I’m still planning my itinerary for Tennessee. I’ll be in Nashville, Clarksdale, Memphis and at least one other town the week of April 17th. Please leave any comments or suggestions below – it’s my first time in the state and I know there’s a lot more to its musical history than the King.


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  1. In Memphis, swing by Shangri-La records on Madison and check their local music section. There tons of stuff by Memphis legends, past and present. And, for a slice of what’s brewing in the city’s beer halls and basement studios, pick up a copy of Makeshift 4, a massive collection of tracks from 40-plus local acts, compiled by Memphis label/musical collective Makeshift Records. It’s brilliant and important. And forget those chumps and their Bar-B-Que sandwiches; when at the Bar-B-Que Shop, get the drummies and a slab of ribs, half wet, half dry.

  2. Hi Tim – If this is indeed your first time visiting Memphis, please come see us at the Stax Museum of American Soul Music at the original site of Stax Records. It’s a 17,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art shrine to everything Stax and everything Soul! As for music and clubs, if you are here on a Friday or Saturday night, if you don’t do anything else be sure to visit Wild Bill’s (tiny, awesome bar) and hear The Memphis Soul Survivors with Miss Nikki. She’s the best kept secret in the city. Have fun during your stay and some see us at the Stax Museum!

  3. u might want to come to southpittsburg tn cuz we have a metal core scene that is awsome we have motels and places to hang out ull love later

  4. Hey guys, I’ve lived around Midtown Memphis for five years, and I can tell you where most of the “hip” places to eat/listen to music are in memphis:
    1. wild bill’s — for AUTHENTIC dancing, blues, honkey tonk.
    2. huey’s midtown — for the best burgers i’ve ever had and local music
    3. the young avenue deli — probably the hippest indie music venue in memphis
    4. the hi-tone cafe — another great indie venue
    5. the blue monkey — tuesday nights are fun at the monkey; a hip, young, and good-looking crowd populates the bar on most nights.
    6. central barbeque — for the best barbeque in memphis, hands down.

  5. For Nashville, I would recommend leaving your days here completely unscheduled and just make your first stop Grimey’s on 8th Avenue. They will be able to help you with whatever kind of music you want to see, who’s playing where, what venues are worth checking out, etc. Also check out the Critic’s Picks in the Nashville Scene (www.nashvillescene.com) a weekly which publishes every Wednesday.

  6. There’s a huge indie scene around Chattanooga. I’m not into much that goes around here but there’s a lot of music fans down here nonetheless. A ridiculous local club called Fathom in downtown Chattanooga is a pretty firm example of the music tastes around my city at least.
    Hopefully you aren’t much of an emo hater, because that’s the hipster type that thrives around here.

  7. Hey hey I’m going to highlight a bunch of Nashville things that are a must:
    Music Fests:
    (this is that weekend…I’ll be there) http://www.vanderbilt.edu/ros/
    Yeah I love to hang at Bongo Java and get music at Grimey’s. I love to eat at Calypso and visit Cenntinial Park.
    Read the Metro Blogging site to see what’s happening from people who live there.

  8. Hey, if you are gonna be in Nashville on the 20th, there is a battle of the bands at Vanderbilt University from 7-11pm, there will be some very good acts. My band will be playing in it, and later that night we are playing at Bar Car on 10th avenue from 12-2am. Feel free to drop me an email if you want more info about it.

  9. Hey Tim…
    I’m sure you’ll enjoy Memphis. You’ve collected lot’s of great suggestions.
    Here are mine :
    *Wild Bills
    *Guss’ World Famous Fried Chicken
    *Civil Rights
    *Bhan Thai
    *Blues City (The Masqueraders play there early evening and the ribs & catfish are unbeatable.)
    *Shack Up Inn (Clarksdale.. Billy is da’man)
    *Delta Blues Mueseum (Shelly is the director… she is cool)
    * http://www.dreamsafari.com Tad knows everything… esp. all of the hip and happening jooks.
    *Al Greens Tabernacle Church
    *Tacqueria Guadalapanya
    *Encore (GREAT new Restaurant in Peabody Place)
    *Hampton Inn Suites on Union @ 240 is a reasonable resting spot $5.00 cab to and fro downtown & midtown 1/2 price of downtown. And there is always the Red Roof Inn on Pauline St. same area mucho reasonable…. If budget is no object…. The Peabody.
    It was very interesting to read the Memphis entries…. I am a performer on Beale Street… 10yrs/5 nights a week….and a bit disheartened by the collective negative vibe rap. If you decide to spend some of your precious time on Beale Street I offer to be your most gracious guide.
    Happy Trails,

