Breaking Pandora’s Heart…

Dear Listeners –
Tonight we began the heartbreaking process of blocking access to Pandora for listeners outside the U.S.
It’s hard to think of anything more anathema to who we are than turning off someone’s radio, but the current legal realities leave us no choice. While the DMCA provides us a blanket license in the U.S., there is no equivalent in other countries. After a year of work, only the UK and Canada have shown enough progress for us to feel comfortable allowing continued access.
For those of you around the world who received our early warning emails, thanks so much for your kind and understanding replies… humbling. It really means a lot to us (even though it makes it doubly hard to do…)
Trust that we will continue working as hard as we can to obtain the licenses we need, and to push for the establishment of effective, centralized licensing bodies around the world. Hopefully this kind of development will add some urgency to the need for reform in the administration of worldwide copyrights.
We will all eagerly await the day when we can turn this back on, so please stay close. To quote our CTO, Tom Conrad: “we’ll take good care of your stations in the meantime.”
Keep the faith…
Tim (Founder)
Update: For those of you that were impacted by the IP blocking change, we’ve restored your access to the Pandora Backstage universe. Once again you’ll be able to access your profile and search for artist, album, and song recommendations. We know it’s not a substitute for the full version Pandora, but it’s a small token that many of you told us you wanted. We’re very happy to be able to give it back.


The Pandora Team

274 thoughts on “Breaking Pandora’s Heart…

  1. Thankyou for many months of opening doors to music I never liked,before or even knew existed.
    I’ll wait unti Pandora hits Australia!

  2. I think I’ve read something simillar a few days ago. I don’t remember where, might have been on or slashdot.

  3. When are you going to give me back Pandora?
    I used it every single day: I code for a living, and I need the “right kind of music” to actually be able to code anything!
    Now I have to listen to all kinds of shit on the different net stations – I’m hardly managing a line of code per day!
    (I do however wonder why all these other net stations are allowed to broadcast to me, and not you folks? And I really mean _all_ other net stations.)
    Please! I believe I’d even be willing to pay cold hard cash for the service!
    — Desperate coder in Norway

  4. It’s clear to me; you have the best Radio-Onlinestation I could find on the net. It’s hard to listen other Station, when you know, there is a better one.
    Miss you outside USA!

  5. I used to be able to listen to good new music.
    Pandora made it possible.
    I bought CD’s.
    right now, the RIAA is destroying itself. It refuses to understand that consumers are no longer willing to pay for the large corporations’ bosses mansions, while the musicians get peanuts. Far better would be a coalition of musicians taking the place of the riaa, funding itself, producing cd’s, selling licenses for *International* internet radio broadcast, as well as normal radio, and ensuring All profit goes directly to the artist, whether they are part of the coalition or not. This colition should also fund new artists WORLDWIDE, and all types of music should be accepted. This would also end the disgusting current trend of the riaa and the big studios telling us what is *popular* , most of which is utter Cr*p. Sorry to see you blocked, sad I can no longer listen.
    Lee (Australia)

  6. That’s so crazy! If those license laws & regulations are so strict, how on earth is still on?

  7. As someone who lives in the US, I’m very aware how lucky we are right now and also aware how little time we have left for you.
    To all of the people who are bitching and saying Tim should have balls, there are other alternatives and are acting like he actually has a choice, it’s easy to say that when it’s not YOUR money. If Live 365 and Last.FM decide that they can afford to pay, that’s their decision. Live 365 does have subscribed
    members who actually pay fees.Yahoo is a bigger company that can afford the retroactive prices.
    Don’t frecking make the problem worse!

  8. Last.FM was bought by CBS/Sony. Of course they’re allowed to remain royalty free.

  9. so much for trying to have something to help homesickness. Expat who moved to Seoul about 4 days ago from the U.S. Not happy.

  10. I’m from Australia. I listern to pandora to find new music to buy. For the last year I have been waiting for its return, but no luck there so I was just thinking. If pandora is restricted by the US congress why don’t they move there servers off shore to a country that is not so up them selves where they can allow the whole world to access the site. Or maybe they could contract the service out to people in other countries.
    I would have thought that the people advertising on Pandora would be pissed off that they are no longer getting there product advertised around the WORLD WIDE WEB. That is what www. stands for isn’t it.

