Houston day 2

Continued a very enjoyable stay in Houston. Morning with John Lomax (great nephew of the music historian Alan Lomax), a long time Houston music journalist. His father managed Steve Earl and Townes van Zandt – John was Earl’s youngest roadie (12 yrs old). As with so many folks who’ve been around music, John was full of interesting anectodes and history. Explained how Zydeco was largely supported by the churches – clubs wouldn’t have it because people came to dance, not drink. Most Zydeco bands tour regional parishes, where their shows are actively promoted by the priests, and often include a potluck. Arhoolie, a label in Berkeley is the principal label for these acts.

His blues stories were all too familiar. The older generation (Albert Collins, Joe Hughes, etc) are now survived only by Little Joe Washington, a 60+year old blues guitarist who has been essentially homeless for years, showing up randomnly at shows with his guitar, playing a couple songs then passing his hat for tips and dissappearing – surfacing a couple hours later at another show. Drugs have been everpresent. Blue is truly a hard luck world.
Spent a great afternoon being driven around by local music buff, artist and techie Akil Head. Included a stop at SUC, DJScrew’s record store/shrine that is the epicenter of the Chopped&Screwed world. DJScrew OD’d on codeine in 2000. It’s unlike any store I’ve seen (see pictures). The store exclusively stocks mixtapes which you buy, cash only, from a clerk behind glass. On any given day there are 50-75 different Cds for sale. Picked up a good sampling.
Then on to a great meetup at Star Pizza. About 15 people showed. Lots of new CDs and some great discussion about local music, pandora features, and of course the various required eating. Was given a collective lecture on the preparation of crawfish. thanks to everyone – Kevin, John, Wilson, Raena, Sean, Akil, Bonnie, Garland, et al
Topped off the night with a collection of local bands at Walters. Satin Hooks rocked the house.
Got to get up early for the trip to Baton Rouge.


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22 thoughts on “Houston day 2

  1. I can’t believe I missed a Pandora meetup. I started using Pandora a few days ago, but didn’t check out the blog until this morning.
    Darn. Well, I hope everyone had a good time. Excuse me, I have have to go give a thumbs up to a song.

  2. sorry I miss you guys in Houston you guys are doing something great for music listeners not the same old crap push down our throats by payola $$$$. thank you ps if you come to houston please let me know you got check out last concert cafe,it is great place for local music

  3. your music selections for artists from latin america, the caribbean and other spanish speaking places are not so great. otherwise i love your site.

  4. i love pandora!!! i would so work here if i was old enough!!! i don’t know if it’s any different anywhere else, but in houston, every song the local stations play are mundane and unoriginal, and in addition, are ground into the dirt from over play. i used to like dani california! anyway, pandora has given me the opportunity to experience other kinds of music, which has really helped me overcome my boring life. i’ve even gotten friends interested!

  5. Since you were so close you should have made the drive to LakeCharles Louisiana. There is a truely great place there called Luna’s Bar and Grill, such good food and some really faboulous soulful good music by Dave Evans who in my opinion is a great undiscovered talent..he owns the place. So if your ever in that neck of the woods again it would be worth your while to swing by and check it out.

  6. tim..u have got to check out the thursday night jazz at market street in the woodlands..great local and national acts…our band “maydwell” performed there this spring by popular demand and we will be back in the fall..amazing venue..outdoor..byob..legally..surrounded by very nice bistros…and all free..tooo.cool

  7. The greatest band ever to hail from the state of Texas: King’s X. They’re friendly kinda folk, sit in their rockin’ (no pun intended) chairs on the front porch, pen, paper, six string and fly swatter in hand on hot, steamy afternoons, writing tasty little ditties. Next time ya’ll are down ’round the Houston way (Katy, more specifically), look ’em up. You’ll be glad you did. Bill Kiefer

  8. I just started using pandora a few weeks ago. I live across the border from El Paso.
    And I really like pandora!!!!!!
    and I was really happy when I found music in spanish!!! the best thing!!

  9. I WORK AT BROOKE ARMY MEDICAL CENTER, SAN ANTONIO, TX. I have everyone in my clinic tuned
    in. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Just got turned on to Pandora recently and have been spreading the word ever since. Sorry I missed the fact that you were going to be in Houston.
    Just in case you are ever in Houston again here are my suggestions.
    1. No offense to his Dad but John Lomax is an idiot, stay away from him.
    2. Try to make a visit to Anderson Fair, it’s a Houston institution, featuring Folk/Texas/Singer Songwriter. It’s been here since the 60’s.
    3.A visit to KPFT, the local Pacifica station, would also be worthwhile. In my opinion the lineup there starting earlier on Saturady mornings offers the best music programming you will find anywhere near Houston.

  11. houston music history has to include deadhorse. they were so ahead of their time it hurts. relapse re-released “peaceful death and pretty flowers” as well as “horsecore”. check it out.

  12. Tim and friends,
    I have been a listener ever since I discovered it by accident online. A I must say I enjoy it very much. This quickmix idea is great!!!
    Great job, keep it up!!!!! I am sorry that I missed you when you came to Houston. Maybe, next time.

  13. Have I told you lately that I love Pandora? Well I do!! I think it’s the best thing that happened to internet radio. You guys are awesome! keep up the fantastic job.
    I missed you guys when you came to Houston but next time I’ll be there \\\

  14. Shoot I missed it too, I didnt get the email until It was too late. Next time could you shoot those out the day before?!

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