  10. Hey, I just thought I would let you know about Egypt Central, a band from Memphis that I love. I am a couple hours away from Memphis and I have only seen them once, but I love their music. I believe they will be playing during the Beale St. Festival for Memphis in May. Just a little heads up…

  11. If you get a chance, I reccomend that you stop by Knoxville, and try and listen to Cutthroat Shamrock. Very nice local band with some Irish folk influences.

  12. hello..i am heather cowles, singer/songwriter…..i recieved an email from this sight sayin they are looking for new artist..i thought i would put my website on here if anyone wants to check it out..i live in the nashville area..a good place to go that i know of in Nashville to hear or be a part of songwriters rounds is the commodore and the bluebird… http://www.heathercowles.com

  13. I’ll cast another vote for Knoxville. Local artist Robinella (and the CCStringband) should not be missed. They play every Sunday night at 8pm at Barley’s in the old city. Along with the other Knoxvillians around here, I’d say WDVX is the place to go for “real” Knoxville music.
    Welcome to Tennessee!

  14. Blue Bird Cafe, just west of Vandy in Nashville. Don’t eat there, but do bring your ears for songwriter showcase. Breakfast at Noshville, on the other side of Vandy.

  15. Red Boiling Springs, TN June 23,24,25
    30 years of local families gathering to celebrate the solstice and play music. Pickin and jamming featuring all the classics.

  16. Don’t spend all your time in Nashville. Travel about 30 minutes south to a little town called Murfreesboro, home of Middle Tennessee State Univ., They have an awesome recording industry management program and therefore you can not spit and not hit a guitarist. These musicians startup some pretty groovy bands and one of the best music spots is a little bar called The Boro right across the street from campus. Check it out.

  17. This website has kept me sane at work! I work third shift in a hospital so it can get pretty boring at times. The only thing that would make this site better is if I could get it in my car!!! If you ever are in Chattanooga, check out the bands playing at Rythem and Brews. They always have great local bands. The best one to watch out for is “Here come the Mummies.” (this one isn’t local but they are a huge hit here and come quite frequently.) They play funky beats and they are all dressed as mummies. A lot of times famous people (that you would totally recognize) sit in with them and you never know it because they are wrapped head to toe. They are really popular in some pretty famous circles. I think the majority of them are from New Orleans. Check out our local alternative newspaper The Pulse. It has a list of all the music for the week and its free. New editions come out on Thursdays. Thanks again for all the great music!!! I am definately spreading the word about you to everybody!!!

  18. There’s a lot of country in Nashville, but there’s a lot more to offer. Try going to Exit/In, 3rd & Lindsley, or Christophers Pizza (good beer there!) to catch an act. For dinner, I highly recommend the San Antonio Taco Co. If you’re trying to get a sense for the indie music scene, you should talk to people at Cafe Coco (by Exit/In) or Grimey’s Music on 8th Street. Happy hunting!

  19. Try checking out the local hotspots and checking for appearances of individual people or bands,especially in Nashville!

  20. The Fathom has Candlebox next week, while in Chattanooga watch for Mighty Sideshow, they just played the gallery at CBGB’s Also watch for the Velcro Pygmies (great fun) There are so many great bands here can’t name them all.

  21. Chattanooga:
    Chad’s Records is a great record store w/ lots of classic vinyl & hard to find stuff, knowledgable staff, & pretty good selection of new indie label cds.
    Jairus, local band (just broke up) with some strong records
    Infradig: local instrumental faves, play out a lot
    Lamar’s: home to all the great underground shows & the stiffest drinks in town.
    Nahsville: all the bands on Theory Eight records are excellent.
    Charter Administration http://www.cartereight.com amazing power pop-ish band
    Heypenny: http://www.heypenny.com put out one of the best unsigned records you will ever hear.

