Nashville Part 1

Any city that has a music club where they kick you out if you talk during the performance is ok in my book… such is the Bluebird Cafe, an unassuming little venue that is a coveted spot for visiting musicians (also a consensus favorite from the many comments to our TN post – thanks everyone!)
Nashville… what a music town…

Spent the first part of my day touring the Gibson Guitar factory (Kate thanks so much for setting this up, and Steve thanks for taking so much time to walk me through the whole operation). I just love the passion with which they approach their guitars. Everything is handmade, from a group of guitar-making enthusiasts who’s average tenure at Gibson was north of 20 years. Darrell, Sharry, Vera, Brian, Larry, Phil, Marsha, Adam, Wanda, Butch.. It’s one big family.
Rather then write more, I’ll let the pictures tell the story. A lot of TLC goes into every instrument…
Not surprised to learn that the guitars start around $3500 and up. They even had someone offer $1M for their prize possession.. which they turned down of course.
Left with the smell of sawdust and lacquer in my nose… Ready to hear what these guys sound like plugged in… more on the evening in Nashville on my next post. Coming shortly.


The Pandora Team

17 thoughts on “Nashville Part 1

  1. I am having fun today. Been customising my radio station to play the most cheesy music possible. I started with Air Supply’s ‘All Out Of Love’ and it’s been mozzarella all the way ;-) Though as I am at work and my computer has speakers, I must say there have been more than the usual amount of disdanful glances in my direction.

  2. Every single part of those guitars is hand made. that includes the detailing – the carving and painting. It’s really amazing.

  3. I was stuck that soundtrack of grease is not listed in pandora. That group like Sha-na-na and the other performance… nostalgia!

  4. I love you!. Pandora is the best thing to happen to the internet, since the internet. I would love a wider range of electronic music and given that a lot of the labels are run by peace-to-the-world kind of people, im sure they would love working with you.
    peace to the world

  5. Hi!
    Interested in the Nashville Underground artists, especially Steven Allen Davis. Would like to have hime and others available on Pandora!
    (just a suggestion)

  6. Next time you come through, try some less touristy places. Bluebird is fine, but it is a listening room and better for chamber music quality than the casual, kicked back quality that is the best part of Nashville. It is nice that they give local songwriters a forum, thought.

  7. Regarding music out of the southeast, keep an eye out for the Dave Rawlings Machine. Dave is the husband and musical partner of Gillian Welch. He produced the latest disc by Old Crow Medicine Show. He has also played with Ryan Adams. He’s an amazing musician, and just wrapped a mini-tour of the SE including a gig here in Chattanoga.
    Robinella is pretty good too. She’s out of Knoxville, but I see you have her in your database.

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