Pandora Podcast Part II – Drumming

We’re happy to say that the second episode of our new podcast series is up (don’t worry if you don’t know what a podcast is – it’s easy, just click the link below and listen from the site).
This segment is called “Drums and Drumming, Pt. 1,” and it demonstrates how a basic drum beat can adapt to work in hard rock, disco, mellow pop, and a variety of styles. It features lots of drumming illustrations from our own Jeff Anthony, and provides some insight into how drummers come up with the parts they play.
You can listen on the page, download the show, or subscribe so each show downloads to your computer automatically. It’s all free, of course.
Check it out here
Hope you enjoy it.
Cheers. Tim (Founder)


The Pandora Team

20 thoughts on “Pandora Podcast Part II – Drumming

  1. Hi,I found your Pandora on anothers blog and think its a fantastic idea especially for the likes of myself where we rely on television to hear and explore new artists.
    I am a fan of Grinspoon and only because one of my sons had it playing and I was hooked straight away.I like a whole range of music ,james blunt, acdc,phil collins and your Pandora will be the best thing once it becomes world wide.
    Which leads to my question,when will it become available to Australians?
    Cheers and keep the music coming!!!!!

  2. Perhaps a little off the blog topic, but I just wanted to THANK YOU for providing! I just found ya today & I really actually needed this.
    YOu guys just rock!

  3. Hi, i knew your Panroda by accident. I’m very glad because you attented to listener. I think its interested.Thank you very much
    I’m a fan Il Divo.

  4. You should’ve seen me when I saw Podcast Part II was out. I got frighteningly excited. Being sort of an amateur music critic, your podcasts are a godsend for me. Great job!

  5. Tim and the gang: Thank you for contacting me, was looking for a way to express how much I love my personal radio station, SEX PISTOLS RADIO which I’ve sent on to others and told them of for free. Being exposed to ads online is no worse than hearing them on commercial radio so I took full advantage of the free route and your service reccomendations have been winners as you’ve obviously an ear to my preferences. I cherish “my” station and keep it coming…..Dan

  6. Hey, I love the way you do the advertisement skins–they’re actually aesthetic and don’t interfere with the player at all. Thanks for creating an awesome website :D

  7. No blog entry about the new features?
    No blog entry about the new features?
    I really like the new station editing and information interface overall, but it would be nice if the entire screen didn’t repaint as I moved forward through my lists. It forces me to scroll back down to the section of the page I was looking at.
    I also would love to have longer lists for the thumbs up and thumbs up songs. Since some of my stations have hundreds of songs, it would take forever to move through the entire list.
    I did prefer the scrollable lists you had in the previous editing screen, but I do appreciate having it all on one page rather than in tabs.
    I think you’re definitely improving the overall usability of Pandora, so I appreciate the step forward even if I see it as a somewhat flawed step.

  8. Will Pandora expand to offer classical music selections? I’m an early music buff.
    This service is rather wonderful – one of the best internet radio stations I’ve seen.

  9. I,ve the crunkest jam section on the computer network, check out the website pandora and get yur onthe request line to listen to the most downest beat that the system has to offer,, you want be able to leave your seat, cause you at the club in your own house, and a computer is
    d-jaying better then the club, come feel the vibes
    and chill on pandora station check it out through, i,ll meet or greet there, cause i
    can,t move

  10. Wow, I’m loving the Pandora podcasts. This is the most valuable podcast on the web to me right now. So much great information condensed into less than 10 minutes for people that love music. More more more!

  11. Pandora is just great!!! I have been listening for approximately a month. I have created two stations and am turning my co workers on to it. They also are loving it.

  12. Sunday morning, Sunday gray, windy rainy morning in the north west corner called WA. Me and Ms Pandora and Mr. Quickmix and ground to the pound Africa Kitamu brewing in the January background. A liile jazz a little dazz, Kitara, Donald Byrd, Luther Vandross go good with my cup of straight black drip ya know. This is my surrender on the day of rest before Monday rolls around and I’m on the go.

  13. Hi Tim,
    I love your site it is great to listen to at work. I have never been a music buff. But I love to listen to great music. I love your site because no matter what mood that I am in I just plugg in music that fits my mood and its magic!
    I would like to expand my music but I don’t know how to begin. Can you help with any suggestions?
    I am female and 35.
    Thanks Carolyn

  14. What a fabulous station. Your music is the very best I’ve ever listened to. Now if only I could get you on my car radio. I guess what I could do is burn a CD and just play it.

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