  22. I’m just creating my first Pandora stations. Thank you for this brilliant machine ! I’m in NC, but can recommend a Nashville artist: Sarah Siskind. Girl singer/songwriter, yes. Exactly like the rest, no. Intelligent and soulful poetry about life, love and family coming from a mind natured and nurtured in music. http://www.sarahsiskind.com Happy trails !

  23. I think you should consider stopping in Bulls Gap if you come through the area. Our town is the home of Archie Campbell,Grandpappy on Hee Haw. We have the home where he was born which is now a museum and this weekend is the Archie Campbell Homecoming Labor Day celebration. It is 3 days of music, both country and gospel. IF not this year consider coming next year. I am sure that you will like it.Or come to Morristown, the home of the Lakeway Idol contest on the 4th of July.This features our young people and also the adults as they vie in their categories for a taping in Nashville.Good luck in your travels and I will be looking forward to seeing where your travels will take you

  24. I would seriously suggest visiting East Tennessee. In particular, I would visit Bristol and Johnson City in Northeast TN. Bristol is nationally recognized as the birthplace of country music and every year they have the Rhythym and Roots Reunion. Also, there is a place called the Down Home in Johnson City where a variety of artists play, from Doc Watson to more local artists. They cover a range of music types. These towns are only a few miles away from the town of Hiltons, VA, where the famous Carter family is from (June Carter Cash’s family). It’s a fantastic place for music and I highly recommend it.

  25. I agree with Jessica Not only do we have Rhythm and Roots Reunion but we have many smaller events year round. Just in Johnson City I can Give you over 500 bands that are known with the community. Lots of great bands and the music style and taste range from Bluegrass to Hip-hop……we just need to be found.

  26. Anyone looking for some good country or bluegrass music. Well i know where to look.That would be the place country music got it’s start. That be in Bristol Tn.Alot of the well known country music singer came from Bristol Tn. area.

  27. Get to Clarksville, TN check out this local band “The Departed”…they have a guitarist like I have never seen or heard in my life and I am a great guitar player of 40 years

  28. Please consider checking out northeast Tennessee, especially Johnson City. Located on on I-26 (16 miles off I-81) , Johnson City is the home of the wonderful Down Home music venue as well as the newer Acoustic Coffeehouse. For a delicious slice of Americana, please catch Rob Russell and the Sore Losers; Rob is one of the wittiest singer/songwriters around. East Tennessee State University (ETSU) has a well respected Blue Grass program drawing talent from literally around the world. Dave Carter hosts a one hour live music/interview show each Saturday at 1 pm on WETS-FM (89.5) showcasing local and regional talent.

  29. Be sure to visit Knoxville on the other side of the state while you’re at it. The city hosts the nation’s largest ska festival.

  30. Nashville is a really great place to visit, and if no one else has already mentioned it, go check out Printers Alley, and to eat the Knoshville deli up by Vandy is great and Jacks BBQ downtown. P.S. You need to check out Knoxville sometime. Its a really great city with alot of surprises, like its the third or fourth largest in the television/ cable production industry, and is a mecca for great bands as well. Plus much much more. Oh yeah, your site is the absolute greatest music venue anywhere. Thanks for being there.

  31. I dig ya’ll and have been telling EVERYONE on UT’s campus about u…so come on down to BIG ORANGE COUNTRY an visit…lots of music history here….Elvis, Hank Williams Jr, n more…..and guess what we ARE the home of WDVX live radio (bluegrass & americana) and who woulda guessed….AC entertainement that puts on BONNAROO!!!…lotsa local cool….so WHY NOT??
    this redheaded photographer thinks u should.

  32. Jackson sits between Memphis and Nashville along I-40. We are home to the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, but there’s some really awesome local bands as well. The flavor here is mostly southern melodic punk(that’s the best I can describe it)…Check out the praise and worship team at Family Worship Center for a new take on contemporary Christian music.

  33. I am resident of Knoxville and grew up in Minneapolis. I want to suggest you add a band from Knoxville to your project. “Four Leaf Peat” is an excellent celtic band that has been playing in and around Knoxville for years. Thanks
    John Kraemer

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