so is there a fix? Thanks

  7. What a fantastic project. I’m in the UK and I see there are playing restrictions. I’ve been trying to find your full analysis for songs but I only get a short list. I would love to see these – but how could I do that? Good luck and thanks.

  8. Suggestion: Should be able to just play those songs/artists that we’ve specified. Then have an on/off switch to have suggested songs/artists from Pandora play. Then we could add the ones we like and shut off the suggestions for a while.
    I find myself rejecting songs one after another when I just want to listen for a while to the songs I’ve already approved.
    Make sense?

  9. I just fould out about Pandora and I love it with a passion. I can’tget enough of my favorite type of music all day long. Thank you so much!

  10. I can’t say enough about Pandora – I discovered Pandora in it’s infant stages and have seen it all the way through (even when we thought internet radio was going to be shut down)!
    I subscribed to Napster’s service at least 6 years until Pandora came along… you just cant beat it!
    For anyone seriously considering investing in the Sonos bundle (and believe me, I know it’s an investment!) go for it! We have had our system since July of 2006 and had to buy additional zoneplayers to maximize it’s effectiveness for the whole home wireless effect, but found it well worth the price to do so.
    Two thumbs for Pandora and Sonos!

  11. I’ve been using Sonos for 3 years and its awesome – totally worth the price. Just discovering pandora, which looks really cool too.

  12. Any progress on letting us access Pandora One higher quality feeds on Sonos with our subscription? It’s been quite a while since you introduced Pandora One.

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