  11. It is very sad that Pandora will no longer be audible in the UK, I used to rip off music but after Pandora I always started to buy because I wanted to support the artist I liked.
    I think all readers reading this help in to CONTINUE WRITING THIS THREAD by adding a comment and this can be displayed as a show of strength worldwide opinon and shown by Pandora to the court or whoever is responsible for this silly act to stress the point that banning would have entirely the opposite effect intended. I know I will not buy music anymore.

  12. Boooooohooooohoooooohoooooohooooohoooooohooooohoooo
    Just like everyone above, it changed my life here in down under queensland, Australia.
    I am at an age now (32) were the crap excuse for music that comes out nowadays saddens me. Finally Pandora gave me something to be excited about. I could share this with others. I had a means to escape a world sodden with commercialism.

  13. I’d also pay a goodly amount of money to be able to use pandora in Australia. Seriously, with the crap that’s played on our radio stations, there needs to be a site like this where music enthusiasts can discover new music.
    I reckon i’d be prepared to pay up to $50AUD a month for this service.

  14. its been over 12 months now…
    not gonna happen folks.
    you had another fan from down under.
    well, thank god for proxies.

  15. Hello,
    I have been waiting for a long time now… over here in Paris, where I moved from NYC and happily continued listening to Pandora and buying CD’s from the recommendations (thanks Amazon)…
    Still no Pandora. Since Pandora is gone, the number of CD’s I have purchased has gone down by about 50%. I have bought maybe…8 CD’s in 15 months. Before, I bought on average 1 CD per month because of who I discovered through your service.
    It should also be mentioned that of those 8 CD’s, only 2 were new artists. The rest were replacements or additions to the work of musicians I already knew. Most of my purchases previously were new artists (I can’t give you the stats of that because I wasn’t paying attention then, but I would estimate 80-90% were new).
    I hope someone is actually measuring this because looking at the stats, it truly is an illogical move by the industry. It makes no business sense. I too would be willing to pay for access!
    The reason why I am posting though is because I have found some other services who are broadcasting customized radio stations across the world. How is it they can do this and Pandora can’t (, for example)?

  16. Hi Lesley and others –
    Thank you so much for your impassioned comments. We feel your pain.
    We really really want Pandora to be legal in countries other than the U.S., and we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen.
    It’s a complicated hard-going process, but it’s a priority for us.
    Thanks for thinking of us!
    Lucia, from Pandora

  17. I would agree with a business for blocking pandora if it made good business sense to do so… but if you have something like pandora which actually helps to stimulate the music market, why would you want to hinder that? So many people including me have found and bought music through pandora. I bought 5 cd’s within the first 2 weeks of listening to pandora. All artists that I had never even heard of. Now that I moved back out of the U.S. I can no longer enjoy finding new artists or fresh music. It sucks, and it’s a dumb move on the record companies side.

  18. Ok Pandora guys — what can we do so as your funs to help you grow. Clearly the industry should know by now tha we DO love you and trust you; unlike them. We are ready to pay for subscription. Our international friends and family are, literally, dying to have you back. I feel guilty to have intoxicated them with you while they visit the US, only to go back and feel depressed : ( — Oh, dear Pandora, come back to the markets with accent, with flavor, with love and laughter. We really need you. I can’t believe the music industrty’s insistence in punishing those who maintain it. Is that called harakiri? I do not know why they oppose pirates when they reject the opportunity to have a commuity willing to buy after they experience their music thru Pandora. Does that make sense?

  19. Okay folks, I know it has been a long time since anyone posted here, but I still want Pandora to come to Europe…
    I first started listening to Pandora in 7th grade (when I was about 14) and it was the best. has some tracks and artists, but the majority of them are garage bands that you get sick of after a week. I noticed that Pandora went down about 4 hours after it did (I was sleeping during the “Armageddon outside the US”), and when I woke up i got saddened about what the HTML informed me about. I have tried to connect to Pandora every month since then, but still I face the same message…
    I really hope that you guys will be able to broadcast overseas again… If you get a form of “Premium”-version of the service, you would get a lot of subscribers.
    Best regards from Sweden!

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